Charles Fairbanks
photographer / filmmaker t. 308.785.2659
Master of Fine Arts, School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, 2010 Bachelor of Arts in Art and STS (Science, Technology, and Society), Stanford, 2003Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, 2010 Sound Image Culture (SIC) Master Class, Brussels, 2008-09 filmography
Tumü Musokyuy: The Modern Jungle (2013) length TBD, Mexico Flexing Muscles (2012) 21 minutes, Mexico / USA Wrestling with my Father (2010) 5 minutes, USA Pioneers (2009) 33 minutes, USA / Belgium solo screenings & exhibitions
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center (Kansas City, Missouri) The Space Between Our Selves, 2012 The Ross (Lincoln, Nebraska) Tender Muscles: five films by Charles Fairbanks, 2012 CONCORD (Los Angeles, California) Tender Muscles: five films by Charles Fairbanks, 2012 Anthology Film Archives (New York, New York) Tender Muscles: five films by Charles Fairbanks, 2011 Deluge (Victoria, Canada) Wrestling with my Father, 2011 SOMA (Mexico City, Mexico) Luchando sobre los roles de género, 2011 2739 Edwin (Detroit, Michigan) Flexing Muscles, 2010 The Arena Sports Bar (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Wrestling with Representation, 2008 San Angel Folk Art (San Antonio, Texas) As part of FotoSeptiembre, 2005 Irene Carlsen Photography Gal ery (LaVerne Col ege, California) Wrestling with Representation 2005 Artists’ Television Access (ATA) (San Francisco, California) ¡Que Viva la Lucha! 2004 Galería Municipal de Cintalapa (Cintalapa, Mexico) El Nacimiento del Gato Tuerto, 2004 festivals & screenings
Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland) 2012 Athens International Film & Video Festival (Athens, Ohio) 2012 Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 2012 VLADY (Mexico City, Mexico) Ciclo de Cine de Lucha Libre, 2012 Berlinale Directors Lounge (Berlin, Germany) 2012 Bradford International Film Festival (Bradford, England) 2012 CINEMAROSA at the Queens Museum (Queens, New York) 2012 Strange Beauty (Durham, North Carolina) 2012 Thin Line Film Festival (Denton, Texas) 2012 Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, Mississippi) 2012 Macon Film Festival (Macon, Georgia) 2012 The Effort presents Mucha Lucha (London, England) 2012 Festival Les Inattendus (Lyon, France) 2012 Chicago Undergound Film Festival (Chicago, Il inois) Salonathon at Beauty Bar, 2011 SF Doc Fest (San Francisco, California) 2011 Filmer à tout prix (Brussels, Belgium) 2011 Lone Star Film Festival (Fort Worth, Texas) 2011 Festival International du Documentaire Étudiant (Paris, France) 2011 Biblioteca Benjamín Franklin (Mexico City, Mexico) La Lucha de Corazones: LOLA CONTRA IRMA, 2011 Lightbox (London, England) Lightbox Presents: Supershorts, 2011 LACLA: the Latin American Cinema of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) Cine Sin Fronteras, 2011 New Orleans Film Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana) 2011 Basement Media Fest (Cambridge, Massachusetts) 2011 São Paulo International Short Film Festival (São Paulo, Brazil) 2011 Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, Washington) 2011 Chicago Filmmakers’ New Documentary Showcase (Chicago, Il inois) 2011 Host Gallery (London, England) Irma, 2011 Syracuse International Film Festival (Syracuse, New York) 2011 New York International Latino Film Festival (New York, New York) 2011 NET: Nebraska Educational Television (statewide broadcast) 2011 Filmstreams Local Filmmakers Showcase (Omaha, Nebraska) 2011 Cut and Run Tour (various locations) 2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago, Il inois) 2011 Festival de Cinema de Huesca (Huesca, Spain) 2011 National Gal ery of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia), 2011 London International Documentary Festival (London, England) 2011 Frameline Film Festival (San Francisco, California) 2011 Independent Film Festival Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) 2011 BUFF: the Boston Underground Film Festival (Boston, Massachusetts) 2011 Athens International Film Festival (Athens, Ohio) 2011 Ful Frame Documentary Film Festival (Durham, North Carolina) 2011 Australian International Experimental Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia) 2011 Film Fest Dresden (Dresden, Germany) 2011 Black Maria Film Festival (Jersey City, New Jersey) 2011 Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, Arizona) 2011 Indie Spirit Film Festival (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival (Santa Cruz, California) 2011 Strange Beauty (Durham, North Carolina) 2011 Carolina Film + Video Fest (Greensboro, North Carolina) 