duce large amounts of insulin. So, while they feel tired and too lightheaded to complete your cising at noon or after work even though you’re may give you an initial boost, your energy will truly committed to exercise and it’s the only time drop off quickly, and your mood will follow. If you plan to engage in running or other high- The amount of sugar in your blood is also ly vigorous activity, remember that some forms of Do you feel so exhausted that you just can’t related to the amount of serotonin in your brain.
caffeine, coffee in particular, can lead to mild gas- Serotonin is an important chemical called a neu- tronomical distress, as can some bulky foods. So, Your diet—rather than simple sloth—may be rotransmitter that helps to regulate mood. If your you’d be wise to limit the amount of coffee, tea the problem. If you tend to skip meals in an level of serotonin is where it should be, you’ll have and soda that you drink for a number of reasons.
attempt to save calories, you may be robbing your- a sense of well-being and confidence—and feel Suppose you’re an early bird, and your best self of important fuel for your workout. While ready to tackle the treadmill. Should it drop, you time to work out is in the morning before you go skipping meals may temporarily make your stom- may feel tired and depressed. If you often experi- to work. For quick energy, drink some juice upon ach feel flatter, doing so can also leave you feeling ence a craving for carbs, this may be your brain’s rising and avoid coffee. Once you’ve completed tired, irritable and unfocused. Then, you’ll be way of telling you it needs more serotonin.
your workout, have a more solid breakfast of tempted to forego your noontime workout, or go whole-wheat cereal or toast and fruit to fuel your home, eat and stretch out on the couch in front of concentration for the morning’s work. If you work You’ll keep your motivation
out and eat too lightly, chances are you’ll get “the to exercise if you:
If, however, you follow some simple, sensible drowsies” by 2 p.m., if not sooner.
• Have a glass of juice to boost your energy dietary practices throughout your day, you’ll get Keep in mind that finding the right combina- tion of food and drink to energize your work- that workout done. And rather than feeling light- • Eat a breakfast that includes whole grains out—whatever time of day you choose—may take headed and exhausted afterward, you’ll be ener- some experimenting. It all depends upon your • Eat small, frequent small meals and snacks individual tastes and your metabolism. With a little during the day to maintain your blood sugar.
patience, an open mind and a little creativity, you’ll One key to staying motivated to exercise is to • Make sure to have a light, healthy snack an keep the amount of sugar in your blood—and hour before your noon or after-work workout. thus, your energy level—stable to prevent ups and • Stay hydrated, keeping a water bottle at your downs. You can best do that by eating a series of small meals throughout the day—as many as fiveor six—that are composed of complex carbohy- • Limit—or eliminate—the amount of caffeine drates, such as whole grain breads, beans and other vegetables, whole grain crackers and fruit. If you plan ahead and make time for grocery shop- ping, you can easily pack some simple meals and What about caffeine? Good question. Many ath- letes rely on caffeine for the initial kick it can pro- your blood sugar stable because they are digest- vide. Remember, though, that caffeine can also ed and absorbed slowly into the blood and affect the amount of insulin, and thus, sugar, in don’t require your pancreas to produce much your blood. Further, it can cause dehydration, insulin. Refined carbohydrates, such as potato While drinking a caffeinated beverage may chips, doughnuts and cookies, are absorbed help get you to the gym, within an hour you may very quickly and trigger the pancreas to pro- If you are interested in information on other health and fitness topics, contact: American Council on Exercise, 4851 Paramount Drive,
San Diego, CA 92123, 800-825-3636; or, go online at http://www.acefitness.org and access the complete list of ACE Fit Facts.

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