Ege Vet Ltd
Ege Vet Ltd was established in 1988 as a small and large animal clinic. In addition to its veterinary practice and consultation services, its marketing and distribution network
developed by the years. Currently, Ege Vet Ltd has six branch offices in Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Samsun, Hatay and Antalya. Every branch office has its own sales team
and responsible manager. (Please click here to see our branch offices and domestic sales area) There are total twenty five salesmen on the roads, responsible for covering
certain parts of Turkey. Sales team is supported by Sales Coordinator, Sales and Planning Directors and Technical Consultants. All of these positions are taken by
Ege Vet has been importing frozen semen from high quality U.S. proven bulls since 1989 and distributing them all around Turkey. Marketing high quality, proven U.S. bovine semen has been a major segment of Ege Vet's business. Ege Vet is the exclusive distributor of World Wire Sires (WWS) in Turkey. Turkish agriculture and livestock business are getting great benefit out of this excellent cooperation. Ege Vet is in the position of being able to offer and provide the semen of various genetic criteria at a wide price range. Ege Vet is proud of its unique and efficient marketing network that covers all around Turkey. Ege Vet has played an important role by implementing prophylactic measures and proper breeding methods for livestock business. Veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary vaccines, feed additives, De Laval milking equipment, AI equipment and tools and various farm equipment are among its product range. June 2012, Izmir Ege Vet Ltd, 6 Sokak No:6/A – Izmir, Turkey Phone: 0090 – 232 –877 21 61, Fax: 0090 – 232 – 877 20 43
Ata Fen Inc
Ata Fen Inc is the sister company of Ege Vet Ltd., which has been founded in 2005. Ata Fen Inc is exclusive distributor of Ege Vet Ltd. Second activity of Ata Fen Inc is the
production of veterinary vaccines. (Please click here for detailed information of our company.) Ata Fen Vaccine Manufacturing Plant is located in Izmir/TURKEY.
It is located in an area of 8500 square meters. The size of the closed facilities is total of 3330 square meter. In addition, a facility for testing animals is located in area of 400
square meters, as a separate unit.
This facility has been designed for the manufacture of bacterial and viral veterinary vaccines. Right now, the bacterial vaccine unit has been completed. The unit is capable
to produce all types of bacterial vaccines. The plant is fully equipped in accordance with the principles and rules of GMP and GLP.
Manufacturing capacity is 28 million doses annually. Ata Fen Inc has launched the following Clostridial vaccines in Turkish market; VBR Chauvoei, VBR K99+C, VBR
Perfringens 3 and VBR Polimix 5. Ata Fen Inc also launched VBR Rev.1 Conjunctival vaccine, against goat and sheep Brucellosis. (Please click here for detailed
information of our vaccines.)
Other types of bacterial vaccines, such as Brucella abortus S 19 and Pasteurella bacterin are next products to be launched.
No second hand equipment has been used in the facility. Water purifying system has a capacity of 300 liter per hour and is operated and controlled by computer system. It
has a capacity of storing 3 tons of sterile and purified water.
Clean room conditions, sterile air filtering, sterilization, and filling and packing systems have been designed and installed by following the international standards. Unit for
testing animals is being designed by clean room principles and being operated in accordance with animal welfare rules. It is one of the few licensed units in our country.
Founding company Ege Vet Ltd has always played a leader role in many fields of veterinary medicine, prophylactic measures and proper breeding techniques. Ege Vet Ltd is
proud of introducing a veterinary vaccine manufacturing plant owned by its sister company Ata Fen, which is in accordance with European Union Standards. This plant will
give a great opportunity to our country and also to our neighbor countries.