2011 Florida Film Festival (Orlando, Florida) 2011 Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, Il inois) 2011 Slamdance Film Festival (Park City, Utah) 2011 FLEX: the Florida Experimental Film Festival (Gainesville, Florida) 2011 Stuttgart Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany) 2011 Festival International de Film Ethnographique du Québec (Montreal, Canada) 2011 Omaha Film Festival (Omaha, Nebraska) 2011 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (Missoula, Montana) 2011 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (Sebastopol, California) 2011 Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, Mississippi) 2011 Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris (Paris, France) 2010 Aarhus Film Festival (Aarhus, Denmark) 2010 Festival de Cine Cero Latitud (Quito, Ecuador) 2010 Virginia Film Festival (Charlottesvil e, Virginia) 2010 Festival dei Popoli (Florence, Italy) 2010 Morelia International Film Festival (Morélia, Mexico) 2010 ExGround Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany) 2010 ATA Film & Video Festival (San Francisco, CA) 2010 Tucson Film & Music Festival (Tucson, AZ) 2010 Gangrene Comedy Film Festival (Layton, Utah) 2010 Scrummage Moving Pictures (Detroit, MI) 2010 Flagstaff Film Festival (Flagstaff, AZ) 2010 Nevada City Film Festival (Nevada City, California) 2010 Media City Film Festival (Windsor, Canada) 2010 Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany), 2010 MUFF: Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada) 2010 Athens International Film & Video Festival (Athens, Ohio) 2010 Sans Canal Fixe (Tours, France) Filmer Sa Famil e, 2010 KranFilm (Brussels, Belgium) Mom and Dad: three documentary films, 2009 B-Docs cinéclub (Liège, Belgium) Filmer Ses Parents, 2009 Botanique (Brussels, Belgium) Regards Croisés, 2009 Les Brigittines (Brussels, Belgium) SIC screenings, 2009 Netwerk (Aalst, Belgium) SIC screenings, 2009 group exhibitions
Netwerk: Aalst (Aalst, Belgium) SoundImageCulture: Poetics of Observation, 2011 Transformer Gal ery (Washington, DC) Storefront Video, 2011 Cobalt Studio (Chicago, Il inois) ¡Action Figures!, 2011 Gal ery Project (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Extremes, 2011 EDELO (San Cristobal, Mexico) Atemporal e Individual, 2011 The Natatorium (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Ann Arbor Exile, 2009 Hot Dog (Omaha, Nebraska) Yesterday, 2009 Sheppard Gal ery (Reno, Nevada) I Like Winners: Sports and Selfhood, 2009 Gal ery Project (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Gender Agenda, 2008 SH\aüt\ (Ann Arbor, Michigan) wrestling burlesque performance with Malcolm Tulip, 2008 Work (Detroit, Michigan) Consistency and Change, 2008 Temporary Gal ery (Grand Rapids, Michigan) The Bad Show, 2007 Robbins Gallery (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Waiting for Translation, 2007 ACT Station (Hikone, Japan) Do you live here?, 2007 Eyedrum (Atlanta, Georgia) Fingers + Codes: the contemporary portrait, 2007 Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles, California) Command + Z, 2007 ebayaday (curated online exhibition: December 2006 Guggenheim Gal ery (Los Angeles, California) HI RES / LO RES, 2006 Work (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Remnants from Passage, 2006 Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) (Los Angeles, California) New Math, 2006 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 2006 Bemis Art Center (Omaha, Nebraska) Lucky Sevens, 2005 Regis Art Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota) FreshWorks, 2005 Pingyao International Photo Festival (Pingyao, China) 2005 The Luggage Store Gal ery (San Francisco, California) Frenzy I , 2004 Mil ard Sheets Gal ery (Los Angeles, California) L.A. County Fair: New Photography Competition, 2004 Cummings Art Building (Stanford, California) Undergraduate Fine Arts Exhibition, 2003 Stanford Art Gal ery (Stanford, California) Undergraduate Grant Winners Exhibition, 2002 The Eileen Maitland Award (best movie concerning women’s experience), Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2012 Best Movie in three categories, Official Best of Fest Awards, for WRESTLING WITH MY FATHER, 2012 Best Movie in one category, Official Best of Fest Awards, for IRMA, 2012 Special Mention of the Jury, VIDEOMEDEJA, 2011 Best Documentary – Honorable Mention, Carolina Film Festival, 2011 Best Experimental Film – Honorable Mention, Oxford Film Festival, 2011 Best of Festival – Honorable Mention, Stuttgart Filmwinter, 2011 Best of Festival, Gangrene Comedy Film Festival, 2010 First Place, Michigan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship, 2010 Winner, LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) Juried Show, 2005 First Place, Los Angeles County Fair: New Photography Competition, 2004 Humanities Award in Studio Art, Stanford University, 2003 Year’s Best Photography, PDN Photo-Annual, 2003 PAC-10 Academic Al -Conference Wrestling Team, 2000 grants + fellowships
