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Patient Instruction Sheet for Conventional Colonoscopy
Below are instructions on how to take your prep medications:
DIET: You may NOT eat any solid food the day before or morning of your exam. Only “clear liquids
Examples of clear liquids include water, pulp-free fruit juices such as apple juice, flavored water such as
“Crystal Light” and “Gatorade”, sodas, gelatin, popsicles, hard candy, broth (bouillons), and tea (limit
the amount of caffeine) with sugar or sugar substitutes (NO cream or milk).
• Stop any fiber supplements 3 days prior. Also avoid high fiber food items such as “roughage” (corn,
beans, nuts, seeds, whole grain items, onion, etc.) 3 days prior.
• Stop aspirin (Excedrin, Bayer, Ecotrin, St. Josephs, etc.), ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc.), Celebrex, Feldene, Naproxyn (Alleve) or other NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medications) 7 days prior. Only take
Tylenol for pain, if needed.
• Stop iron supplements, or multivitamins that contain iron, 7 days prior.
• Please DO continue to take your HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and HEART medications, including
the morning of the procedure. (If you normally take these in the morning, please take them the
morning of the procedure with sips of water before your appointment).
The Day BEFORE the Exam (Please Check as completed)
• All day (as soon as you wake up) follow a restricted diet consisting of clear liquids, including the morning of the exam (see above for examples). AVOID RED OR DARK PURPLE. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration..
• Add water, flavor packets, and bottle of Mylicon to the NuLYTELY or Colyte bottle. Mix well to completely dissolve all contents and chill in refrigerator. May use “Crystal • Take 2 Dulcolax tablets. • Take the 2 Compazine tablets ONLY if your appt is BEFORE 9:30AM. If your appt is AFTER 9:30AM, Compazine is not required. z If your appt is BEFORE 9:30AM, begin drinking the NuLytely or Colyte bottle
NOW. Drink at a rate of one 8oz cup every 10 minutes. You must drink the ENTIRE bottle and try to finish the bottle completely within 2-3 hours. z If your appt is at 10AM & after, drink HALF the bottle NOW and save and place the
SECOND HALF in the refrigerator for the morning of the exam. Drink the SECOND HALF 3 - 4 HOURS BEFORE DEPARTING YOUR HOME on the morning of
the exam. Drink at a rate of one 8oz cup every 10 minutes.
Nothing to eat or drink (including water) 2 hours before the procedure. If you need to take
your blood pressure and/or heart medications, please take them with sips of water. Arrive to your appointment 45 minutes prior to the Gastroenterology clinic (Room 7F, 7th
Floor of Walter Reed’s Main Hospital) with ID, “blue” outpatient registration card,
medical records, and your RIDE. NO DRIVER, NO PROCEDURE!!!
______________________________________________________________ Insulin: ____________________________________________________________________ Date of Procedure


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Curriculum Vitae Gaetano Mancuso Via A. LOCATELLI, 2. 80038 POMIGLIANO D’ARCO (NA) +39 348.519.0192 - [email protected]; Esperienza ventennale nel Farmaceutico, prima in Area Vendite , poi in Area Recruitment e da 4 anni in Area Farmacovigilanza&Regolatorio. Attualmente ricopro la Funzione di QPPV (Qualified Person in PharmacoVigilance) Capacità nella creazione di r

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