Committee members present: Kerry Pickering, Stacie Gay, Sarah Manning, Lisa Hindes-Moody, Also present: Sheila Lennon, Jody Caskin-Bruzgis, Joe Goodhue, Absent: Eliza Miller, Evelyn Beliveau  Kerry reviewed the notes from the last meeting.  The ADA approved chair is in. Joe needs help from the town removing the pool cover. Joe is no longer able to do it on his own. Chris Lane, Wilkins Solutions, the provider of the chair is making arrangement to install the chair. Houghton will have to be contacted for the electricity.  Chris Lane also provided a quote for all of the chemicals. Joe will decide which company to use  The quote for the diving board base came in at $4014.00 not including labor. The quote was from Chris Lane. He is the only local supplier that was able to supply a quote. The committee voted unanimously to move forward with this quote. Sarah will contact Janet to issue a P.O.  Joe talked about the basketball nets at the Recreation Center. Two are in need of repair or replacement. They are half-moon rims. Stacie will talk with Toni McDougal to see if she has any suggestions. Kerry or Lisa will try talking to Ryan Stoodley at the Bellows Falls Recreation Center.  We also talked about groups using the basketball courts or tennis courts for lessons or group activities. Joe will create a schedule to be kept at the pool desk and the courts can be scheduled through the pool desk.  Joe advised the committee that the tennis courts need repair. There is $1200.00 for repair, so Joe will move forward with getting them repaired.  Guards that are returning-Nate Bushey, Forest DeCoste, Katie Doyle, Larissa Fortier (and swim lessons), Brenna Gallagher, Stephanie Houle (PM only), Chris Manwaring, Noah Pierpont, Jackie Rogers, Megan Sellarole, Desk Help-Britaney Chambers, Liz Forrest, Allegra Pickering. Joe requested that Kerry forward the lifeguard names and phone numbers to him for scheduling work days.  Joe discussed scheduling. There will never be one life guard on duty, minimum of two at all times. Joe will implement a new scheduling policy this year. He will schedule three life guards at all times and there will be a fourth life guard on call. The on call life guard will receive 1 hour pay for each day that they are on call.  Brenna Gallagher expressed an interest in teaching water aerobics and asked if the town would reimburse her for the cost of the training. The committee voted no on the reimbursement.  Pool will officially open on 6/21. If the weather is good it may open earlier with after school hours. Swim lessons will start 7/1. Joe discussed fees for this year. We will offer a $1.00 senior discount this year. Walpole School field day is 6/14.  Kerry mentioned that there will be more accountability this year in terms of checking patrons in  Sarah informed the committee that the swim team has a meet on 7/16. Sarah will be the  Friday 6/21st will be the first community night and it will be the 30th Anniversary of the pool celebration. May have a family dance with a dj. A small subcommittee will work on the 30th celebration. Rain date Saturday 6/22.  Sheila Lennon, resident of Walpole attended the meeting. She expressed to the committee that she is willing to help the committee with playground equipment at the recreation center if the need ever arises.  Jody Caskin-Bruzgis will have her girl scout troop weed and plant the area near the sign at the Next Meeting will be Sunday, May 19th at 6:00pm at the Recreation Center.

Source: http://www.walpolenh.us/assets/walpole-recreation-committee-meeting--minutes-4-28-201.pdf

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