Department of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria University Hospitals, Alexandria, Egypt.
Current Job:
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria University School of

Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt.
Previous Job:
Fellow, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center,

Stanford, CA,
Medical Career:
Medical School Alexandria University,
Egypt Date of entry October 1979

Date of qualification November 1985 with general grade very good with honors.
Medical Student Electives:
1) Summer 1981 Universsitia di Pisa, Dipartimento di Radioterapia, Italy
2) Summer 1983 Buffalo General hospital, Department of Clinical Cardiology,
Buffalo, NY, USA
Received a Merit Award from the UICC (International Union Against Cancer) Ý
(UICC) Ýon September 1999. The awarded project dealing with the frameless
cyberknife stereotactic irradiation in primary and metastatic brain tumor. I select to
do this project in Stanford University at the department of Radiation Oncology .
Received a Merit Award for the best presentation in, ICRO'97, June 5 -7, 1997,
Beijing, China. "Radiation Response Modifier in Bilharzial Bladder Cancer" .
Received a Merit Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
at the 1996 Annual Meeting (Philadelphia).
Alexandria University Scholarship Award, 1993
Outstanding Histology Student, 1982

1) MB .ch. B, Alexandria University, Egypt 1985, with general grade very good
with honors.
2) Masters Degree in Clinical Oncology (Alexandria University) after 3 years residency
program and a thesis. The subject of the Master Degree Thesis was ( Indication of Bone
scan and X-ray densitometer in Breast cancer) 1987-1990.
3) Fellowship in Stanford University , Department of Radiation Oncology 1994-1996.
The Doctorate degree thesis done at Stanford under the supervision of professor Dr. J.
Martin Brown, dealing with Radiation response modifier in cancer.
4) Doctorate Thesis in Radiotherapy/ Oncology from Alexandria University in
June 1997.
5) Complete Doctorate degree in Radiotherapy/ Oncology from Alexandria
University in 1998.
Registration with General Medical Council:
Date of full registration March 3, 1987
Hospital Appointments Prior to Clinical Oncology Training:
March 1986-March 1987: House Officer, Alexandria University Hospitals, Egypt.
March 1987-October 1987 General Practitioner, Damanhour Educational Hospital.
Training in Clinical Oncology to the Master Degree:
Resident in Clinical Oncology commencing October 1987, Alexandria University
Hospitals, Egypt. The center with the 2 private centers affiliated to it are equipped with
2 linear accelerators with a variety of photon and electron energies, 3 telecobalt units, 2
simulators, low dose rate afterloading and a mold room with one operating room inside
the department.
MDR and HDR remote afterloading systems are ready to work soon. There is a dedicated chemotherapy clinic with specialist nursing and pharmacy support. The department is staffed by 26 full-time academic clinical oncologist , 6 residents and 3 fellows. It is organized in tumour site groups which are responsible for the development and audit of treatment policies , education and research programs with the cooperation of pathological and surgical oncologists. Each year, over 4000 new patients and 10,000 follow up patients are seen in consultation by members of the department. The department has 59 in-patient beds and a large out-patient clinic area . The residency program (3-years) in Clinical Oncology Department (Alexandria University) covers all aspects of medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiation physics, radiobiology & nuclear medicine. Training emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to the management of cancer. The formal teaching program includes 10 weekly hours of teaching sessions and departmental conferences. During the three years residency program, I was assigned to a series of approximately 3-month rotations whereby I worked one-to-one with one of the attending physician. In addition I participated in teaching courses and departmental conferences; These include: * Clinical Radiation Oncology lecture: bimonthly * Radiation Physics course: weekly * Radiobiology lecture course: weekly * Brachytherapy conferences: monthly * New patient presentation: daily * Treatment options conferences: weekly * Problem case presentation: weekly * Medical Oncology lecture course: bimonthly * Journal club: monthly As part of the master's degree, I completed a 3-year project in the management of bone metastasis in collaboration with three of the attending staff. In December 1990, I started a post position as an Assistant Lecturer which has both teaching and research responsibility. From December 1990 -October 1994, I started a research project for my Doctorate Degree which dealing with the radiation enhancement of Nicotinamide and Carbogen breathing in locally advanced cancer bladder patients. During the same period, in addition to my main project, I collaborated in other studies as: *The role of Navelbin and 5FU in locally advanced cancer breast. *Preoperative Epirubcin in locally advanced cancer bladder. *The role of consolidation hemibody irradiation in Multiple Myeloma. * Carboplatin as a radiosensitiser in hyper fractionated irradiation of
