Gout flare-up diary.xlsx

08/11/2010 started pain back of right foot (8/11/10 - 16/11/10) 20/11/2010 return of gout: pain slowly coming back in back of feet; no pain on walking; v. slight pain while lying 30/11/2010 swelling and slight pain just above the ankle on the front 02/12/2010 ankle fully swollen but no pain also started to feel some pain on the joint of the big toe 03/12/2010 swelling on the ankle continues with pain in the big toe worse at night when sleeping pain behind leg in the knee area starting 04/12/2010 pain behind leg in the knee area and big toe painfull gets worse on lying and slightly 12pm+ part of the top right feet swollen, ankle swelling paritally down but still swollen on both sidees 05/12/2010 swelling on top of feet gone, some pain near ankle, under right knee back of leg, new pain developed left side of knee on left leg, pain in big toe gone on right feet 11pm + oncoming pain middle of ankle right leg; pain on both side of knee, left leg 06/12/2010 right leg: ankle still swollen and pain in the middle 06/12/2010 3pm all pain gone, swelling remaining 08/12/2010 mostly no pain all day. Some pain in big toe at 5pm 10 day gap and pain back in ankle
18/12/2010 right ankle, left side swollen continuously but no pain
19/12/2010 mild pain above ankle on right leg afta sleeping for 10-20 mins in front of pc

20/12/2010 moderate - severe pain on right leg ankle on right side, went to GP Dr Odet, prescribed co-codamol taken 2x co-codamol at 12pm and 2x ibuprofen 1pm then 2x ibprofen at 7.30pmibuprofen takes 2.5hrs to take full effect, co-codamol 20 mins to 1hr - pain under control 21/12/2010 another 2x 200mg ibuprofen at 11.45am plus co-codamol at 1.10pm another 3pm pain under control for rest of day but inflammation only slightly down now both sides of right leg angle swollen but no pain 23/12/2010 pain left leg of left side of knee, no pain in ankle only swelling 27/12/2010 knee pain, left leg, ibuprofen gives stomach discomfort
28/12/2010 pain on knee of left leg under control by meds. Ibuprofen stopped for 24h, stomach discomfort gone
29/12/2010 more pain left leg of left side of knee and some pain right leg right side of ankle - returned
30/12/2010 pain in left leg knee almost gone. Pain free most of the day; until 11.30pm. Pain slowly sneaks-up on
right leg ankle. 12.35am 2x paracetamols taken after supper 01/01/2011 no pain, swelling improved (right feet, right side) 08/01/2011 little pain creeping up on back of left feet 09/01/2011 NO PAIN, all day only some stiffness.
10/01/2011 pain on back of left feet, went to GP, got referred
11/01/2011 almost pain free, no pain on right feet
12/01/2011 pain on back of left feet, controlled by paracetamol
13/01/2011 pain creeping up on side of right feet while in bed; stiffness and slight pain top of right knee
some pain top of mid-ankle joint on the shin on right feet, slightly painful back of left foot 14/01/2011 pain on top of knee muscle which is also causing pain on upper leg muscle resulting in unable to walk properly most of the pain on the back of left feet has disappeared but only a bit leftpain improves 2 hours after taking 2x Solpadol (2.40pm); and been able to walk properly from 5pmpain is hard when getting up from sitting position 15/01/2011 very painful right knee with little bits of pain back of left foot 16/01/2011 right knee still v. painful, cant walk properly; paracetamol and panadol not work much using solpadol17/11/2011 right knee still v. painful, same as yesterday18/01/2011 seemed bit better around 11am while in bed, once out of bed v. painful right knee - cant walk.
almost cant walk, quite difficult bcoz of pain and swelling the slightest bending the knee whilewalking causes immense pain which goes up to the upper leg muscles.
it is difficult get up from the chair and stand takes time to striaghten the leg because knee if painfulsimilarly is difficult getting in and out of bed. After taking solpadol x2 slightly better after 1 1/2 hours latertinges of pain in back of left feet coming and going 19/01/2011 right knee still very painful, controlled with solpadol and ibuprofen tinges of pain in back of left feet coming and going 20/01/2011 right knee still very painful, went GP and got Piroxicam gel, used 4 times a day tinges of pain in back of left feet coming and going 21/01/2011 knee pain has improved AFTER 7 days; but not gone
There is now pain on the back of left foot, specially while walkingwalked to mile end hospital and back - 2 miles. Knee pain slowly aggravated and almost in full painnext day 22/01/2011 almost in full pain after yesterdays 2 mile walk; took 1 diclofenac in evening and things started to improve23/01/2011 pain has improved; only pain on left side of knee; using piroxicam 3x diclofenac 2x most of all the pain from the knee has gone except for a small corner on the left (inner) side 24/01/2011 pain started to increase throughout the day; after about 10pm - lot of hard pain on inner side of right knee25/01/2011 98% of all pain gone; some ache on the right side of knee; went shopping for an hour at 1pm 7.30 tried going shopping again but had to come back home bcoz left side of knee very painfulltaken 2x solpadols at 8pm 7.30pm onwards tremendous amount of pain on left side of right knee; feels like as if knee is broken
almost cant walk at all; can just about walk holding walls and chairs - even 2 Solpadols didn’t work
26/01/2011 pain levels back to normal; some pain and inflammation on left corner and side of right knee realised what happened on 25th; eating beans triggers gout attack; had 425g can of baked beans at 5pmwhich was what caused the pain pain has also increasd on back of left foot 27/01/2011 pain level back to normal; using voltarol pain-eze; run out of diclofenac 50mg's 29/01/2011 pain almost gone. Had lunch at 7pm; lamb, potatoe & aubergine; around 10pm noticed pain increase on a spot on top of knee and back of left foot 30/01/2011 knee pain & inflammation going up and down from nearly all clear. Pain on back left feet has increased much that I have to limp. 11pm after dinner, left swelled up 31/01/2011 pain has worsend on back of left foot. Very pain full; cant walkl throughout the night right knee pain has also 01/02/2011 back of left foot still v. painfull, can walk. left foot ankle on right side very swollen but no pain yet back of left foot very painfull all througout the day 02/02/2011 still cant walk with left foot because very painful; small white patch on front of ankle with some pain 03/02/2011 still very painful. Used Solpadol; takes 2hrs to take affect; 97% pain gone afta 2hrs on back of left foot but still have to limp for the 3% remaining plus new pain on front of ankle (on the bone?) andfull inflammation 04/02/2011 taking solpadol and voltarol, pain almost gone, but the very small amount of pain in one corner makes 05/02/2011 just take solpadol only; without any constant pain killers the pain slowly creeps back 06/02/2011 pain slowly creeping back to full strength; taken 2 voltarols after breakfast at 1.10pm 10 days of pain on back of left foot with the worst being Mon-Wedwill double pain killers todays to 2x solpadol's and 2x voltarols havent been able to do ANYTHING for the last 10 days; double-action pain killers:taken 2 voltarols + 2 solpadols with a one hour gap; need to go outside today been out at 4.20pm - cant walk properly, unbearable pain, can just limphad to endure the pain and step on it hard no matter how painful it is Paracetamol / Solpadol Alone don’t work much - anti-inflammatories have a better effect
10 day gap and pain back in ankle
7 days pain left leg kneewith no gap after right ankle pain 18 days back of left foot pain& counting

Source: http://goutsufferer.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/detailed-pain-diary.pdf


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