What is FastStart?
FastStartSM by Caremark helps you access valuable discounts through prescriptions
by mail. Order many maintenance medications—those you refill monthly for
conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma—and save up to 33% off
a three-month supply. Please refer to your Plan Benefit Summary in your annual
enrollment materials for details.
Save Money through Mail Order with FastStart
Getting started is easy. Just call FastStart toll free at 1-866-281-0629 with the
Advantages to FastStart
• Tufts Health Plan ID card (you’ll need information from the card) • Medication name • Physician name and phone number • Credit card information and expiration date FastStart calls your doctor to get the prescription set up for mail order. After you get a prescription set up, you can refill online or by phone—any day, any time. If you have any questions about FastStart by Caremark, please visit our Web site
Switching to Generics Can Save You Money
Did you know that switching to a generic medication can save you money? Byselecting a generic alternative you can save up to 75 percent, depending on yourprescription drug coverage and the medications involved. Although a genericmedication may differ in color, size, and shape from its brand-name counterpart, itstill has the same active ingredients. When discussing a new medication with yourdoctor, make sure to ask if a generic alternative is available.
Member Services 1-800-957-6596

*Drug went generic during 2006, brand was moved to Tier 3 from Tier 2 Please note: A drug’s tier placement may change at any time during the year.
**Lipitor went to Tier 3 on January 1, 2007, formerly on Tier 2 Pharmacy Management Programs
Medical Review Process
The list of medications covered by our pharmacy benefit is If your doctor believes a drug included in one of our called our formulary; there are some medications that are not pharmacy management programs is necessary for your covered by Tufts Health Plan. Tufts Health Plan uses a variety treatment, the doctor may submit a request for coverage to of programs to manage your pharmacy benefit to balance our Clinical Review Department. We will cover the medica- quality, safety, and affordability, while including a wide tion if it meets our medical necessity coverage guidelines.
variety of medications in our formulary, so that you and your If the request isn’t approved, you can appeal the decision doctor can make appropriate decisions for your care. These programs include the 3-tier pharmacy copayment, priorauthorization, and dispensing limitation programs.
Information on covered drugs is available on our Web site at Just click on Pharmacy under the Members tab.


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