Membership of Professional & Social organization:
* American Society of Radiation Oncology (Active member) * American Society of Clinical Oncology (Active member) * Egyptian Society of Radiology * Egyptian Cancer Society * Egyptian Society of Pediatric Oncology * Meditranian Rotary.
Description of Stanford Fellowship
From October 24th 1994 to November 1, 1996; Fellow, Department of
Radiation Oncology, Stanford University, California.
This was a full time position of fellowship status which was divided between basic and
clinical research. It also has a strong educational component with frequent lectures,
seminars and journal clubs. The center has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in
the treatment of lymphomas and prostate carcinoma and I received a considerable
amount of teaching in these areas. In addition I received training in techniques not
available in many Egyptian centers, including stereotactic radiotherapy, intraoperative
radiotherapy, interstitial & intracavitary implantation, HDR treatment and the use of
mulileaf collimators, dynamic wedges and 3- D treatment planning. Besides attending
the weekly stereotactic clinic with Dr. Adler, I received one-month training for the new
frameless stereotactic Cyberknife (Neurtron 1000) in both Stanford and Accuray
company. In Stanford, there is a strong emphasis in multidisciplinary treatment,
particularly in the treatment of lymphomas, head & neck cancers , breast and lung
carcinoma. In many cases treatment strategies are determined at "tumor boards" where
surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist discuss
cases at length. I collaborated in most of these tumor boards especially the head & neck
tumor board in which I was selecting the candidate patient for my study of measuring
the pO2 inside the metastatic lymph node with the pO2 eppendorf histograph and
correlate the data with the radiation and / or chemotherapy response. From May 1996, I
collaborated with Dr. Pinto (medical oncology) and Dr. Terris (Head & neck surgery)
in a randomized phase II trial of Tirapazamine (hypoxic cell killer) and radiotherapy or
radio-chemotherapy in advanced squamous head and neck cancer. During the same
period I did many basic researches dealing with the radiation enhancement of
Tirapazamine on FaDu tumor (hypopharyngeal carcinoma) and HT29 (colon
carcinoma). In addition I did a comparison of the radiation enhancement of
Tirapazamine and Nicotinamide with Carbogen in terms of regrowth delay and cell
survival assay. I did also a study on the effect of tirapazamine as a modifier of the
antitumor activity of DTIC in human melanoma. As my interest is not only in radiation
oncology but also in medical oncology, I colaborated in many medical oncology tumor
boards and I attended many chemoembolization procedure for both primary and
metastatic liver disease with the intervention radiologists.
Publications and abstracts:
Elsaid, A.; Gouda, Y.; Noman, M. Role of bone scan in the diagnosis and management of bone metastasis. Alexandria medical bulletin, 34: 46-50, 1991. 2) Poster, S.O.M.P.S., Paris, France February 6th-9th, 1996. Abstract # 79. A. Elsaid, J.M.Brown. Tirapazamine as a hypoxic cell Killer. 3) Poster, Radiation Research Society (RRS), 44 Annual meeting, April 14-17, 1996, Chicago. Abstract #P06-108. Amr Elsaid; D. Menke; M.J.Dorie; J.M.Brown. Carbogen and Nicotinamide with fractionated irradiation of human tumor xenografts. 4) Poster, ASCO, 32 Annual meeting, May 18-21, 1996, Philadelphia. Abstract #1662. A. Elsaid; J.M.Brown. Study comparing the effect of fractionated irradiation and TPZ with and without CBG and NAM on human tumor. 5) Poster, ASTRO, 38 Annual meeting, in Los Angeles, October 27-30, 1996. Amr El-said; D. Menke; MJ. Dorie; J.M.Brown. Optimum time of giving Tirapazamine during the course of irradiation. 6) Abstract 1814, ASCO, 33 Annual meeting, May 17-20, 1997, Denver, Colorado. Anti-melanoma activity of Tirapazamine in combination with Dacarbazine (DTIC). Amr Elsaid, D. Menke, MJ. Dorie; J.M.Brown. 7) Poster, ICRO'97, June 5-7, 1997, Beijing, China. Radiation Response Modifier in Bilharzial Bladder Cancer. Amr Elsaid, Hussien Eid, Anwar Mikhail, Laila M. Mahmoud. 