Sterling magazine no. 13

Sterling Fleet
The newest aircraft are
equipped with wing lets,

Forholdsregler i forbindelse med flyvning which saves 4% fuel and
the environment.

Number Engine
Max. airline
Max. passengers
Length, Wing Height, Max.
range, cruising passen- m
craftedsmæssigt en meget sikker
height, mlangt
gers de fleste passager
weight, kg
påvirkninger, som kroppen udsættes for under flyvning. Boeing 737-800 10
CFM 56-7B26 850
5,500 12,500
34.4 12.5
Når man sidder stille i en længere periode uden at bevæge benene, kan dette medføre en – for langt Boeing 737-700 lille
9 risiko for
CFat udvikle dyb
M 56-7B22
12,500 på dansk
33.6 blodprop
34.4 i benene.
Boeing 737-500 6
CFM 56-3C-1 805
3,500 11,250
28.9 11.2
On the whole, flying is a very safe form of transport, and most passengers can tolerate the factors to which the body is exposed during a flight. Sitting still for a fairly long period of time without moving your legs may cause a risk that for most pas- deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or in English, blood clots in the legs. Forslag til lp y
forebyggelse af
blodpropper i
Ways of preventing deep-vein thrombosis
Da Maersk Air ønsker, at flyveturen skal være e e Maersk Air wants flying to be a positive experience for all our oplevelse for alle vores passagerer, anbefaler vores lægelige 1 Vær forberedt til flyveturen, mød op i god tid og undgå
1 Be well-prepared for your trip, arrive in good time and avoid
On the whole, fl
med vand y safe
form of tr
Undgå or
er, and mo
dreven st pas-
sengers can toler
for samt ate the
factors to
which the b
fødder os
4 Keep moving your feet and legs frequently during the flight
2 Drink plenty of water before and
d for 9 If you have any doubts or con-
a fl ight
5 .Udfør hyppige skift af siddestilling, d
undersiden af låret hele tiden ændr 3 A
Sitting still for a fairly long period of blodet fra benene uhindret vil kunne coff e We hope that you
6 Wearing support hose during the flight is
enj recommended
oy your fl ight. for
4 Keep moving your feet and
M vascular
ads Klok condi-
7 A junior a
enior Physician and
afrejsedagen, såfremt dette tåles, og fl igh ekommer culation. 7 A acetyl salic
Steff acid)
en L is recom-
Ways of preventi
sygdom, ep-vei
mended on the day you travel, if you can S tolerate
enior Phyit and
sician are
8 Såfremt De bruger medicin,
thrombosis Sterling wants fl ying to
Medical Department Flight
9 sitive e
tvivl erience for a
anbefales det ll ou
flyvning- t the 8 If not suff
en. . Our medical depart-
ment has compiled the following
9 If you have any doubts or concerns, consult
enhag own doctor
en Airport South
DK-2791 Dragør


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