Navaratri - Day 4 - Meenakshi Devi - 1/Oct/2011
refrain: s¡mahit¡ ¿ivatanug¡ s¡ ka¸aka¸ag¡ stanzas: 1) k°mala r£p¡ sumadhura c¡p¡ calan® 3) r¡gasr°ta svinyanu g¢t¡ saccid¡nand° Meaning: Refrain: She has a worshipful stature and so everyone worships her. She is pleased with Sama Veda music. She is the better half of Shiva. She resides in every atom. She resides in all the Vedas too. Stanza 1: Her disposition is soft. She is holding the sugarcane stick like a bow. She is subtly present in every vibration. Stanza 2: The mantra that talks about her is auspicious. Her abode Srichakra yantra is very beautiful. The effulgence she radiates in every aavarana (Circle of Srichakra) is pleasing to the mind. Stanza 3: The Shrotasvini raga is pertinently singing her glory. She is in the seat from where Sachchidananda (eternal bliss) sprouts. Kannada bhajan - d®vi.d®vi
d®vi vir¡·r£pa ¿r¢m¡te ninaga -p¤k¤ti sakalada ¿¤´g¡ravirali 1) udayaravi v¡daga½a p¡r¡¸iyanta - candramana karimacca kast£ri bo¶¶u madhy¡hnaravi maku¶a k°¶¢ravu - nakÀatra tati ratna bh£À¡va½i 2) ¡gasada tudiyallin¡ be½½i mo·aga½u- ka´go½ipa aÆdad¡ seraginaμcu suriva ma½e k°ra½ina muttum¡le - saliyutiha mu´guru½u k¡rgattale 3) ghallenuva k¡lgejje manuja kulavu - °·y¡¸a ga¸¶ega½u ¡ pakÀis¡lu aÆdada bhujak¢rti d®vatega½u - suraga´ge m¡´galya ga½a s£travu 4) ninnan¢ bh¡vadali n°·utiralu - saccid¡nandav® sarvatravu Meaning: Refrain: O Devi! Your cosmic form of Srimata (The Great Mother) is beautifully adorned by this entire nature. Stanza 1: The hue of the rising sun is the effulgent light emanating from the auspicious herbal smear on your feet. The dark spot on the moon is the vermillion mark of Kasturi on your forehead. The blazing sun of the noon is the shine of your crown. The beautiful stars are your gem studded ornamental necklaces. Stanza 2: The silver clouds visible at the far end of sky are in fact the shiny borders of your Saree. The continuous drizzle is like the garland or pearls. The flock of hair decorating your forehead is the dense darkness. Stanza 3: The tinkling of the anklets is the human race. The ringing of the tiny bells in the golden belt around the waist are the birds. The golden braces around your shoulders are the celestial beings. The Ganges is the auspicious thread (Mangalya) round your neck. Stanza 4: One who contemplates upon you in this cosmic form will certainly be able to experience the omniscience of Sachchidananda (the eternal bliss). Kannada bhajan : r¡ga: malahari t¡½a: ¡di (ti¿ra) ref: eÆtha bh¡gyav° amma ¡ ¿ivanadu ninna pa·edanamma avana tapada phalavadu st:1. tudalu nu·iya m¡tuga½anu nu·ivarellar£ aÀ¶° iÀ¶° v¡¸iyannu s°ki iruvaru amma! ¿ivana d°bbanad® pur¸a bh¡gyavu st:2. n¡ku ¡ru k¡su ka¸·a manujarellar£ aÀ¶° iÀ¶° lakumiyannu pa·ed® iruvaru t¡yi! ¿ivanadobbanid® p£r¸a bh¡gyavu st:3. nahuÀa kareye banda½¡ga ¿ac¢ d®viyu m¡te! ¿ivana dobbanad® p£r¸a bh¡gyavu st:4. m¡tininda manasininda e¶ukal¡gadu pa¶¶u hi·ida ¿ivanobbane pa·eyaballanu st:5 ¡galadiruva j°·i iradu l°kadalli ¿ivanobbane jagadi aÆtha bh¡gyavantanu sacid¡nanda bh¡vadvaya padava pa·edanu Meaning: Refrain: How lucky is Shiva to have obtained you? It is the fruit of his great penance. Stanza: 1) Even people who stammer and blabber do so only because of the grace of Vani. What is so great about Brahma then, when so many people have obtained her grace? O Mother! The real lucky one is undoubtedly Shiva alone. 2) Even people who have obtained a few cents (coins) here and there are able to do only because of the grace of Laxmi. What is so great about Vishnu then, when so many people have obtained her grace? O Mother! The real lucky one is Shiva alone. 3) When King Nahusha became the celestial ruler, what happened to the grandeur of Indra’s wife Sachidevi. What is so great about Indra then, when Nahusha could become the celestial ruler? O Mother! Shiva is the only lucky one. 4) O Mother! You are indescribable (beyond words) and unfathomable (beyond the comprehension of the mind). Even the Vedic chants cannot describe you. O Mother! Who is really capable of holding you? Shiva is only one who has been able to hold you steadfast. 5) Is there any couple in the world that never has disputes and separation? Is there ever any separation between You and Shiva? Verily, in the entire Universe, this luck is graced only upon Shiva. He thus acquired the essence of non-dual Sachchidananda.

Source: http://www.dattapeetham.org/india/festivals/2011/navaratri2011/oct1/navaratri2011-day-4-oct1-discourse.pdf

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