8) Poster, the 101st meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, September 7-10, 1997 in San Francisco, CA. Amr El-Said, M. Adam, EC Gabalski and DJ Terris. 'Oxygen tenison measurements of head and neck cancers'. 9) Yasser Elbana, Samir Assaad, Shaban Elassal and Amr Elsaid. Endocrine dysfunction after multimodal treatment of brain tumors. E.J.N.S Vol 13, No. 1: 119-124. 1998. 10) Poster, ASTRO, 40ÝAnnual meeting, of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology in Arizona (October 25-29/98). Sucralfate with pelvic radiotherapy: Sense or nonsense? Amr Elsaid, MD. Shaban Elassal, MD. 11) Markus Adam, Edward Gabalaski, Daniel Bloch, John Oehlert, J. Martin Brown, Amr Elsaid, Harlan Pinto, David Terris. Tissue oxygen distribution in head and neck cancer patients. Head and neck March 1999. 146-153. 12) Amr Elsaid, Douglas Menke, Mary Jo Dorie, J. Martin Brown. Comparison of the effectiveness of Tirapazamine and Carbogen with Nicotinamide in Enhancing the Response of a human Tumor Xenograft to Fractionated Irradiation. Radiation Oncology Investigations 7: 163-169 (1999). 13) Oral presentation. European School of Oncology (ESO) & Third Alexandria Oncology Conference (ACOD). Alexandria (10/13-15/1999). Immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy; Freind or Foe? Amr Elsaid, Abass Omar. 14) Bulletin of high Institute of public Health Vol. 29 No 4, 1999 Level Of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor In Breast Cancer Patients 15) Poster presentation. ASCO-PANARAB conference on Malignant Lymphoma. Cairo (11/9-11/1999). BONE MARROW ANGIOGENESIS IN PATIENTS WITH HAEMATOLOGICAL MALIGNANCIES: ROLE OF VEGF. Manal Elsorady, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Ashraf Elghandour. Magdy M. Elbodini, Akram Deghidi, and Amr A. Elsaid. 16) Oral presentation. Second Joint conference between NCI (Cairo) and MD. Anderson (USA). Cairo (11/17-18/1999). Update in role of Sucralfate with pelvic radiotherapy. Amr Elsaid, Shaban Elassal. 17) Abstract 1422, ASCO, 36 Annual meeting, May 20-23, 2000, New Orleans, LA. Cytotoxicity profile of Gemcitabine in Elderly Patients. Amr A. Elsaid, H. Khled, R. Gaafar, H.Abdelazim. 18) Adjuvant therapy in breast cancer. Fact or fiction? Educational lecture in the 36 international meeting of plastic surgery, September 12-15, 2000, Alexandria, Egypt. 19)25th European Society For Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress, Hamburg, Germany, 13-17 October 2000, Annals Of Oncology Vol. 11, Supplement 4, 2000 . 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Voluntary inspiration breath-hold for left sided breast irradiation: Heart and lung doses; Dosimetric comparison with free respiration Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy , Abstract Pan Arab Journal of Oncology vol 4; issue 4 | December 2011 . 42) Amr Abdelaziz, MD; Azza Helal, MD. Isocentre shift during radiotherapy to the
prostate in overweight and obese patients . Abstract Pan Arab Journal of Oncology
vol 4; issue 4 | December 2011 .
Career Plans:
I went to Stanford University to obtain clinical and research experience at an internationally recognized center of excellence and to experience a different approach to the management of cancer. After 1997, I used to visit Stanford University yearly for a month to keep myself on the cutting edge of all the oncologic management. Now, in Egypt, I started the ENT and Urology tumor board. More over, I am working regularly to start the new LDR and HDR brachytherapy microselectron. I am responsible for the department of oncology in Alexandria Armed forces Hospital. We have Seimens Linac with Lantis soft ware. I am responsible for the conformal radiotherapy and starting the IMRT therapy. Referees;
1) Dr. Youssry Gouda, Department of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria University
2) Dr. Assem Rostom, FRCR. Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK. 3) Dr. Hamed Tawfik. Iowa Cancer Center, Iowa. USA 4) Dr. J. Martin Brown, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford CA 94305 USA 5) Dr.Richard Hope, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University medical Center, Stanford CA 94305 USA 6) Dr. Michael Mac Manus, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford CA 94305 USA 7) Dr. D. Kapp, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford CA 94305 USA 8) Dr. Ahmed Badib, Department of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria University School of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt 10) Dr. Takehiro Inoue, Department of Radiation Oncology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.


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