Thank you for your purchase. Please read the User´s Manual carefully before using the device. The User´s Manual contains important information on operating the device, its safety and maintenance, and must be considered as a part of the equipment. If any of the information included in the Manual is incomprehensible, please contact the manufacturer of the device. Unsuitable use and improper handling may lead to damage of the device. Retain the Manual for future reference. PRODUCT APPLICATION
Somatex is a device which can reliably eliminate and then completely remove the undesired effects of geopathogenic, pathogenic
and psychosomatic zones, water crosses, Curry and Hartmann lines including electrosmog and heavy metals.The Somatex device
has been constructed after conducting years of research and testing. It has been tested and verified by both experts in natural
sciences, and by operators of diagnostic-therapeutic centres working with devices such as the Time Waver, Bicom, Life-
System, and the Inergetics CoRe
.The Somatex device also removes other negative influences that affect physical and spiritual
health, for Somatex is able to perfectly harmonize the body and soul. It harmonizes relationships in the family and enhances the
metabolism and sleep. It is important for cleansing at home as well as in the professional environment. Somatex has a range with a
radius of 50 m, which creates a sphere around the device with radiation pervading the walls of the building in the same way as the
negative influence of geopathic zones.

The Somatex model range comprises Harmony, Harmonie and Harmony White.
Somatex Harmony removes all the undesirable effects of all types of geopathic zones, water vein crossings and Curry and
Hartmann Lines, which helps to activate the regenerative process in the human body, as well as in animals close by.
Somatex Quantum is a stronger version of the Somatex Harmony, suitable for places frequented by more than 50 people per day,
convenient for bioresonance centres, massage, cosmetic and other salons, shops and companies, all of which provide us withvery
positive feedback.
Somatex Harmonie is based on the functions of Somatex Harmony and is supplemented with frequencies for the extermination
of parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould, which are removed within one to three months due to a non-chemical process of
Somatex Atlantik modifies the structure, properties and energy potential of water.

Somatex Quantum
Somatex Harmony Somatex Harmonie
Somatex Atlantik
Unpack the device and plug into a wall socket with a voltage of 230V (110V for U.S. states with the use of an adaptor); the control
diodes on the sides of the device illuminate. Do not turn the device off, the working voltage is 3V and electricity consumption is
minimal. There is nothing to adjust on the device or the power source.
Harmony, Harmonie and Quantum model: Place the device preferably in the centre of a flat or a building. You will feel the
effect after the first three hours; the premises will be totally cleansed within 21 days depending on the degree of pathogenicity of
the zones and the age of the building erected in such zones.
Atlantik model: The device is located under the last part of a water filter. If you install it on the main inlet of your property’s
water main , it is necessary to do so under the plastic pipe at a maximum distance of 15 cm. It is recommended to consult the
manufacturer regarding the most suitable method of installation. It is also possible to use it for a one-time water treatment in
glass or plastic containers which are to be left above the Somatex for 20 minutes, at a maximum distance of 20 cm. There must be
no metal obstacle between the Somatex Atlantik and the container, which should have only been previously used for non-
carbonated pure water.

Depending on the degree of pathogenicity of the premises or organisms, adaptation problems may appear over a period of few days. Somatex Harmony have four LEDs on the side, two blue and two violet ones. Somatex Atlantik have four blue LEDs. Somatex Harmonie and Quantum have six LEDs on the side, blue and violet ones alternately, therefore various colour intensities may appear. MAINTENANCE
The device requires minimal maintenance. The device itself may be wiped with a fine cloth. Do not use liquid detergents because there is a risk of penetration into the device. ATTENTION
The device is not a medical tool and does not substitute medical care!
The body of Somatex devices is made of glass, caution is therefore required! Always place the device on a stable and flat location with no risk of shaking or heavy wind. In the event of falling, injury could occur, or the device could be damaged. Protect the device from frost or sudden changes of temperature. Protect the device from extreme temperatures. Protect the device from direct sunlight. Do not immerse the device in water. Keep the device out of the reach of children. Protect the device from falling, impact or any mechanical damage. Somatex cannot be placed under beds where people sleep, which also applies to places on different floors in a family house or duplex flat. DEVICE COMPONENTS
• paper case of the device • Somatex device • power source adaptor AC 230V, 50 – 60Hz / DC 3V * or 110V / DC 3V for American states • User´s Manual TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Input voltage: DC 3V Dimensions of the device: height: 55 mm, width: 110 mm Weight of the device: 1.0 to 1.3 kg, depending on the model ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION:
Upon final removal from operation (at the end of the life of the device), remember to respect the concern for environmental
protection, and recycling possibilities. Respect valid environmental regulations.
Somatex 2013 s.r.o.
Máchova 1, 410 02 Lovosice
Company Identity No. (IČ): 24689173
Orders and questions:
[email protected]

The warranty period for the device is 24 months. The warranty applies solely to faults in material, functional faults or faults originating in production. Faults caused by improper handling, mechanical damage and force majeure (lightning, earthquakes, etc.) are not covered by warranty. The warranty also does not cover faults caused by unprofessional or careless handling and usage not in accordance to the manufacturer´s instructions. The warranty also does not extend to damages incurred by natural disasters, voltage spikes in the building´s mains, forceful damage, and also mechanical damage of the device, e.g. by fall or such as displaying unwarranted manipulation with the device. The device is functional and effective for a minimum period of five years. Maintenance repairs are done exclusively by the manufacturer of the device. Somatex device, type and S/N. . ……………………. Date of sale: Signature of manufacturer (retailer) :


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