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The following are the instructions that you will need to follow prior to your colonoscopy. Please try to follow them as
closely as possible to ensure a successful procedure. It is possible that you may feel abdominal cramping, rectal
discomfort, some rectal bleeding, tiredness, and headaches during the preparation. Should any of these symptoms be
significant or you have concerns about them, please do not hesitate to contact us at 713-795-4444. Failure to take this
preparation as indicated below may result in a poorly cleansed colon and possible cancellation of the procedure

You will need:
- Prescription for 32 tablets of Osmo-Prep®
- 4 tablets of Dulcolax ® (bisacodyl) - available over-the-counter at any drug/grocery store.
At least 5 days ahead, stop the following medications. You may take Tylenol if it is necessary.
- NSAIDS: Aspirin, Advil/ Ibuprofen/Motrin, Aleve/Anaprox/Naproxe/Naprelan, Celebrex.
- Blood thinners: Coumadin/Warfarin, Heparin, Plavix/Clopidogrel, Ticlid/Ticlopidine, Lovenox/Enoxaparin.
- Any iron or multi-vitamins (with iron) products.

ONE DAY before your procedure:
* Start on a CLEAR liquid diet and continue clear liquids throughout the day. Solid foods, milk, or milk product
are NOT allowed!!!
* Clear Liquids include (not the red or purple kind):
Water, Jell-O, Gatorade, apple juice, white grape juice,
clear broth, soda (any, but NO cream sodas), bouillon, coffee without cream (sugar is OK), tea, popsicles, NO

THE DAY before your procedure:
Follow this regimen:
At 4 PM, start taking Osmo-Prep ® tablets EVERY 15 MINUTES with at least 8 ounces of
any clear liquid.
========================================== 9:45 p.m.:
4 tablets of Dulcolax (generic: Bisacodyl) with 8 ounces of any clear liquid
Medications: You may take important medications (such as heart, blood pressure, thyroid or a seizure
disorder etc.) with a small sip of water on the morning of your procedure. If you are a diabetic, DO
NOT take your diabetic medications on the morning of your procedure. Routine medications with the exception of blood thinning medications may be taken when you get home. Insulin should not be taken
Transportation: Since a colonoscopy involves some anesthesia/sedation, you MUST have someone drive
you home and stay with you during the following 4-6 hours (NO TAXI DRIVERS). They should also remain in the facility during your procedure so the physician may speak with them once you are in recovery.
The medical assistant will notify you in the mail regarding your biopsy result (if taken) within 10 business

We appreciate your efforts in helping us to help you.
All of us at Digestive Associates of Houston, P.A. thank you and wish you well.



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