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Cornea Surgery

STOP any Aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, Vitamin E
Xibrom (anti -
2 doses
Discontinue contact lenses NO food or drink after midnight. You may take your normal medications (pills) with sips of water. Remove all eye makeup including eyeliner and mascara Be certain to have driving arrangements made for the following day. Patients cannot drive home after
Please take all medications with a sip of water. Do NOT eat or drink unless otherwise instructed. Do NOT use any makeup or mascara Please bring your surgical kit and instructions to the surgical center Please arrive 45 minutes prior to surgery.
Immediately After Surgery and the First Night:

Do not remove the patch and shield unless instructed to do so by the recovery room For discomfort, you may use either the pain medications prescribed by your doctor or any type over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, etc.). If you develop, pain that is not managed by these medications, please contact your Later in the day, you may be instructed to take a Diamox Sequel pill. This pill may make you need to urinate more frequently. Unless informed otherwise, continue to use all prescription medications (both oral INSTRUCTIONS AFTER CORNEA SURGERY

Zymar (antibiotic) PRED Forte (anti-inflammatory) XIBROM (anti-inflammatory) Artificial Tears
4 doses/day
4 doses/day
4-6 doses/ day

Zymar 4
doses/day (e.g. 3 meals + Bedtime)

PRED Forte 4

doses/day (e.g. morning and evening) 2 weeks

Artificial Tears 4-6 doses/ day

Drops are only for the operated eye and can be used together, in any sequence, if separated by at least 3
min. It is normal that some drops will sting. Close the eye gently for a minute after instilling a drop. “Pred
Forte” may leave a harmless white residue in the eyelid corner. Please bring your drops along with this
handout with you to each postop appointment.

: No pressing or rubbing the eye for 8 weeks. Wear the eye shield while sleeping for at least
6-12 weeks. You must wear full time eye protection for the first 2-3 months and under any circumstance
where you may get struck in the eye (small children, pets, etc.). If you do not own glasses, ask your doctor
to furnish you with a prescription so that you can buy temporary glasses. Refrain from any eye makeup for
7 days following surgery. Avoid strenuous activity. You may read and watch TV as much as you would like.
You may resume work and driving when you feel ready. Restrictions will be lifted as you heal.

CALL IMMEDIATELY if you experience severe pain or sudden loss of vision

Visual Recovery: You should not expect to see well immediately. There is normally much variability in the
recovery rate between different patients. Your eyelids may be mildly “droopy” or swollen. This is usually a
temporary condition. You may notice that your vision is blurry. If you are not comfortable driving, or
operating hazardous equipment, please avoid doing so until your vision is satisfactory. It usually takes
several months before visual rehabilitation is started. You may notice increased sensitivity to sunlight.
Wear sunglasses as needed.


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