This document specifies the eligibility conditions for the RENOVA PACK
CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria (CXI) rental property offer and the promotion linked to this offer.
CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria will give a package of services to the first 50 tenants who participate in the promotion. CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria has the following conditions Only persons signing the rent contract as a tenant may be- for rent contracts signed on or after 13/11/2013 and
nefit from these conditions and only for a single rent con- until 31/1/2014. The properties in this CatalunyaCaixa
Inmobiliaria promotion will be those listed on the CX Inmobiliaria website, that are in- • Services in the Renova Pack: a tenant who enters the
dicated as being in the Make an Offer campaign and are promotion will be entitled to benefit from the following ser- not identified on the website as a property not eligible for . 8 hours of a painter at home.
2 months’ rent free.
. Cleaning a flat up to 100 m2, cleaning blinds, windows
The tenant of the property will not have to pay two months of the agreed price for the rented property. However, they . Heating maintenance including setting the thermostat
will have to pay initial contract costs, namely the deposit, estate agency fees and one month’s rent in advance.
. Installing a boiler to replace the old one or assembling air
conditioning units with 3 metres of installation (units not Service charge and property tax.
The tenant will not have to pay the service charge and pro-perty tax which will be paid by CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria.
• Requirements for applying for the Renova Pack: all
tenants are eligible to apply for the pack who have signed a
1 month deposit.
new rent contract with CXI for one of the properties in the CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria will only ask for 1 month’s rent promotion from the beginning of the campaign. The promo- as a deposit which will be returned when the rent contract tion is limited to the first 50 eligible applications.
• How can you apply for the Renova Pack? After sig-
ning the rent contract, the tenant may apply online at the
20% discount on home insurance.
following URL: or www.puestaa- CatalunyaCaixa offers tenants a 20% discount on the current price of home insurance although they are not required to take out such insurance. Discount valid for CatalunyaCaixa . Tenants must fill in a form to request the services and
customers who pay rent through a CX account or rent a CXI state their personal details and the signed rent contract.
. CatalunyaCaixa Inmobiliaria will check to make sure they
meet all the requirements of the promotion and are one Policies taken out through CatalunyaCaixa Mediació, Opera- of the first 50 tenants to have applied for the pack.
dor de Banca-Assegurances Vinculat, SL. Registered in the . Once it has been confirmed that the tenant meets all the
Special Admin. Reg. of Art. 52 of Act 26/2006 with no. OV- conditions they will then be sent an email with personal 0029. It has arranged liability insurance and has sufficient codes and the instructions to redeem them for each of the financial capacity pursuant to the Act. Spanish Tax Iden- services, for painting, for DIY and for cleaning, with Be- tification Number: B-58812074. Insurer: CatalunyaCaixa llaidea. These codes can be activated independently and at different times depending on the needs of the tenant within a maximum period of 2 years from activation of the pack.
Validity of the conditions
These benefits apply only under the conditions listed below and when the new rent contract:
• Has been signed between 13/11/2013 and 31/1/2014, both inclusive.
• Expressly indicates that the customer is participating in the rental promotion set out in this document.
• In the case of the Renova Pack, it will only be valid for the first 50 eligible applications.



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