G E R A L D W R I G H T : : A R T D I R E C T I O N 212.754.5922 ½ C: 917.312.7334 ½ [email protected] ½ ½ FREELANCE (AUGUST 2006-PRESENT)
Art Supervisor

Clients: DDB, DraftFCB Healthcare, GSW, KPR, Medicus, Sudler & Hennessey
½ Developed launch materials for dermal filler Evolence
½ Created global launch materials for MS drug Avonex
½ Developed concepts for launch of Symbicort asthma medication
½ Created DVD/CD-ROM video and packaging for HIV medication Viracept
½ Developed US branding guidelines book for Zimulti weight loss medication
½ Created convention materials for Sanofi-Aventis Expert Lecture Series
ANDERSON DDB (2004-2006)
Art Supervisor

Clients: Novartis, J&J, Guidant, Cordis, Abbott, Ethicon, Ortho-McNeil, Wyeth
½ Created DTP and DTC advertising campaigns for Guidant, Remicade, Similac and Xolair
½ Managed freelance art directors and agency studio
President/Creative Director

Clients: Anderson DDB, A.I.S.T., Non Friction Solutions, Lyons Trail Communications, A.C.E.,
The Music Bank, Pottery-on-Hudson
½ Designed logo and all print materials for A.I.S.T. Symposium HIT2002
½ Created logo and printed materials for Ultra Guard Plus oil additive
GREY NEW YORK (1998-2000)
VP, Associate Creative Director

Clients: Playtex, Wyeth Consumer
½ Created campaigns for Gentle Glide and Silk Glide Tampons to update brand look and appeal
½ Co-developed branding and launch campaign for Centrum Herbal Supplements.
GREY TOKYO (1995-1998)
VP, Creative Director

Clients: P&G, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer, Porsche, Slim Fast
½ Developed copy and shaped campaigns for Pantene that were used as a regional model
½ Created Japanese launch campaign for Oil of Olay, Aquafresh toothpaste and Porsche Japan
½ Trained and supervised local creative teams
GREY TORONTO (1986-1995)
VP, Associate Creative Director

Clients: P&G, GSK Consumer, Bally of Switzerland, Playtex, Slim Fast
½ Led the Canadian creative team that co-developed Pantene’s distinct brand image and
successful launch—making it the #1 shampoo in North America ½ Developed branding and launch for Pantene Elastesse hairspray ½ Broadened Canadian consumer base for Pantene by creating first-ever male TV spot for brand AWARDS: Regional US, Canadian, P&G ‘World Class Advertising”
EDUCATION: B.A. - Fine Arts, Layton School of Art, Milwaukee WI
G E R A L D W R I G H T : : A R T D I R E C T I O N 212.754.5922 ½ C: 917.312.7334 ½ [email protected] ½ ½ CATEGORY & BRAND EXPERIENCE
½ Allergic Rhinitis: Dulera
½ Antibiotic: Doribax
½ Antidepressant: Pristiq
½ Asthma: Xolair, Pulmicort Respules, Symbicort
½ Cardiology: Cypher, Guidant, Integrilin, Multaq
½ Cholesterol: Welchol
½ Colitis: Asacol
½ Dermal filler: Evolence
½ Diabetes: Galvus, Regranex
½ Emphysema (COPD): Spiriva
½ HIV: Viracept
½ Infant nutritional: Similac
½ MS: Avonex
½ Narcolepsy: Xyrem
½ RA/Biologic: Remicade, Simponi
½ Schizophrenia: Invega
½ Tissue adhesive: Dermabond
½ Weight control: Zimulti



Transport Document for Lithium Batteries in Section IB and II Air Waybill / HAWB: Shipper: Consignee: WARNING: LITHIUM BATTERIES THAT HAVE BEEN RECALLED BY THE MANUFACTURER FOR SAFETY REASONS MUST NOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR. Cell – electrochemical unit, consisting of an anode and a cathode, capable of generating electrical current Lithium ion cells/batteries – recharge

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