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The Hormone Puzzle
Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Protection Strategy
Excessive Strong Estrogens (Estradiol E1
Increase Estriol E3 (Weak estrogen) with:
Decrease Estradiol E1 and Estrone E2
Improve liver detoxification & elimination Stall puberty Sleep in a dark room Increased C4 and C16 Estrogens linked
Make more C2 Estrogen, Less C4 and
C16; Inactivate C4 Estrogen with:
1. Promote formation of C2
2. Assist Liver Detoxification:
cysteine, taurine MSM betaine Vitamins B6, B12, B2, folic acid, choline Minerals – magnesium, selenium, zinc Calcium-D-glucarate Milk thistle, curcumin, ellagic acid Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Protection Strategy
● Rebecca Lane, CNP, BA (Hons) 905-868-8506 3. Dietary – low fat diet, EPA (fish
oil), ground flax seeds, increased fibre, wheat bran, psyllium, probiotics, red clover, phytoestrogens - 8 to 10 servings of vegetables; 2 servings of fruit; 1 serving of complex carbohydrates (that means whole grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats and whole wheat flours like spelt and kamut); 1 serving of protein (preferably nut and vegetable protein) 4. Normalize progesterone
Increased Production of Strong
Inhibit Aromataze with:
Estrogens (Estradiol and Estrone) due to:
Ground flaxseed (moderate) Genistein (soy) (weak) Zinc Decreased SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding
Increase SHBG with:
Normalize cortisol, insulin, IGF-1, testosterone Increased Number of Estrogen
Decrease Number of Estrogen Receptors
Receptors due to:
Xenoestrogens Hormone replacement therapy High Body Mass index Xenoestrogens Attach to Estrogen
Block Estrogen Receptors with:
Receptors such as:
● Rebecca Lane, CNP, BA (Hons) 905-868-8506 Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Protection Strategy
Decreased Progesterone due to:
Increase Progesterone with:
Normalize thyroid, use zinc, seaweed, selenium to increase T3 High Prolactin due to:
Normalize Prolactin with:
Elevated Testosterone due to:
Normalize Testosterone with:
Increased Growth Hormone due to:
Normalize Growth Hormone with:
● Rebecca Lane, CNP, BA (Hons) 905-868-8506 Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Protection Strategy
Low Thyroid (Hypothyroid) Function
Normalize Thyroid Function with:
Increase Conversion of T4 to T3 with:
Tyrosine, cysteine, iodine Zinc, selenium, copper Vitamin B12 Flaxseed Oil High Thyroid (Hyperthyroid) Function
Normalize Thyroid Function with:
Magnesium, Vitamin B complex Avoid radiation High Insulin Levels due to :
Normalize Insulin Levels with:
Maintain ideal weight Chromium, magnesium, niacin Alpha lipoic acid Flax or fish oil Increased IGF-1 due to:
Lower IGF-1 with:
Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Protection Strategy
● Rebecca Lane, CNP, BA (Hons) 905-868-8506 High Cortisol Levels due to:
Normalize Cortisol Levels with:
Increased testosterone Decreased efficiency of thyroid hormone Decreased melatonin production Decreased Melatonin due to:
Increase Melatonin using:
in a.m. Exercise daily Normalize cortisol Many thanks for this wonderful resource, adapted from: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, ● Rebecca Lane, CNP, BA (Hons) 905-868-8506


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Second Announcement IFFS 2007: April 29 – May 03, 2007 International Federation of Fertility Societies XIX World Congress on Fertility & Sterility Section 7 Scientific Programme Trilogies Key to the structure of the programme wil be 19 trilogies. Some wil run concurrently so that delegates wil be able to select sessions of greatest interest to them. These are topic sp

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