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TEXT Aspirin Danger Wonder-drug it may be, but aspirin is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Doctors have warned for years that if children take aspirin they risk developing a serious, sometimes fatal condition called Reye’s syndrome. But despite their warnings, a recent research project showed that when children under 12 are given painkillers, one in six has an aspirin. Parents beware! (Newsweek) 1 – A aspirina não é recomendada para crianças com menos de 12 anos de idade porque: A) Já está provado que a aspirina detém o desenvolvimento intelectual das crianças. B) Elas podem correr o risco de ter seu desenvolvimento mental interrompido C) Já se provou que a aspirina contém substâncias que prejudicam o desenvolvimento das crianças. D) Elas se arriscam a contrair uma doença séria, às vezes fatal. E) Elas correm o risco de se tornarem dependentes dos compostos químicos da aspirina. 2 – A pesquisa mencionada no texto mostrou que: A) Uma em cada seis crianças toma aspirina, mas muito raramente. B) Uma em cada doze crianças toma aspirina, mas muito raramente. C) A aspirina é o analgésico mais consumido por crianças. D) 60% das crianças com menos de 12 anos tomam aspirina regularmente. E) Uma em cada seis crianças toma aspirina. Mr. Smith gave his wife one hundred dollars for her birthday. Two days later, Mrs. Smith went shopping. She looked for a taxi, but no one appeared. So, she joined the long line at the bus stop. When the bus arrived, she got on and sat down next to an old lady. After some time she noticed that the old lady’s handbag was open. Inside the bag she saw a roll of notes exactly like the ones her husband had given her. She quickly looked into her own bag – the notes had gone. Mrs. Smith was sure that the old lady had stolen them. She didn’t want to call the police because she disliked making a scene. So she decided to take back the money from the old lady’s handbag. She looked around the bus, then she carefully put her hand into the old lady’s bag, took the notes, and put them in her own bag. When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful hat that she had bought. “How did you pay for it,dear?” he asked. “With the money you gave me for my birthday, of course”, she answered. “Oh, what’s that then?” he asked pointing to a roll of notes on the table. Mrs. Smith looked at the money and fell to the floor. She fainted A) Few people D) some old ladies B) A lot of people E) a few children C) Only one lady 4- Choose the correct alternative: On the bus Mrs. Smith sat: A) Near a little girl D) next to a policeman B) Behind an old woman E) beside an old woman C) In front of a little girl Asked why he had decided to leave the hospital a few moments before his operation was due to
start, Mr. Kevin Heatherton said: “I was lying down waiting for the anaesthesic when two
surgeons began to argue about who was going to do the work. Seconds later one hit the other
with his fist and they started to fight. As they struggled with each other on the floor of the
operation theatre I slipped away.”
5- (PUC-RJ) O paciente Kevin Heatherton deixou o hospital antes de sua operação porque:
A) Discutiu com um dos médicos
B) Houve uma briga entre os médicos
C) Os médicos se atrasaram
D) Queria ir ao teatro
E) Tinha medo de anestesia
6- (PUC-RJ) O termo ONE (em “Seconds later ONE hit the other.”) refere-se a:
A) Anaesthesic
B) Fight
C) Hospital
D) Surgeon
E) Work



FINAL PROGRAM Friday April 19th, 2013 14:00 Herbert Frank (Tulln, Austria) 14:10 – 15:00 Session I IMAGING PROTOCOLS Chair: Herbert Frank (Tulln, Austria) Udo Hoffmann (Boston, USA) State of the art CT Image Protocols and Postprocessing Koen Nieman (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) State of the art CMR Image Protocols and Postprocessing Holg

CHAPTER II CRITERIA FOR SETTING STANDARDS FOR SOFT DRINKS, FRUIT JUICE AND OTHER BEVERAGES SOFT DRINKS (CARBONATED WATER/SWEETENED AERATED WATER) 2.1 According to the PFA Act 1945, “A01.01—CARBONATED WATER means potable waterimpregnated with carbon dioxide under pressure and may contain any of the following singlyor in combination. Sugar, liquid glucose, dextrose monohydrate, inve

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