June 2012, Izmir Ata Fen Inc, Ulucak / Kemalpasa – Izmir, Turkey Phone: 0090 – 232 – 877 21 61, Fax: 0090 – 232 – 877 20 43
Ege Vet Bull Stud
The first private bull stud of Turkey has been established by Ege Vet in 1997 in Ulucak- Kemalpasa region of Izmir. It is fully equipped with high technology equipment for semen processing, freezing and storing. Five U.S. Holstein bulls of superior quality were imported in 1997 by plane from the U.S.A. Their names were Pert, Joey, Romania, Evan and Leighton. The sires of these five bulls were ranking as 2nd, 11th, 54th and 64th at the International Holstein Top 100 list. Ege Vet received the patent right and Certification of Turkish Standard Institute for its “Spermbank” trademark in 1999. A Simmental bull (Ratl) and a Brown Swiss bull (Trilot) were imported from Austria in 1999. These two bulls have been introduced to Turkish dairy and beef farmers as alternative breeds. Ege Vet has also performed the first frozen embryo transfer by using sexed male embryos in Turkey for achieving young bulls for its bull stud. In 1999, full blood, high quality Holstein young bulls were born through frozen, male U.S. Holstein embryos. These four young Holstein bulls were named as Jed, Mascot, Etazon and Dr Carmichael. Some Bulls from Our Bull Stud
These bulls have been used successfully for semen production. What we market?
What we do?
 Dairy and beef farm consultation services  Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer  Frozen bovine semen from Ege Vet Bull Stud  A.I. equipment and liquid nitrogen containers
Manufactured Products
Ata Fen Veterinary Vaccines
Name of the vaccine
Indications (Diseases)
Size / Doses
Clostridium perfringens Type C Bacterin-Toxoid Clostridium perfringens Type B, Clostridium perfringens Type C and Clostridium perfringens Type D Clostridium novyi and Clostridium chauvoei Freeze-dried, live, attenuated Brucella melitensis Rev.1
Imported Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Alfamec 1 %: Ivermectin (Alfasan International B.V., Netherlands)
Mames: Spyramicin adipate, Colistimethate sodium, Dexamethasone
Alfamine 10 %: Ketamin HCL (Alfasan International B.V.,
Metrisiklin: Chlortetracycline HCL (Kela N.V., Belgium)
Amoxyphen 15 %: Amoxicillin trihydrate (Kela N.V., Belgium)
Moxylan LA: Amoxicillin trihydrate (Jurox Pty. Limited, Australia)
Alfazyne 2 %: Xylazine HCL (Alfasan International B.V., Netherlands)  Mycogal 105: Spyramicin adipate (Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain)
Apoderm Spray: Chlortetracycline HCL + CI Food Blue 5
Nitromectin: Nitroxynil, Ivermectin (Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain)
Paramectin: Abamectin (Jurox Pty. Limited, Australia)
Calfoset: Clacium Gluconate, Calcium Glycerophosphate, Magnesium
Pituisan: Oxytocine (Alfasan International B.V., Netherlands)
Polyfil: Phosphorylcholamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12
Co-Trimoxazole 24 %: Trimetophrim – Sulfametoxazole (Kela N.V.,
Popantel: Praziquantel, Oxantel embonate, Pyrantel embonate (Jurox
Drymastiphen: Cloxacillin (Mastitis – Dry Cow Therapy) (Kela N.V.,
Prazivet: Praziquantel (Alfasan International B.V., Netherlands)
Ege Vet D3: Vitamin D3 (Alfasan International B.V., Netherlands)
Prolipen 20/20: Procain Benzyl Penicilline, Dihidrostreptomycine
Enjeflox 10 %: Enrofloxacin (KRKA, d.d., Slovenia)
Injectade: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E (Alfasan International
Promectin PLUS: Praziquantel, abamectin (Jurox Pty. Limited,
Juraclox LC: Ampicillin Sodium, Cloxacillin Sodium (Jurox Pty.
Rapidcor: Dexamethazone Sodium Phosphate (Kela N.V., Belgium)
Tetraoxyphen LA 20 %: Oxytetracycline (Kela N.V., Belgium)
Juramate: Prostaglandine F2 alpha (Cloprostenol) (Jurox Pty. Limited,  Verbenzole 2,5 %: Albendazole (Kela N.V., Belgium)
Vitcomplex: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin
Lactomast: Neomycin + Procain Benzyl Penicilline (Kela N.V.,
B6, Nicotinamide, Vitamin B12, D-panthenol (Alfasan International  Linkospekto-Kombin 5/10: Lincomycin, Spectinomycin (Alfasan

