Getting to Know Me
My Name: Elena
Nickname: Ellie
Date of Birth: 4/19/98
Date: March 2007
A Little About Me:
I am a 9 year old 3rd grader. I really like school, playing with my sister and doing physical things
like running, swimming, climbing, etc. (even though my body doesn’t always coordinate the way
I would like it to). I love animals especially sea otters. When I grow up I would like to be an
artist and a teacher.
My Strengths:
I am easy going and I am “up” for trying new things. I try really hard at most everything I do – it
takes me a long time to “get it”, but I keep trying. I am a thoughtful, caring person and I like to
“help out”. I have a good sense of humor and a great laugh.
My Challenges:
My speech can be hard to understand because the muscles of my mouth, lips and tongue don’t
work really well. I work really hard to “turn my voice on” and sometimes I use a little bit of sign
language, picture exchange (PECS) or my communication device to help me say what I want to
My fine motor coordination doesn’t work so well. I have a hard time writing, doing buttons and
zippers, turning knobs, and sign language is hard for me too.
My hearing is not good at all in my right ear, but my left ear is fine.
My eating and drinking can be really messy because of those muscles in my mouth and I also
drool a bit.
My Life in the Community:
When I am in school I spend half my day in a small education class and the other half with the
other regular education 3rd grade class. Sometimes I go to the Boys and Girls club after school if
my mom needs to work more hours. In my neighborhood we have friends that my sister and I
play with together. I am currently taking one-on-one swimming lessons.
My Home and Family Information:
I live at our house with my mom and my sister part of the time and with my dad and my sister at
our apartment the other part of the time. My mom and dad live close by so our neighborhood is
still pretty much the same.
My Diagnosis (Diagnoses):
Static encephalopathy, severe speech and oral motor dyspraxia and dysarthria, learning and
developmental disabilities/delays.
My Overall Health:
I am pretty healthy these days. I used to have seizures when I was younger, but have not have
a seizure in over five years and I don’t take medications anymore (Lamictal).
Getting to Know Me
My Name: Elena
Nickname: Ellie
Date of Birth: 4/19/98
Date: March 2007
My Prior Surgeries, Procedures, Lab/Diagnostic Studies:
I had throat surgery to try to correct Velopharygneal Insufficiency (VPI) in April 2004. I get
speech therapy and occupational therapy at school and speech therapy once a week privately
as well. Periodically I see a Development Optometrist and an Osteopathic MD.
My Current Medicines/Doses:
None currently. I have taken Lamictal in the past for seizures and Robinal in the past to try to
control drooling.
My Allergies:
None, but I do get a mild reddish rash on my face if I eat something with barbeque sauce.
Things to Avoid:
Certain foods like Potato Chips or Doritos and raw carrots are hard for me to chew safely.
Direct bright sunlight is really hard on me. I do best if I have sun glasses and a hat when I am
outside. Crowded noisy places make it hard for me to hear and sort out sounds.
My Equipment/Assistive Technology:
I have a Pathfinder – augmentative communication device. It is sort of like a computer that I
type in my message and then it speaks for me.
At school I use an FM speaker system. My teachers wear a microphone and I have a speaker
on my desk.
I wear reading glasses.
Other Things I’d Like You to Know About Me:
Even though I am almost deaf in my right ear and it is hard for me to talk – I understand what
you are saying and I know everything I want to say back to you – it just takes me kind of a long
time to do it. Thank you for being patient.
Ways You Can be Helpful to Me:
Speak closer to my left side. Sometimes I need things repeated. If you don’t understand me,
please tell me that – it is okay to say “I didn’t understand you Ellie. Could you say that again?”

Source: http://cshcn.org/sites/default/files/webfm/file/Care_Plans/Parents/GettingtoKnowMe-Sample.pdf

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