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Tanzania & Mt. Kilimanjaro
Adventure Philanthropy Expedition
What to Pack | What not to Pack
Below are suggestions on what to bring and not bring to maximize your pleasure and minimize your pain and suffering, including hernia caused by lugging a needlessly overstuffed pack. These are suggestions and reminders, not mandates. But we hope you’l careful y consider what you real y need (i.e., what you wil actual y wear and use) versus what you want “just to be safe.” In other words, please pack smartly.

Provided Gear
• Sleeping pads
• Cooking gear & eating utensils
• Trip leader expedition First Aid Kit
• Service project tools and materials
Travel Documents
• Passport with 6 months validity
• Visa
• Airline tickets
• International health card with immunizations
• Color copies of al of the above
• List of important numbers
• Copy of travel insurance
• A large backpack for your gear & clothing
• A duffel bag or second pack to leave clothing/gear you don't need to carry up
the mountain (we'l leave this at the hotel in Moshi). • A comfortable daypack with a waist strap (you’l appreciate that waist strap after you’ve been carrying it al day!) • A money belt that goes inside your waistband, to carry passport, money and other valuable paper items on your person at al times roadmonkey  adventure  philanthropy          |          +1-­‐323-­‐924-­‐8351          |          [email protected]   Camping Gear
• Sleeping bag (rated 0-10°F)
• If you sleep cold: a silk or other type of lightweight warm sleeping bag liner
Remember: Fight the natural urge to over pack! You’l be glad you did.
General rule is, figure out the clothing you think you’l need, and then pack roughly half. This is not a comprehensive list, obviously, but a reminder of items to consider. • Rain-resistant outer shel , with room for warm layers underneath • Warm synthetic or down jacket • Warm windproof gloves • A balaclava (i.e., a face/neck mask or covering) • Thermal underwear, top and bottom • Lightweight, long-sleeved shirts • T-shirts or tank tops, at least one lightweight and quick drying • Lightweight pants for work days • Hiking pants • Socks – wool or synthetic • Liner socks (ie, a socks layer that wil keep cold-footed people warm) • Underwear that remains comfortable during hours of work & activity • Sun hat or bil ed cap, for shade and sun relief • Fleece or wool hat (rated for 32°F/0°C) • Wool or fleece gloves/mittens – waterproof • Bathing suit • One or two bandanas – the most underrated piece of travel clothing • Knee-length gaiters, for the hike down from the summit over shin-deep scree roadmonkey  adventure  philanthropy          |          +1-­‐323-­‐924-­‐8351          |          [email protected]   Footwear
• Already-broken-in, comfortable, high-ankle, waterproof hiking boots
• One sturdy pair of open-air sandals or flip-flops

åGear Accessories
• Col apsible trekking poles (for the long hike down the mountain)
• Smal , compressible camp pil ow
• A water bottle 1 liter or larger
• Comfortable sunglasses (that stay on when you’re sweaty) and retainer strap
• A high-quality, high-beam headlamp with extra batteries
(NOTE: There wil be a 7-hour summit climb that begins at midnight) • Smal travel towel • Energy bars and powdered drinks • Two large trash bags to cover packs in rain Toiletries & personal supplies
• Smal bag containing: toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and soap
• Contact lens solution, case and backup pair
• Eyeglasses and hard shel eyeglass container
• Shaving supplies
• Feminine hygiene products
• Sunscreen and lip balm (SPF 15 or higher)
• Insect repel ant
• Moist wet-wipes and/or anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
• Personal rol of TP – because you never know
• Ear plugs and eye shade
• Sleep aids that work for you
• Anti-snoring aids (you don’t want to keep your tent mate up all night, do you?)
• Prescription medication
• Personal & compact first-aid kit containing the fol owing:
- Smal bottle of Ibuprofen or aspirin - Neosporin ointment - Gauze rol and surgical tape, for smal cuts/rashes - A few Band-Aids (or plasters, for you British/Canadian types) - A personal supply of foil-enclosed alcohol swabs - An elastic Ace bandage (1 meter long), to support any light sprain - Anti-diarrhea pil s (Imodium or the like) - Sore muscle cream (Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, or something similar) • A pee bottle if you wish – if you’d rather not leave the tent during frigid nights roadmonkey  adventure  philanthropy          |          +1-­‐323-­‐924-­‐8351          |          [email protected]   Other Accessories
• Travel alarm
• Sealable plastic bags for:
- Inside your money belt, to keep your passport and money other papers dry - Cel phones, electronics, books and papers inside your day pack if you’re • Cameras, lenses, film/memory cards, spare batteries • Chargers and extra batteries for cel phones, cameras, etc. • An engaging book, a journal, an ipod, a Frisbee or whatever it takes to occupy yourself during any unforeseen downtimes Other items to consider
• Please remember to pack items such as your passport, money, eyewear, a
change of clothing, and medications in your carry-on baggage, in case your luggage is delayed. • While cotton is comfortable under certain conditions, it isn’t a good partner on expeditions like this one. Please pack synthetics and quick drying clothing such as Capilene or Thermax. • Laundry wil be difficult to do while during the trekking portion of our adventure but you may be able to hand wash a few quick drying items. • USD in cash, in crisp, non-worn in $100 bil s, to exchange into T-shil ings, and smal er denominations of USD for tips to our expedition guides, porters and cook. We recommend that you bring enough USD to cover a personal emergency and any gift/gear/incidental purchases you choose to make. • At least one international y accepted credit card. (NOTE: if your ATM card PIN is more than 4 digits, it wil not work in Tanzania, or most other countries. You should change it to four digits.) • At least one ATM card linked to as many cash networks as possible. What NOT to bring
• Oversized luggage or luggage too heavy for you to carry on your own
• More than two pairs of shoes (not including flip-flops)
• Expensive jewelry and electronics
• Any special care clothing
• Anything that you would be devastated to lose, break, have stolen or
• Unnecessary gadgets and personal items, including but not limited to: - tent - water filtration system (iodine or chem tablets or lightweight SteriPen are ok) roadmonkey  adventure  philanthropy          |          +1-­‐323-­‐924-­‐8351          |          [email protected]   - large (read: heavy) bottles of shampoo, hair gel, etc. - superfluous grooming products - laptop computer (if you have a PDA phone, that should do it) - cotton clothing that is neither warm nor quick drying. In Summary
When packing travel essentials, consider worst-case scenarios: You lose your
passport (got color copies?); you get a stomach virus (Imodium?); you get eaten
by mosquitos or stung (after-bite?); you get lost (highly unlikely, but do you have
your group leader’s cel number in your money belt?).
Any questions? Feel free to give us a cal should you have any questions regarding the packing list. roadmonkey  adventure  philanthropy          |          +1-­‐323-­‐924-­‐8351          |          [email protected]  


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