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Roskydal® 500 A
Reactive, unsaturated polyester (wax-free) which cures to yield hard films Form supplied
In the formulation of clear and pigmented, wax-free coatings for wood andfurniture, high-gloss to matt, with good chemical resistance and very goodflow properties and scratch resistance. Also in the formulation of spray andcurtain-coating fillers for wood, metal and plastic.
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Edition 2012-12-01

Product Datasheet
Roskydal® 500 A
Solubility / thinnability
Properties / Applications
Coatings based on Roskydal 500 A cure to form hard, scratch-resistant films.
The addition of Roskydal 550 (up to 50 %, calculated on the resin supply form)or E 70 (up to 30 %) improves the flexibility and polishability of the films withoutreducing the scratch resistance.
Fillers and putties can be flexibilished with Roskydal E 65 or E 70. Theuse of Roskydal E 65 is particularly recommended because of its air-dryingproperties. As is common with unsaturated polyester systems, coatings basedon Roskydal 500 A are cured with a cobalt/hydroperoxide combination. Thecobalt not only splits the peroxide into free radicals but also promotes surfacedrying. It thus influences two independent but simultaneous reactions. As thebreakdown of the hydroperoxide accelerates at higher temperatures, evenwithout the addition of cobalt, it may be necessary to reduce the amount ofcobalt added. Otherwise the surface drying will be much quicker than thepolymerisation of the film, which may result in surface defects.
The cobalt/hydroperoxide ratio must be optimised for the formulation, filmthickness, application method and drying conditions selected. The standardaddition at room temperature is 0.02 - 0.05 % cobalt metal and 1 - 3% hydroperoxide, calculated on the Roskydal supply form. The cobaltcompounds used are cobalt salts, e.g. cobalt octoate.
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Edition 2012-12-01

Product Datasheet
Roskydal® 500 A
For curing at room temperature we recommend the use of cyclohexanoneperoxide and/or methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. Cumene hydroperoxide ortertiary butyl peroctoate can be used at temperatures above 80 °C and benzoylperoxide or tertiary butyl perbenzoate at temperatures above 100  °C. Theamount of peroxide used is 1 - 2 %, calculated on the polymerisable substance.
Once cured, the films are resistant to many solvents and other chemicals.
The requirements of, for example, DIN 68 861, Group B, are thus satisfied.
Roskydal 500 A can be used to formulate brilliant high-gloss coatings as wellas to create easily reproducible matt effects.
When stored in sealed containers at temperatures not exceeding 23 °C, theproduct will remain stable for 6 months.
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Edition 2012-12-01

Product Datasheet


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