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Larysa Tia Aaron Trevor
Foreign Affairs
Our Foreign Affairs policy is that we believe it is important to be involved with other countries
so we can have a good trading relationship (imports/exports). However, this does not include
being involved in their government. We want a good diplomatic relationship with countries, like
we do of Canada, which includes exceptional communication but does not interfere on how their
governments are run. We will implement our policy by doing the following:
- We will gradually pull our U.S. troops out of Afghanistan and allow their government to - Despite pulling our troops out, we are going to continue to trade with other nations so we keep an economic relationship without interfering with their government. - We are going to continue to trade with all the nations that we already trade with. If our policy is put in place then we will be able to better focus our attention on trading rather than military involvement. In the long run, it will save us money from not having the expense of large amounts of military overseas and in Afghanistan. Economy
Our Economic Policy is to decrease unemployment and guarantee fewer benefits to those who
abuse the system. We will implement our policy by doing the following:
- We are going to keep better records of those who are on unemployment so they don’t - We are going to give prepaid cards instead of cutting them a check for each month. This money will only be allowed to be used for certain things and by having this card we can control just that.--(Food and necessities not any tobacco/alcohol etc.). This card will also be more convenient for the USPS and we will save money by not mailing a series of checks. - We will leave the present tax system—taxation based on percent of earnings and reduced - We will give tax incentives to companies that bring back or recreate their businesses here. For example if the Tupperware Company brings the business back to Atlanta, Georgia. If our policy is put in place then more businesses will bring jobs back to the United States and less people will need unemployment and food stamps. Also tax revenues will increase and expenses for unemployment will decrease. Debt and Spending
Our Debt and Spending policy is to reduce government spending and the result will be a decrease
in national debt. We are immediately going to cut all departments of government spending by
10% and by 2016 we will reduce the national debt by 1 trillion. We will also reduce the national
debt by freezing the salaries/benefit levels of federal employees and by doing the following:
- There will be more frequent changes in the members of the spending committees like Appropriation Committee and by deciding how much money all the departments get. - We will give the public five days to proof read bills regarding education, health, defense or agricultural spending etc. It will give the public the chance to read the bills for themselves and protest if they find any unnecessary spending. Then after and only after will Congress vote on them. - We realize the Defense Department creates many projects every year that cost a lot of money. For example according to, “both Obama and his predecessor, for instance, have for five years tried to eliminate funding for a program to develop a backup fighter-jet engine, but Congress has funded it anyway. USA Today noted that the program runs upwards of $450 million annually.” By using the five days to proof-read bills and by cutting 10% of the Defense’s funding, we hope to save at least $92.5 billion by the following year. - We will set up conditions in which emergency money is spent in our government. We will pass a law that emergency money can only be spent on conditions such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, nuclear problems, and a depression etc. It cannot be attached to bailout other departments. We will appoint a person in charge, perhaps the Vice President to oversee these conditions are followed and met. This policy will restore fiscal responsibility and accountability (be able to approve what money is needed and what it was spent on). - We will cut 10% from all other government departments. We will set up limits that will have to be accounted for. There will be no increases and the level of spending will be maintained. If our policy is put into place, the debt will stop growing and ultimately will cut the debt. The debt will stop growing because we will have made a true effort in cutting spending. We will make sure these levels of conditions and limits will be mandatory under law. Social Issues
One policy regarding social issues is that we believe contraceptive should be covered by the
insurance. A reason why we believe this is because, this way, we do not have to worry about as
many unwanted pregnancies and it helps with women’s health problems to regulate menstrual
- We believe that if birth control and contraceptives were covered by insurance, abortion would be less of an issue since people would be preventing pregnancy to begin with. - We also believe that it is cheaper to prevent pregnancy with birth control than to give - We believe birth control should be treated as things such as Viagra that are covered under - We also believe that it should be covered under insurance because it is important for If birth control is covered under insurance, we will reduce the cost of funding births and maternity care. Our second social issue is same-sex marriage. - We believe that people who choose to marry someone of the same sex should have the freedom to do so. However we will not force this issue upon the individual states. We will leave it to the states’ constitutions to decide. If the individual states decide that it should be considered legal, we will support their choice and visa-versa. Energy Policies
We believe gasoline prices are too high. It is hard for people everywhere to maintain their busy
schedules with the price of gas so high. Our energy policy is to lower the cost of oil prices and
find replacements for fuel and electricity which in the future will reduce the prices of gasoline
and the cost for electricity.
- One of the main reasons why oil prices are so high is tension with Iran. We will try to make an agreement with them to have a stable oil price then the gas process would be lower. - We will also lower gas prices by using different alternatives for fuel. One example is ethanol. It is used from corn, which we have a large supply of and if the price of corn is lower than oil then we will save ourselves a lot of money in the future. - To lower the cost of electricity, we will continue the policy of not taxing windmills to encourage windmill development. Having electricity produced by wind decreases cost of electricity because limited sources of oil and coal are not being used. - We will also try to decrease the cost for electricity by turning manure’s methane gas into electricity. According, burning manure directly for fuel will provide cleaner air and water. Methane has a 21 times less effect of carbon dioxide has on global warming. This means that methane will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also use up manure that could drain off fields into rivers and into our water supply. If our policy is put into place, we will boost rural economic development and provide dairy
farmers and feedlot operators with another source of revenue from the manure. In the case of
ethanol as an alternative, it will decrease the price for gas. We will be less dependent on foreign
oil and not have to buy at their price but rather spend our money within our own country.
We believe in Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
- We believe everyone should have healthcare because it is an important part of our lives and we don’t know when we will be sick and need it. - We however, will need proof that the people who get this are contributing by paying their taxes and the premium towards the insurance. Otherwise people will abuse our system, from illegal aliens to people who are too lazy to get a job or pay taxes. - We can see this system works in Canada. The cost of their health insurance is much lower than ours—that is why so many people go and by prescription drugs there because it is much cheaper. People in Canada say that the quality has not dropped and actually that it has risen since the universal healthcare was put into place. If we stay with Obama’s Policy, we will no longer need Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone will pay towards one insurance, which will decrease the cost. The policy will also make a better future for the rest of us and future generations to come. We will have the means to take care of our own. The sick and diseased in our nation will have the means to get the medical attention they need. Our nation will be stronger and healthier. People will be less stressed over whether or not they will be able to afford their medical bills and/ or receive attention. All citizens will have some kind of coverage.


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