Affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine Gina McAfee hard at work. Gina and her family support Menninger because they have seen the benefits of superb mental healthcare. The organization has an 83-year husband, Rob, knew there was tradition of success in improving something about her daughter. mental health services, education L. was an intense child, and research for the country and perfectionistic and quick to (Editor’s note: Menninger
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She told Gina that “I have no diagnoses, L.’s answers pointed Treatment Program in the spring eating disorder.
Plan aheadWhatever you do, plan for the disposition of your assets. It is the most loving thing you can do for your family because they are assured by the power of your guidance to follow your wishes— no uncertainty, no arguments. It is also the only way you can influence your financial legacy. The default distribution may not meet your desires. Be aware that not all assets are transferred by will. Certain contractual rights such as life insurance and retirement and annuity benefits are disposed of by the terms of the contract, usually a designation of beneficiary. A trust contract disposes of the assets transferred to the trust or trustee but only those assets. For some assets, particularly financial accounts and real estate, the disposition may be inherent in how the property is titled. This is one time that the  Mental health information and resources assistance of a professional should be obtained. The remedy need not be complicated or the Click on the Make a Gift tab on the far right in the gold border above the picture and then Menninger Development:
Call us any time. We would be pleased to help you with your planned giving questions. Call 800-288-3950 and ask for Garvin Stryker, director of Planned Giving. We also invite you to return the enclosed reply card for a free copy of our booklet, Ways to Give.
If you wish a personal explanation or some assistance in planning a gift to Menninger, I would be glad to help. After 33 years as a practicing attorney in Texas, I wanted an opportunity to help people on a larger scale and to serve a cause that excited me. My position at Menninger is a perfect fit on both counts. My legal training, which includes both a Master of Laws in Estate Planning and Certification in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, gives me the expertise necessary to assist Menninger’s supporters and their advisors in meeting their charitable objectives.
Garvin P. Stryker, JD, LLM Call 800-288-3950 or 713-333-3320 or E-mail: [email protected]

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