Mission trip information sheet

Mission Trip Information Sheet
1. VISAS - You do not need to purchase a visa before coming to Tanzania.
Receiving a Tanzanian tourist visa is very simple. You fill out an arrival card on the plane, just like all the other passengers. After disembarking the aircraft you will be directed to the customs desk where you will buy a visa and fill out another a visa application form. The cost will be !$100 and you will need to have a $100 note or 2 $50 notes. They will not accept $20ʼs or less. They will then stamp the visa in your passport. It is as simple as that. No passport photos are required.
2. TAXES - There are no airport fees or taxes. They are all included in the price
Airport Customs
You should not have to pay any customs for anything you bring into the country as a rule. The customs officers may check one or more of your bags or none of them. You will not be assessed any customs or duty on your personal belongings. They may ask you a few questions, but that will be about it. Just tell them what you are doing, and they will typically smile and let you go through. As a rule they have a very lax policy for Americans entering the country. If you have any problems the host missionary can assist you. Security Issues
1. You need to carry your money in at least two locations on your person.
2. In crowds it is best to keep your wallet in a front pants pocket in order to monitor it better. Ladies should carry purses close to their body and not let it hang loose so it could be snatched.
3. You will not go anywhere alone. You should stay in groups of at least two or more, and please tell one of the group leaders if you are leaving the group. 4. We assure you that we will be vigilant to exercise caution as we travel in Dar es Salaam. Our hotel is outside of town and has good security. Cultural Things to Remember
1. There is ONE thing that is constant in Tanzania – CHANGE. While we hope to closely follow the itinerary, it may change in a momentʼs notice. We ask that you
be flexible and be patient. Tanzanians are very laid back and tend not to get in a
hurry. Remember you will be guests in their country – “when in Rome do as the
Romans do”.
2. You will be ministering to people that only speak Swahili. Therefore, everything you say will be translated. We do want everyone in the group to be prepared to give his or her personal testimony when you became a Christian. Please think about and focus on the change that Christ has made in your life.
3. Be aware that you are entering a third world country. You will see things that most of you are not used to seeing and experiencing. You will see open trash heaps, open sewers, beggars without hands or legs, cock roaches, etc. The restrooms may just be a hole in the ground.
Contact Information
Your group leader will be given contact numbers in Tanzania including missionary contact information and hotel contact information.
Health Issues
1. You will need to get a yellow fever shot before coming to Tanzania.
2. Malaria - It is possible that you could get malaria during your stay here, so we
encourage you to visit your doctor and ask for a prophylactic drug to help reduce the
risk of contracting malaria. Below are some examples:
Lariam (Mefloquine) 250 MGM take one table per week with food.  Start one week before travel to malarious areas.  Continue weekly while in malaria area and for 4 weeks after leaving. Doxycycline 100 MGM Take one capsule daily with food.  Start the day before travel to malarious area.  Take daily while in malaria are and for 4 weeks after leaving. Malarone (250 MGM Atovaquone & 100 MGM Proguanil/Tablet) Take one tablet daily with food or a milky drink.  Start one day prior to going to malaria area.  Take daily while in malaria area.  Take daily for one week after leaving area. FYI: Malaria is transmitted via mosquitoes, but only about 1-2% of the mosquitoes living in Dar es Salaam carry malaria. The malaria mosquito only comes out at night. With proper precaution your chances of getting malaria are very low, but we want to reduce the chances even further by taking preventive measures i.e. meflaquin. We have had guests in the past that have gotten malaria.
Dress Code
Dress Cool! The temperature here in Dar es Salaam rarely gets below 75 degrees, and will range between 75-85 degrees while you are here. In Dar es Salaam and at Neema House
1. Jeans or slacks such as Dockers with a collard shirt are fine.
2. We prefer you donʼt wear t-shirts.
At the Hotel
1. Feel free to wear modest shorts and a t-shirt.
2. If you enjoy swimming, the water will be warm. Bring your swimsuit.
Sunday Services
Slacks such as Dockers and a sport shirt are fine. Donʼt bring a tie. It will be hot,
and none of the missionaries or church members will be wearing a tie. Casual dress.
Safari to the Wildlife Park.
1. Wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing e.g. dockers, jeans, shorts, t-shirts etc.
2. You might want to bring a sweatshirt for the evening meal. It will be a little cool in the
park at night.
In Dar es Salaam and at Neema House
1. Dresses that go down past the knees for all ministry activities. Tanzanian women
usually donʼt show their knees.
2. Slacks can be worn to evening meals.
At the Hotel
1. Feel free to dress casual and wear shorts if you like.
2. If you enjoy swimming, the water will be warm. Bring your swimsuit, we only ask that
you dress modestly.
Sunday Services
Dresses that go down past the knees.
On Safari to the Wildlife Park
1. Wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing e.g. dockers, jeans, shorts, t-shirts etc.
2. You might want to bring a sweatshirt for the evening meal. It will be a little cool in the
park at night.
Things to Bring:
We will assume you know to bring the basics such as toothbrush and so on; however,
we want to suggest a few things you might forget.
1. A Diary/Personal Notebook. You will experience and see many things for the first
time in Tanzania, and for most of you it will be your first and only trip to Africa. We
encourage you to write down your daily experiences and observations. This will be a
great benefit to you spiritually.
2. Binoculars – These will really come in handy at the wildlife park.
3. Camera
4. Mosquito repellant
5. Anti-bacterial hand wash and wet wipes. It will be dirty and you will probably
want both.

6. You may also want to bring aspirin, Imodium etc. for your personal use; however, all of this is available here in Dar es Salaam.
7. Sunscreen
8. A hat – the sun is intense here and it is usually sunny.
9. A few snacks that you could put into a purse or backpack. 10. Flashlight in case of power outages.
11. Pocket packs of tissue b/c we donʼt want to depend on public toilets to be “well stocked”.

Source: http://www.calmestanzania.org/Calmes_Tanzania/Take_a_Missions_Trip_files/Mission%20Trip%20Information%20Sheet.pdf


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