New lines from a floating life

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Glad to see they now have better spam control here now too.
29/05/2010 ttp:// I'm the Year 10 student you referenced in your Diary Entry 111. I'm now in Year11 and I'd lik e to thank you for tak ing the tim e to read m y journal andm entioning m e thus. :) I thought I signed this, but it seem s to have disappeared. Anyway, I just wantedto say how ple ased I was to see us link ed :) Thank you for your k ind words about m y novel in entry 41. Judy Ah, Grum py O ld Men. W hat a great concept. As a curm udgeon-in-training ofm any years standing, I think it's a great idea.
W ednesday, March 23rd 2005 - 01:04:40 AM I'm glad you lik ed m y blog. C ongratulations on being sm ok e-free! That's awo nderful thing. I hope you'll continue to visit 'So what can I do." I'll be back here for sure! congratulatioins on deciding to be sm ok e free! i did the sam e about a year agoand i feel great. good luck , i'll be a-rootin' for ya.
Thank s for visiting m y blog. As one who has quit drink ing, sm ok ing, and nail-biting, I wish you success in your effort to quit sm ok ing. I'll be dropping inagain.
Thank s for dropping by and signing the book ! I was wondering if people besidesour over-anx ious fam ilies were reading :) Thursday, February 10th 2005 - 07:05:37 AM That Harry, he look s just lik e Mr. Hewitt, and not his father, don't you agree? Iwish som eone would do a DNA test and settle this fo r once and for a ll. But, itprobably ain't gonna happen.
I loved "Three Dog Night". I couldn't stop think ing about it. It work ed m e up intosuch a state! That Felix ! A very powerful novel indee d.
Tuesday, Janua ry 18th 2005 - 07:24:06 AM Thursday, Decem ber 30th 2004 - 02:40:16 PM The Tsunam i disaster once again rem inds us of an unpalatable fact -- that wespend m uch of our tim e and resources trying to k ill each other, when in realitylife is so precious and easily lost. W e seem to have things back wards (not for the first tim e).
Sunday, Decem ber 26th 2004 - 08:56:36 AM It happens so that i stum bled to your diary page. I agree with the AustralianIslam Boys. coz I'm an Islam too. I'm a Singaporean. de Q ur'an is rite,Allah don't lik e people who go over the lim its against violence. I'm sad aboutthe news about Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel angry 4 those hu hates IslamR eligion. ISLAM IS A R ELIGIO N THAT SER VES ALLAH. W ell. i hope i m ak em yself clear. I wish u bez of luck in anie gd things u do.
I am an avid reader of your journal and a Labo r party voter. I am bitterlydisappointed that John Howard has been elected again.
W ednesday, Septem ber 1st 2004 - 12:08:28 PM *Sigh* 41 days of electioneering, cam paigning, m uck -rak ing and m ud-throwing. If you have any babies in the house, k eep them inside till after election day.
Marauding politicians could swoop down on your com m unity at any tim e.
Thank s for your well wishes! And the m ention in flo atinglife - and just so youk now, I unlock ed it just for a couple of days :) oh, and while it look s oddly lik e a VW in the pics, it is actually a MitsubishiLancer :) took m e a lil while to rea lize that it's just one continuous entry. do you thinksom ething is wrong with USA when they can't win the gold in bask etball? cuz i do W ednesday, August 25th 2004 - 05:49:10 PM It wasn't m e. It's a m ystery, isn't it? Can't help feeling som e Year 10 visitors tothis diary could be in for a bit of a shock som etim es, eh! W ednesday, August 25th 2004 - 04:28:18 PM I thought you had wrote the first com m ent about "The Da Vinci Code" in the widereading guestbook . Now I am baffled as to who m ight have written it! :) C urious how often we update our journals at the sam e tim e, isn't it? W hat wouldyou call that, synchonicity or serendipity. ? I could not wish for a gre ater honour, Mister Ra bbit :-) Greetings from a fellow Latham supporter. :-) For a n old bugger yo u have som uch energy. W e have decided to m ak e you an honorary rabbit. Cheers, Mr.
R abbit.
ahh those report com m ents are so am using! And so true for so m any students!Thank s for brightening up m y dreary day! :) W hat an am azing author you are! O f course I'm a little biased right no w becauseI read about NZ which is where I am from and feel som e pride in living here!Yo ur journal rock s! I've never read one quite lik e yours before.
Em barrassing m om ent was handled well. Better than when a parent m istook m efor a Year 9 student in m y first year out and didn't believe m e when I told her Iwa s on staff. She argue d against m e until m y Principal introduced m e form ally tothe parents there. Now she was really em barrassed! I was quite im pressed by the television series "W ho W rote The New Testam ent?"when it aired on SBS recently but I'm unsure whethe r the TV show [a pparentlym ade with advice from the Bible Society] is related to the book of the sam ena m e.
Hey, sorry to sign so suddenly again, but I was just reading this recent entry ofyours and you m entioned the Gene sian Theatre productio n of 'Lear'. well, oneof m y high-school dram a teachers was Regan (to the best of m y recollection) inthat! I was so surprised (last night I found out another of m y dram a teachersha d directed a few shows for m y Uni), I just had to sign again! :) Howdy. Did you sign m y Dream book ? Anyways, it's nice to m eet you. I'm also Aussie, and very pro-Latham . (He's aW estie, lik e m e!) Are you in the Sydney area? If you are, you should go see thisplay called CMI/A Certain Maritim e Incident. It's a ll about the Senate inquiry ofthe "C hildren Overboard" thing, and it's fascina ting stuff.
W ednesday, March 31st 2004 - 10:30:57 AM Pe ter Ustinov was a unique person. Sounds trite, but it was certainly true. I m et him when he was out here for UNICEF once, and he was invariably "a niceguy" to everyone he m et. W e need m ore people lik e him , not less.
(RE: Mar. 14. ) ye ah, I'm no t sure if that is a good or a bad thing.
Nice to see (a) a fellow Australian, (b) som eone else who lik es ABC radio, and(c) som eone who isn't an Am erican schoolgirl! Tuesday, February 24th 2004 - 08:55:03 PM I passcoded alum inium so I could use d-x with Stage Five English. Do you stillwa nt to read? Em ail m e if you need a passcode :) As always a joy to walk through your pages. Your vie ws and writing are refreshingto read, always som ething to look forward to! Thank s, Antony, though this one is free too. So far it work s, and I do quite lik eit, but I will think about it :-) I can offer you a better solution for guest book , free.


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Digest of an article titled “Major Adventures by Niche Chemical Companies”One of the largest coal-fired boilers in the Tohoku Region (Northeastern part of Japan’smain island), standing 40 meters high in Kureha’s Iwaki Factory, was swaying fromside to side. Pieces of metal were falling down to the ground, steam was blowing outfrom broken pipes and the large stack seemed to collapse at a

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