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Multi-Stakeholder Forum in Vreed-en-Hoop,
4 March 2006
Region: 3
Venue: Vreed-en-Hoop Primary School
Number of participants: 17
Facilitators: Rajkumarie Singh, Cheryl Mc Clure – Cyrus, Arlene Dinally
Co facilitated by: Cheryl Frank, Andrea Prescott, Yasmin Gordon, Bibi Fareeda Lall,
Conversation Agenda
1. Pledge 2. Welcome & Opening Remarks (Statement of MSF Objectives) 3. Explanation of MSF Conversation Agenda and Role of facilitators 4. The Context (MSF and cohesion) 5. Principles of Engagement (outlining ground rules) 6. My dream for Guyana and expectations (Circle Process - 2 Phases) 7. Summary of dreams and Expectations (Group dreams into themes) 8. The need for constructive responses (Link Expectations to dreams) 9. The need to work together (Showing of “Dinner for Two” Movie) 10. Debrief of “Dinner for Two” Movie 11. Identification of Issues, Prioritization, Analysis and generating commitment (Small Group Discussion) 12. Plenary Session (Reporting to large group) 13. Plenary Open Discussion: What are the messages coming from this Community. 14. Reflection: “I leave this meeting with.” (Circle process) 15. Patriotic Song (Let us Cooperate for Guyana)
What can we celebrate as positives in Guyana?
1. Persons’ desires for change and their willingness to make a difference. 2. Persons present saw the conversation as important and were disappointed that more persons were not present to participate in the conversation. 3. Persons were eager to discuss issues. Persons’ openness to the conversation 4. Persons willingness to address issues collectively at the community level. 5. Persons willingness to work together, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. 6. Persons desire to have every individual take responsibility for their actions. 7. Persons desire and call to all in the community to be each other’s keepers. 8. Persons interest in the continuation of group meetings. Elements of a vision for Guyana
Coming out of the session - “My dream for Guyana” persons expressed the following
Social cohesiveness
1. A place of one people, one destiny, and unity. 2. A country free of discrimination. 3. A God-fearing and tolerant nation. 4. A harmonious and peaceful place. 5. A place where young people participate in the community. 6. An improved educational system. 7. A Guyana that provides equal opportunities for young people. 8. A place that has a solution to the drug problems. 9. A place where the would be an increase in jobs and wages. 10. Freedom from crime. A safe Guyana. 11. A better environment.

1. To have a better understanding of people and issues. 2. To have individual inclusion in activities. 3. To have more meetings. 4. To have a government that serves the people . 5. To have their communities developed. 6. To arrive at a workable plan and have it implemented. 7. To arrive at a solution to the drainage problem. 8. To have access to an evaluation of the MSF session.
Present local conflicts

1. Floods and insanitary conditions caused by residents. 2. Drainage causing mosquitoes and flooding. 3. High tides that result in flooding. Open kokers. 4. Buildings have created serious drainage problems - they leave no escape route for 5. Blocked drains is a serious problem. 6. Mosquito nuisance - the need for spraying. 7. Garbage pollution. Better system of garbage disposal. Need more garbage bins. Economy and markets:
8. Economic situation - opportunities to earn more. Wages are too small and there 9. Contractors facing money problems. Local contractors not getting enough Access to Opportunities and Resources
10. Unfair competition and no level playing fields. 11. Education system is not up to standard. Community spirit/leadership
13. Non cooperation by members of neighbourhood. Governance
14. Disagreement on the Procurement Act 2003. 15. Unfair discharge of functions. 16. Constitutional Reform not set up. 17. No procurement commission established. Areas of tension
Unsolved crime:
1. Makes them uncomfortable in seeking daily bread. 2. Makes them apprehensive and makes them spend more money for safety. 3. Makes them scared of kidnapping and robberies. 4. Causes them to want to see improvement in security of citizens. 5. Causes some to quit their jobs. Education and youth issues
6. Needs salaries to be increased to motivate teachers. 7. Needs protection for teachers. 8. Wants teachers to be more trained for better interaction at schools. 9. Wants Government to always have teachers in classes at schools. 10. Concerned about the migration of teachers. 11. Thinks that teachers should allow students to play their role. 12. Concerned about the immaturity of teachers. 13. Thinks that the present education system is contributing to crime. 14. Thinks the system for passing on morals to students is poor. 15. Education system must produce rounded pupils. 16. Need more opportunities for youths to be occupied. 17. Public schools education needs to be upgraded. 18. Need for improvement in the law system — people in the law need to be
Potential for violent Conflict
Social cohesion/inclusion in decision making processes
1. Not being listened to by the RDC and NDC and feelings of not having a voice. 2. Exclusion of community members in making decisions that affect them.
Concrete commitments and ideas and towards overcoming challenges
Community spirit/leadership
1. Adults in the community should model the behaviors they expect to see in 2. As a matter of importance, they should deal with issues that directly affect their 3. Group themselves together and make representations to the relevant authorities. 4. More cooperation within communities. 5. Restore faith in older citizens - have youths doing community projects e.g. 6. Older persons need to organize youths into development projects. 7. Persons are willing to work along with others for change. Social cohesion/inclusion in decision making processes
8. Promote equal treatment for all. 9. Guyanese at government offices should provide prompt service to all without Governance
10. Shared governance. 11. Change of government.
Any other observations/process issues
A good conversation - persons aired their concerns very amicably. Persons asked for more of the conversations.
Names of community representatives:



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