Imported Veterinary Vaccines
Dog and Cat Biological Products

Dog Vac R: Rabies Vaccine (Killed virus, Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain)
Large Animal Biological Products
Bovi Sera: Antiserum (Arcanobacterium pyogenes- Escherichia coli- Mannheimia haemolytica- Pasteurella multocida- Salmonella
typhimurium Antibody, Colorado Serum Co., USA) • Lepto 5: Leptospirosis Vaccine (Leptospira canicola-grippotyphosa-hardjo-icterohaemorrhagiae-pomona bacterin, Colorado Serum Co.,
Mannheimia Haemolytica & Pasteurella Multocida Bacterin: Mannheimia Haemolytica - Pasteurella Multocida Bacterin, (Colorado
Mastivac: Combined Bacterin (against Mastitis, Streptococcus agalactiae- dysgalactiae- uberis –pyogenes- Escherichia coli Bov-10 - Bov-
14 - Bov-15 - Suis-21 - J5, Staphylococcus aureus, Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain) • Mastivac TT: Combined Bacterin (against Mastitis, Streptococcus agalactiae -dysgalactiae – uberis- pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus,
Escherichia coli Bov 10, Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain) • Vira Shield 6 + Somnus: Bovine Rhinotracheitis, Virus Diarrhea, Parainfluenza 3, Respiratory Synctial Virus Vaccine Killed Virus
Other Imported Products
Feed Additives
• Sky High Energy (Maplehurst Genetics International Inc, USA) • EDDI (Ethylenediamine Dihydroiodide , 4.6 % Organic Iodine Premix, Maplehurst Genetics International Inc, USA) • Amovit Polvo (Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain) • Amovit Sıvı Liquid (Laboratorios Ovejero S.A., Spain) • Globigen Dia Stop (EW-Nutrition, Germany) Milk Replacers
• Elvor Classico TU (Sofivo S.A.S., France) • Elvor Ecomilk 100 TB TU (Sofivo S.A.S., France) • Elvor Perfecto TU (Sofivo S.A.S., France) Artificial Insemination Equipment
• A.I. Sheath (50/Package, Minitube, Germany) • Universal A.I. Sheath (0.25 – 0.50, Minitube, Germany) • Semen Service Container (MVE, USA) • Golden Phoenix Liquid Nitrogen Container (6 lt, China) • Golden Phoenix Liquid Nitrogen Container (10 lt, China) • Golden Phoenix Liquid Nitrogen Container (16 lt, China) • Golden Phoenix Liquid Nitrogen Container (35 lt, China) • Cryo Diffusion Liquid Nitrogen Container B 2003 (4.1 lt, France) • Cryo Diffusion Liquid Nitrogen Container B 2009 (10.5 lt, France) • Thawing Unit (Minitube, from Germany) • Water Thermometer
Veterinary Equipment


Associates in Gastroenterology, P.C. FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY INSTRUCTIONS Your SIGMOIDOSCOPY is scheduled at: ___________ on ________________ (mo/d/yr). Please arrive at the Endoscopy Center at __________. The Endoscopy Center is located at:  POTOMAC CENTER, 2296 Opitz Blvd, 1st Floor, Suite 130, Woodbridge  PRINCE WILLIAM AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTER, 8644 Sudley Rd., Suite 201,

ADIME Form Client Name (Initials) Nutrition Assessment Biochemical Data, Medical Tests and Procedures Anthropomentric Measurements Medical Diagnosis: Ht: 5'5" UBW: 130# % UBW:102% 125 ± 10%: 115-135 Adjusted Body Weight: 22 BMI category: Physical Exam Findings/Clinical Observations Food and Nutrition History Male/Female 25 yrs Food Allergies: P

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