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No. 111153 SEPTEMBER 2003

Ronseal Woodworm Killer is specially formulated to kill wood boring beetles, their larvae and eggs. The low
viscosity, water based formulation penetrates deep into wood providing long term protection.

Insect attack can be recognised by small round flight holes on the surface of the timber and the gritty bore-dust that is left behind. These holes are most likely to be found near joints or on the undersides or backs of furniture. Whilst flight holes indicate some beetles have emerged, it is likely that larvae remains in the wood, Ronseal Woodworm Killer contains permethrin, an effective woodworm killer, which will prevent the infestation and spread of woodworm thus avoiding the associated damage. Ronseal Woodworm Killer has a low viscosity formulation to provide good penetration into the timber. It dries to a clear finish that is specifically designed to be over-coated with paint, varnish or woodstain. The water based formulation means equipment can be washed out in water and the product has a low inoffensive odour. Coverage may vary with the properties of the substrate. COMPOSITION
Ronseal Woodworm Killer contains permethrin 0.186%w/w. PROPERTIES
Low temperatures, high humidity or poor ventilation will lengthen the CLEANING OF TOOLS
All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use by FIELDS OF APPLICATION
Remove as much product as possible from tools and equipment Ronseal Woodworm Killer can be used on virtually any wood. It is suitable for use on both interior and exterior applications. PAINTING AND FINISHING
Once thoroughly dried Ronseal Woodworm Killer can be over coated Ensure the wood is clean, dry and free from dust. The treatment is most effective if wood is bare. Finishes such as paint, stain and varnish must be completely removed, see ‘Important Notes’. IMPORTANT NOTES
Apply in accordance with the coverage guidelines otherwise product Apply by brush as directed, covering all faces, ends and joints paying particular attention to the end grain, corners, crevices etc. Ronseal Woodworm Killer is not suitable for use on areas used for the preparation and consumption of food. Ensure wood is fully dry prior to any filling, gluing and knotting is Do not apply in temperatures below 100C or in conditions of high carried out and before laying floor tiles, carpet, underlay or loft humidity or if rain is likely before the product has fully dried. This product contains no added lead. However special precautions should be taken when treating pre-1960’s paint surfaces over wood and metal as they may contain harmful lead. For further advice Avoid inhalation of dust when sanding, wear a suitable face mask or Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from heat and Available in 500ml, 1 & 5 litre re-sealable containers. sources of ignition. Carefully reseal partly used containers. Do not store near foodstuffs. Protect from frost. DISPOSAL
To avoid risk of spillage, always store and transport in a secure and Some local authorities have special facilities for disposal of waste The shelf life of the product in airtight containers is at least three Do not empty product into drains or watercourses. LIABILITY
Whilst these specifications are based on expert technical knowledge CONTAINS PERMETHRIN 0.186%w/w READ ALL PRECAUTIONS and practical experience, we cannot assume responsibility for any work as the ultimate result depends on factors beyond our direct control. Standard codes of painting practice should be followed. INFORMATION AND SERVICE
WEAR SUITABLE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (COVERALLS) AND Our Technical Services Department will be pleased to offer specific guidance or provide any further information you may require. DO NOT CONTAMINATE FOODSTUFFS, EATING UTENSILS OR DATA SHEETS
COVER WATER STORAGE TANKS before application. Data sheets on other Ronseal Products are available on request THIS MATERIAL AND IT’S CONTAINER must be disposed of in a UNPROTECTED PERSONS AND ANIMALS SHOULD BE KEPT AWAY FROM TREATED AREAS FOR 48 HOURS OR UNTIL EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO FISH AND OTHER AQUATIC REMOVE OR COVER FISH TANKS AND BOWLS before DO NOT CONTAMINATE watercourses or ground. ALL BATS ARE PROTECTORED UNDER THE WILDLIFE AND Ronseal Ltd. has been registered to BS EN ISO 9000 1994 COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981. BEFORE TREATING ANY STRUCTURE USED BY BATS, CONSULT ENGLISH NATURE, SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE OR THE COUNTRYSIDE Ronseal Ltd. operate an Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements of BS 7750:1994, Certificate No. This product is approved under the control of Pesticides Regulations. For use a directed. HSE No. 7594. Ronseal Ltd. has achieved Investors in People certification, WASH SPLASHES from skin or eyes immediately. RONSEAL LTD.,
WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED SKIN before meals and after use. Thorncliffe Park
KEEP IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed in a safe place. Chapeltown
This product has been notified as a biocide in the Republic of +44 (0114) 240 9469 (Technical Services)
+44 (0114) 246 7171 (Main Switchboard)
Specific health and safety data sheets are available on request. +44 (0114) 245 5629
E. Mail: [email protected]

Ronseal is a registered trademark of the Sherwin Williams


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