MicroLog™ Plus
A wireless data logging system for remotemonitoring of up to 200 data loggers The MicroLogTM Plus is a unique system based on the MicroLog – a
mini temperature and humidity data logger. The MicroLog Plus allows
users to communicate with up to 200 MicroLogs and receive
all real-time measurements on one computer. The MicroLog Plus
incorporates wireless communication between the loggers
and the computer.
Microlog Plus is the ideal solution
for multiple data logging

applications in:
located up to 300m away from the computer When pre-defined thresh-holds are crossed MicroLab sends an email or SMS alarm message automatically with the unit details.
Keep an eye on the temperature level of your entire stock from a single computer station
MicroLog™ Plus MicroLog
North America RF Transmission
Inputs (Two built-in sensors)
MicroLog Plus Receiver
production plants is a must, yet it involves the recording of temperature and humidity External Sensors
The MicroLog Plus is the best solution for collecting and handling all this data.
Power Supply
RF Receiver
The MicroLog Logger - containing
The MicroLog Cradle - a mount for the
Memory Capacity 16,000 recording samples
Power Supply
(May vary when connecting external sensor) Power Supply
The MicroLog Receiver - a small RF
Sampling Rate
RF Receiver
MicroLog Plus Management Control
Software - lets you control and monitor
MicroLab Plus Software
Each cradle is tagged with an ID number.
MicroLog Cradle
Cradles transmit data in different time slots Data Displaying (from up to 200 MicroLogs) Cradle Alarms
Audible Alarm
• Real-time temperature and humidity readings according to their ID in order to prevent • Visual alarm when the logger crosses an upper or lower data collision between two or more cradles.
alarm threshold for temperature or humidity The cradle memory can by automatically, or Serial Communication Channels
• An Excel file containing all of the measured data received Cradle Memory
MicroLog Plus software. With a very friendly Connectors
4-pin flat connection to the MicroLog
color code interface the software reports • The sampling rate from every minute to every hour screen. The software also stores the data of level, its sampling interval and all other • CD ROM drive for software installation Just think how much time that you are
Ordering Information
wasting daily having to download each of
the data loggers scattered in the warehouse
Power Supply
Temperature and relative humidity data logger or in the production plant. Using the
MicroLog Plus all data will arrive directly to
External PT100 temperature sensor -10 – 10 °C External PT100 temperature sensor -100 – 120 °C your computer and in real time!
European RF Transmission
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