Church letter (read-only)

from Glenn and Beth
July 6 2011
There are numerous problems and difficulties facing practices of many in the Ephesian church. It seems that the advance of the gospel here in Papua New Guinea – some believers continued practicing sorcery for some we’ve mentioned some of these in past letters. More time (possibly even up to two years!) before being recently the use of drugs is on the increase and is fast inwardly convicted of its inappropriateness (Acts 19). becoming a very serious matter. Many of you will We will never know if Paul knew this was going on and remember the sling-shot incident back in March (where was patiently waiting for real change to occur, or if it a group of young men took a shot at me as I went past was happening secretively without his knowledge. The on the motorbike, narrowly missing me and taking out reality was though, it was happening and it took some a light on the motorbike) – this was in part fuelled by drugs. While marijuana has been around for years, and What is particularly pleasing with the young man at has been credited with facilitating the purchase of high Tatagufa is that the effort to change has come from the powered weapons now used in tribal fights and wielded regular weekly teaching, not about the evils of drugs, but by criminal gangs on the roads and in the towns, it is about God’s great salvation in Jesus. He wants to now beginning to have much more widespread negative change in response to learning about God – not because we have cajoled him to change. Of course, we must not Many of the young men (although not confined to shy away from stating clearly what is and isn’t the young nor the men) smoke marijuana as regularly appropriate behaviour for a believer, as no doubt Paul as some would smoke cigarettes. In any culture this did at Ephesus, but it is also important to be patient, and causes great upheaval and disruption, fuelling crime, kind (empathetic), allowing God’s Word to make its life- family dysfunction, and many such social disorders. changing mark in their hearts, which then brings real and The tribal village is no exception. Addiction, therefore, is and will be a major problem for the new churches I hope you are encouraged by news of this man’s On the other side of the ledger we have been greatly encouraged with the efforts of at least one of our young men from the Tatagufa church. It probably Let me update you on some matters mentioned in a shows our age, for when we say “one of our young men” we actually mean a married man in his early Kimiagomo outreach.
thirties. He has claimed to be a Christian for some time now and has been working hard on many fronts. Please keep praying for this outreach work each We’re more and more convinced of the veracity of his week. Hainave and Rama, in particular, continue to welcome the preaching every Friday morning. We’re pleased that Rama’s husband, Jona, joins us at times. He For many years this young man has been growing is a local government official and is often away attending and smoking marijuana – since he was 10 or 12 years to his duties, but the few times he has been at home he old so we’ve been told. Recently, of his own initiative, has come along and has engaged with what has been he has destroyed his crop, burned all his seed so as not to be tempted to replant, and is trying to kick the habit. He is seven weeks into his “cold-turkey” and is We have found that it takes some time before going okay. Sleeping has been a problem for him, so people realise they are meant to listen and to think Beth is helping him with Phenergan, which he has found about what is being said. They have learned such bad habits from what has gone before that we have to work extra hard to engage them. Sadly some people just It is a very common idea that when someone don’t come again because they find it too strenuous to becomes a Christian everything obviously bad in their life changes quickly. Realistically it takes time for deep and lasting change to occur. Take for instance the evil The young people want all things to be fun so many from Glenn and Beth Calderwood July 2011 page 2
of them just don’t bother hanging around when I begin The wet-season.
speaking. They are happy to sit and listen when we are Back in March we expressed our concern about the just chatting together, but when we get serious about faltering wet season with its associated problems for the locals and their food gardens and how we might assist them should their crops fail. This scenario seems remote now since the normal heavy rains associated Women’s literacy.
with “the wet” have finally come – and stayed! July is As you know this has not been well attended since normally quite dry but this year we are still getting our return to PNG in January. Beth hopes to meet substantial rain. We are thankful that the drinking with all the women at Tatagufa this week-end to see if streams are running again and the food gardens we can work out a way ahead for them. If they could tell us why they are losing interest we may be able to do things that would help them persevere. Although, the bottom line is that it is plain hard work to learn to read as an adult, especially for those who have had no Some of you will already know that Beth and I will schooling whatsoever. It is not impossible for them, be travelling down to Australia soon for some medical issues attendant to a neck injury I sustained some time Literacy is, of course, important so they can read ago. Plans are for us to arrive into Newcastle July 22nd, the Scriptures for themselves and to be able to ward off travelling on to Sydney for July 26th appointments. We false teaching. Without good literacy skills throughout hope to return to PNG quickly, depending on what the congregation it is difficult to see how the church treatment will be required. In the meantime the churches at Avili and Tatagufa will work through a study book on the Psalms which we’ve prepared for them. Our safety is something which is continually on our minds here. The sling-shot incident has faded away, but we still have ongoing safety concerns. It is quite stressful for us living with this day in and day out. It is never far from our minds.



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