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1. List 3 common excuses that teens use dealing with birth control 4. What are the 3 main ways that STI's are spread? 5. What are the 3 categories that STI's fall into? 6. What are the 4 most common STI's in Canada? 10. Who are the main reservoirs of transmission for Chlamydia? 11. What parts of the body does Chlamydia affect? 13. List 3 female symptoms & 3 male symptoms of Chlamydia.
16. List 1 Symptom for each of the 3 stages of Syphilis.
18. What are the treatments for Syphilis? 19. What is another name for the STI Gonorrhoea? 20. What are the symptoms for Gonorrhoea? 29. List some of the short term effects of Herpes.
31. What family of viruses do Genital Warts belong to? 33. What are some symptoms of Genital Warts? 38. List some of the long term effects of Hep B.
45. List 3 Male & Female symptoms for Trich 47. What are pubic lice. List a more common name for the parasite.
51. List the signs & symptoms of Scabies.
54. What are the 5 types of Birth Control? 55. What are the 3 types of Hormonal Methods? 57. List 3 positive Benefits of the pill.
58. List 3 side effects of the pill.
59. List 4 things that a woman should know when taking the pill.
60. Describe the NuvaRing & list its effectiveness.
61. Describe the Depo-Provera & list its effectiveness.
64. Describe the appearance of the Norplant Implant.
65. What are the 3 alternative names for Emergency Contraception? 66. What is the effectiveness for Emergency Contraception? 67. How does Emergency Contraception work? 68. What are the 5 main Barrier Methods of Contraception? 69. How do Barrier Methods work & what improves their effectiveness? 70. List effectiveness statistics for Condom use.
71. Why is condom use so important with regard to STI's? 73. Describe the female condom & its effectiveness.
74. Describe the diapraghm & its effectiveness.
75. Describe the cervical cap & its effectiveness.
77. What different forms do spermicides come in? 78. What is the effectiveness of spermicides.
80. Describe the IUD & its effectiveness.
81. How long are the 2 types of IUD good for? 82. What are the names for the 2 types of sterilization? 83. Describe the procedure for female sterilization.
84. Describe the procedure for male sterilization.
85. What are the 4 types of methods based on information.
86. What do the acronyms NFP & FAM stand for? And how effective are they? 87. What is the only 100% effective behavioral method? 91. Describe the Withdrawal/Pullout Method 92. List 3 facts about the Withdrawal/Pullout Method 93. List 1 statistics about couples who do not use condoms.
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