Smuckers-Wagstaff Graduate Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2010 Jacob K. Javits Memorial Fel owship, 2007-10 Graduate Residency, The Center for World Performance Studies, University of Michigan, 2008 Rackham Graduate School Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2007 Graduate Fel owship & Pioneer Scholarship, University of Minnesota, 2005 Stanford Undergraduate Research Award in Studio Art, 2001 & 2002 lectures + publications
Microresidency and Lecture, Kitchen Budapest, February 2009 Staging Truth and Performing the Nation: Choreographies of Border Militarism in Early Nonfiction Cinema. research paper for the History in the Making Conference: Sources of Controversy (Montreal) 2008 We Cannot Be Colorblind: op-ed article for the Michigan Daily about Proposition 2, election day 2006 Writer, Consultant, and Artist for Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2010), 2006 Emerging Digerati Lecture, Institute for New Media Studies, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, 2005 Hired by Fortune Magazine to photograph Pro-Wrestlers for their August 1 issue, 2005 PDN Photo-Annual: Year’s Best Photography 2003 press + media
Artland (Lincoln, Nebraska) _______, 2012 Rumore (Rome, Italy), Charles Fairbanks, by Giona Nazzaro, February 2011 The Reader (Omaha, Nebraska), Passion Unmasked, by Leo Adam Biga, February 2011 Kearney Hub (Kearney, Nebraska), Lex Native is One-Eyed-Cat, Filmmaker in Mexico, January 2011 KRVN (Lexington, Nebraska), radio interview with Dave Schroeder, November 2010 Lexington Clipper-Herald (Nebraska), Chuck Fairbanks: The Man Behind the Mask, 23 October 2010 Omaha World Herald (Nebraska), Showcase is a Reminder of the Creativity Among Us, 12 August 2010 (Omaha, Nebraska), Local Filmmakers Showcase Dreams Big, 5 August 2010 The Reader (Omaha, Nebraska), Declaration of Independents, 4 August 2010 Omaha World Herald - Showcased Films Vast, Varied, 5 August 2010 Montreal Mirror - Cinematic Cojones, 14 May 2010 Detroit MetroTimes - Flexing Muscles a Pick of the Week, 10 April 2010 WDET, Detroit - radio interview by Rebecca Mazzei, April 2010 teaching and related work
Assistant Professor of Media Arts, Antioch Col ege, 2012+
Cel-Phone Videography Instructor for a U.S. State Department-funded course for young, indigenous, women
Programmer and Producer for the Courtisane Film Festival (Ghent, Belgium) 2011-12Translator of the program guide and essays, from French to English, Filmer à tout prix (Brussels, Belgium) 2011Video instructor and consultant to Jovenes en Acción (Mexico City, Mexico) 2011Visiting Professor of Visual Arts, UNICACH–Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas (Tuxtla, Mexico) 2011Wrestling Instructor & Choreographer, theatrical production of Trafford Tanzi, Directed by Malcolm Tulip, 2010Graduate Student Instructor: Art & Design Senior Independent Project, co-taught with professors Phoebe Gloeckner and Tirtza Even, University of Michigan, 2009-10 Graduate Student Instructor: Art & Design Senior Independent Project, co-taught with professors Satoru Takahashi and Marionetta Porter, University of Michigan, 2007-8 Research assistant and programmer for artist Tirtza Even, 2007 Graduate Student Instructor: Art and Society, taught with professor Nick Tobier, University of Michigan, 2007 Graduate Student Instructor: Art & Design Perspectives: The Creators, University of Michigan, 2006 Writer, Consultant, and Artist for Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2010), 2006Photography Instructor, University of Minnesota, 2006 Graduate Teaching Assistant: Sound Art, taught with Abinadi Meza, University of Minnesota, 2006 Graduate Teaching Assistant: Photography, University of Minnesota, 2005-6 Artist-in-residence and Photography instructor, Museum of Nebraska Art (Kearney, Nebraska) 2004-5 Artist-in-residence and Photography instructor, Galería Municipal (Cintalapa, Mexico) 2004 Research assistant for artist Paul Demarinis, 2003 Art Instructor, Boys and Girls Club (Menlo Park, California) 2003 Art Instructor for sixth graders (Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, California) 2003 Art Instructor and English Tutor, Middle School ESL classroom (Lexington, Nebraska) 2002



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