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Across the Pool

About the story
For the English language learner
Yasmin is very proud of herself when she swims across Make comparisons between the story and learning the pool for the first time. Children who recall their own English. Use a Venn Diagram to compare how efforts when they accomplished a new skill will Yasmin’s efforts are like their own. Ask questions, "How is it/she/they alike/different?" Creating the atmosphere
Pages 14–16 Talk about the pleasure Yasmin
Reread Swimming with a Dragon. Encourage felt when her effort was recognized by her children to recall occasions when they have teacher and friends. Have children talk about succeeded at something that was difficult to master. Encourage them to talk about their feelings of excitement and accomplishment.
Going beyond the story
Focusing on the story
• Discuss how this story could be written from • Cover Read the title. Discuss the cover and
Yasmin’s point of view. Write the first part of the story together, and then ask children to • Pages 2–5 Ask children to read these pages to
• Have children write about a skill they had to swim across the pool. This directed reading for work at until they were successful. Talk about what they did to learn the skill and how they felt when they were finally successful.
Pages 6–7 Talk about the skills taught during
swimming instruction. Discuss the need forpractice when learning a new skill.
Pages 8–11 Applaud the motivation that
encouraged Yasmin to have another try. makesure that children understand that turning herhead to take in air was the new skill that she • Discuss how to write a retelling of the story.
had to master. Discuss the gradual mastery of skill development, e.g., a baby’s first steps, • Cut out cards 4 in × 6 in. Invite children to • Pages 12–13 Discuss Yasmin’s
write positive statements on the cards about disappointment when she thinks no one has the accomplishments of others in the class or group. Make sure that every child receives acard. Use stickers or stars to decorate them.
Read the messages aloud.
Developing specific skills
• Examine beginnings: another, along, across, ahead.
• Link new words from known: swim, swimming,
Using the blackline master
• Demonstrate how to use the text to find • Review word endings: often, children.
information. Have children practice this skill.
• Discuss compound words: sometimes, someone, • Encourage children to talk about things they have Rigby PM Plus Teacher’s Guide: Turquoise Level Name __________________________ Date ______________ Yasmin could swim across the pool because she ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Blackline Master 2 Swimming Across the Pool Rigby, 2001.
Rigby PM Plus Teacher’s Guide: Turquoise Level This page may be photocopied for educational use within the purchasing institution.

Source: http://rigby.hmhco.com/HA/correlations/pdf/p/pmp_turq_pool.pdf


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Chapter 5: sample problems for homework, class or exams

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