Ccg fact sheet aug 2013

Neva Geisler, [email protected], 208.860.7043 Tony Harrison, [email protected], 208.880.9814 Nonprofit social enterprise uses food to change lives • Create Common Good is a nonprofit social
enterprise that provides training and work to refugees Social enterprise
and others with barriers to employment. Based in Boise, Idaho, the 501(c)(3) organization transforms A social enterprise is an organization
lives by preparing individuals for self-sufficiency through the production of local y farmed and prepared maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than • Approximately one-third of the adult refugees
arriving annual y in the Treasure Val ey go through Create Common Good’s farm training programs and culinary and foodservice training programs. objectives, but commitment to these objectives is motivated by the perception • CCG places 95 percent of its graduates into jobs
with potentially viable career paths that pay living make the enterprise more financially valuable. Social enterprises differ in that, wages and sometimes even provide benefits. • Since its inception in late 2008, Create Common benefit to their investors, except where they believe that doing so will ultimately Good has trained more than 350 adults and
improved the lives of thousands of individuals and • CCG offers healthy food products and services to repeatable, high-volume customers.
They include Treasure Val ey schools, restaurants (Boise Fry Co., Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria, and Westside Drive-In), grocers, corporate and institutional cafeterias like Micron’s, and nonprofit organizations (The Idaho Foodbank and Ada County Boys and Girls Club). • Create Common Good offerings also include retail products like snack bars and granola,
local farm shares, and its monthly Supperclub event. • In addition to operating a smal farm, CCG recently moved into a new facility at 2513 S.
Federal Way. The new production kitchen wil allow the group to create 40-50 new paid on-the-job training positions and scale its good by upwards of 500 percent. • The recent expansion brings Create Common Good closer to its long-term goal of self-
sufficiency. “In three to five years we’d like to be deriving the majority of our revenue from
the business side versus relying primarily on charitable donations — the school lunches and
daily commissary food production services — but currently our product revenue accounts for
only 12 percent,” founder and CEO Tara Russell says. “Our new kitchen is a critical first step
towards organizational financial health and al ows thousands more people to be both trained
and fed through our various programs.”
• Brent Southcombe, Create Common Good’s world-renowned executive chef and director
of culinary training, has nearly three decades of experience in restaurants and five-star hotels and was named Chef of the Nation for Australia and New Zealand in 1997. • CCG is building a globally replicable model for any community with an at-risk population
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