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Distinguished Partner
Texas Pioneer Foundation
Diamond Partner
Victoria ISD
Platinum Partner
Don Krueger Construction
Dow Chemical Foundation
First Victoria National Bank
Gold Partner
DeTar Healthcare System
H-E-B Tournament of Champions Trust
Janey and Melvin Lack
SHW Group
Victoria ISD Employees
Roger and Donna Welder
Wells Fargo Bank and Private Client Services
Silver Partner
Coleto Creek Power, LP
Equistar - A Lyondell Company
Frost Insurance
Prime Contractors, Inc.
Regional Steel Corporation
Victoria County United Way
Sapphire Partner
Exelon Nuclear
Jansen International, LLC
Junior League of Victoria
KGS Electric
Robert and Margery Loeb
Poynter's Restaurants/McDonald's of Victoria
Minority Business Council
MK Marlow Company Victoria LLC
Prosperity Bank
Rawley McCoy & Associates
RWS Architects Incorporated
VCS Security Systems, Inc.
Victoria Communication Services
Victoria Rotary Club
Bronze Partner
American Bank
Charla Borchers Leon
Crossroads Title
Ganem and Kelly Surveying
Kent and Peggy Grier
Gail Hoad
Gulf Coast Paper
Bobby Jacob
Tami Keeling
Michael Meier
New Distributing
Randy Price
Victoria Advocate
Victoria Air Conditioning
John and Alice Brimberry
Mrs. Bette-jo Buhler
Ann Calhoun
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Campbell
Milton Chapman
Chris and Paula Cobler
J. P. and Sharon Green
McDonald's of Victoria
Omar Rachid
Saga Broadcasting, LLC (aka Victoria Televison
Victoria Dental Associates
Virginia Welder
Friend of the Foundation
Nick and Robin Cadle
Clean All
Linda Daley
Karen Goebel
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Guerra
Harrison, Waldrop and Uherek, LLP
Kathy Hunt
Dean A. Lester
Pete and Susana Moya
New First National Bank
Texas Multi-Chem, Ltd.
Victoria MRI, Ltd.
In honor of Rev. Fortunato & Mrs. Bertha González
Mima González
In honor of Ms. Nancy McCord
Meredith Hairell
In honor of Dr. Mima González
Meredith Hairell
In honor of Ms. Gayla Capers
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Ms. Alice Godinez
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Dr. Mima González
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Ms. Mary Perez
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Ms. Melba Rios
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Ms. Bonnie Williams
Brittany Hollas
In honor of Dr. Estella De Los Santos
Tami Keeling
In honor of Mr. Bernard Klimist
Tami Keeling
In honor of Mr. Bob Moore
Tami Keeling
In honor of Mr. James Murphy, Sr.
Tami Keeling
In honor of Ms. Laura Smith
Tami Keeling
In honor of Mr. L. J. 'Lou' Svetlik
Tami Keeling
In honor of Mr. Ray Walden
Tami Keeling
In honor of Adrian Cannady
The Morning Study Club
In memory of Mr. Calvin Singleton, Sr.
Connie McDougal


“The Quantitative analysis of Uranium Isotopes in the population of PortHope, Ontario Canada” authored by Durakovic, Gerdes, and Zimmerman Prepared for the Municipality of Port HopeProgram in Occupational Health and Environmental MedicineThe Departments of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Executive Summary This review of the document entitled “The Quantitative analysis of Ur

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