Level 10, 155 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Medication Competency
This Medication competency paper has been designed to assess Registered Nurses
and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses on their competency in relation to the calculation and
the safe administration of medications.
Every institution will have its own policies and guidelines in place for the safe
administration of medications; such as calculating correct dosages and correct IV drip
rates, this paper aims to assess these competencies. Nurses must make themselves
aware of the current policies and practices pertaining to each institution they are
working in.

Prior to administering any medications remember the 5 R’s
Right Patient
Right Drug
Right Dose
Right Route
Right Time
Strength Required Volume of stock
Volume Required = --------------------- x ----------------------
Stock Strength 1
Volume (ml) x drops / ml
Drip rate (dpm) = -------------------------------
Time (hours) x 60
When using the above formula ensure you use the correct value for the giving set you
are going to use. Drip sets come in 20 drops/ml, 15 drops/ml or 60 drops/ml. Check
the packaging before you begin calculating.
Macro Set = 20dpmL
Micro Set = 60dpmL
Volume (ml) = Rate (ml/hour) x Time (hours)
Volume (ml)
Time (hours) = ---------------
Rate (ml/hour)
Mg 1000 (conversion to mcg) 1
Mcg/kg/min = -------- x --------------------------------- x -------------------------
Volume 60 (minutes) kg (patient weight)
Multiply Hours x 60(minutes in an hour = time in minutes)
1 gram = 1,000 milligrams
1 milligram = 1000 micrograms

For the calculations below please show all your workings.
1, Give 5mg morphine from a 2ml ampoule containing 10mg.
A) 1ml
B) 0.5mls
C) 2 mls
2, A patient is ordered 80 units of a drug, which is dispensed as 50 units per ml.
How much will be given?
3, Ampicillin 500mg is ordered. What volume will be given from a vial reconstituted to 1gm in 10mls? 4, To administer pethidine 75mg from an ampoule of 100mg in 2ml, how much will be given? 5, Give 600mg of penicillin from an ampoule containing 1200mg in 10ml?
For the calculations below please show all your workings.

6, Administer 100mls fluid over a 30min period using a macro giving set delivering
20 drops per millilitre?
A) 100 drops per B) 67 drops per minute C) 30 drops per minute 7, Administer 100mls IV fluid over one hour using a micro giving set? A) 60 drops per minute micro set 60drops/ml B) 50 drops per minute C) 100 drops per minute 8, Administer 30mls fluid over 30mins using a micro giving set? A) 60 drops a minute B) 100 drops per minute C) 30 drops per minute 9, How many mls per hour will an infusion pump be set to deliver 1 litre over 8 hours? 10, Your patient is ordered 0.125mg of Digoxin. The stock strength is 250mcg in 1 tablet. Calculate the number of tablets required. Calculate the volume required for administration.
For the calculations below please show all your workings.

11, Your patient is ordered 750mg of Ciprofloxacin orally. Stock strength is 500mg
tablets. How many tablets should be given?
12, Your patient has been started on Warfarin. The dose required is 8mg. Tablets
come as 1, 2 and 5mg. How many tablets are required, include their individual
13, What drip rate is required to deliver 500ml of whole blood over a 4hour period
assuming the giving set delivers 15 drops per ml?
14, Administer 50mls fluid in a 15min period using a macro giving set
A) 67 drops per minute B) 100 drops per minute C) 80 drops per minute 15, A child weighing 36kg is to have 15mg/kg/day of a specific medication. Calculate the amount of medication the child will require per day.



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