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Exelon Leverages Metrics that Matter® to Evaluate and Test Thousands of Employees
Company Overview: Exelon, through its subsidiaries, operates in three business segments:
Energy Delivery, Generation, and Enterprises. Exelon employs nearly 25,000 people and is
headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
Description of Learning Program: Exelon made a strategic investment in a new Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) system. As a result, a significant training initiative occurred to orient
thousands of employees on this system.
Business Objectives of the Program: The training program was designed to not only orient the
employees on the features and benefits of the system, but mitigate risk of improperly using the
system. Training was designed to accomplish both objectives.
Measurement Approach: Exelon worked with KnowledgeAdvisors to leverage Metrics that
Matter® to accomplish several steps necessary in achieving the learning and business objectives
of this high profile program. First, due to the volume of participants the solution needed to be
done in the most automated manner. Metrics that Matter® automated the data collection,
processing, storage, and reporting of evaluation and test results—saving Exelon literally
hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars in costs.
Second, Exelon needed feedback in a very rapid turnaround time as these training events were
occurring all over the U.S. in compact schedules. Metrics that Matter® provided feedback that
was instantaneous to instructors and training managers allowing the teams to make adjustments
to improve the quality of the training prior to it being rolled out again, sometimes the following
Third, Exelon needed a way to monitor the quality of its instructors, locations, and varying
courses. Metrics that Matter® automatically aggregated the data from multiple events, allowing
Exelon to quickly view their top and bottom instructors, courses and locations.
Fourth, it was critical to Exelon to ensure the participants were prepared to use the new system.
To do this, two tests were designed and integrated into the end of class evaluations. Metrics that
Matter® was used to conduct both the evaluation and the test. Metrics that Matter®
instantaneously scored each participants test and provided Exelon a real-time listing of who
passed and who did not. Exelon was able to use this information to provide a system log-in ID to
those who passed and help those who did not understand the system better prior to their receipt
of a system log-in ID.
Measurement Obstacles: No significant challenges were experienced. Perceived challenges
such as improper testing was mitigated by Metrics that Matter® randomizing test questions.
Response rates, once perceived a challenge, were mitigated by Metrics that Matter® being easily
accessible in the classroom. Response rates have been at or near 100%.
Measurement Successes: Multiple benefits were realized by using Metrics that Matter®.
Significant cost and time was saved through the automation of both the evaluation process and
test process. Real-time reporting ensured continuous improvement and the preservation of high
quality. Testing accomplished the business objective of mitigating risk that employees lacking
sufficient knowledge and skills would access the system. Aggregations of the data allowed the
training group to benchmark instructors, locations, and courses to motivate by example. Overall,
Metrics that Matter® has been a positive return on investment for Exelon.

Source: http://www.cedma-europe.org/newsletter%20articles/KnowledgeAdvisors/Case%20Studies/Exelon%20Leverages%20Metrics%20that%20Matter%20(R)%20to%20Evaluate%20and%20Test%20Thousands%20of%20Employees.pdf

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