1. In the patient with a blood glucose of 300mg/dL or higher without signs or symptoms of dehydration should receive how much normal saline? Pg 61 2. The adult dose of Zofran is _____. Pg 69 a. 4mg over 30 seconds IV/IO b. 4mg over 1 minute c. 2mg over 1 minute IV/IO d. 2 mg IM 3. Zofran may be given all of the following routs except_____. Pg 69 4. The pediatric dose of Zofran is _____. Pg 69 a. 0.1mg/kg over 1 minute b. over 1 minute c. 0.3mg/kg over 1 minute d. 4mg over 1 minute 5. The pediatric dose of a medication should never exceed the adult dose. Pg 49 6. The pediatric dose of Etomidate is _____. Pg 55 a. 0.2mg/kg b. 0.3mg/kg c. 0.02mg/kg d. There is no pediatric dose 7. The maximum total dose of Valium in the actively seizing adult or child is _____. Pg 114 a. 5mg b. 10mg c. 20mg d. There is no maximum dose 8. Hypoglycemia in the newborn is described as _____. Pg 61 a. <20mg/dL b. <30mg/dL c. <40mg/dL d. <60mg/dL 9. Upon receiving approval by medical control the infant dose of Morphine is _____. Pg 67 a. 0.01mg/kg b. 0.03mg/kg c. 0.05mg/kg d. 0.5mg/kg 10. In the pain management protocol, Morphine may be administered to a patient with an O2 11. A newborn is less than _____ days old. Pg 49 12. The adult dose of Etomidate is _____. Pg 55 a. 30mg b. 0.3mg/kg c. 20mg d. Both A and B 13. If resuscitation efforts are started on a trauma patient by an EMS organization you may 14. The adult patient may refuse care based upon their _____. Pg 23 a. Competence b. Capacity c. Compassion d. Both A and B 15. Any patient that receives Narcan may refuse care. Pg 27 16. In the event that a Law Enforcement Officer is refusing a patient to be transported to the hospital against our advice, an EMS Captain _____ be contacted. Pg 26 17. In the adult patient, Morphine may be given as long as the blood pressure is equal to or greater 18. When administering the CYANOKIT®, all of the following drugs may not be given in the same a. Valium b. Nitroglycerine c. Lasix d. Dobutamine 19. Total dose of Albuterol is _____. Pg 76 a. 2.5mg b. 5mg c. 7.5mg as long as the heart rate is below 140 d. There is none as long as the heart rate is below 150. 20. The dose of Lasix in CHF is _____. Pg 77 a. 1mg/kg not to exceed 60mg b. Only given once c. Given if the systolic BP is greater than or equal to100mmHg d. All of the above 21. We no longer pace in asystole. Pg 79 22. If the patient has a denervated heart, administer _____ instead of atropine in symptomatic a. Sodium bicarb b. Dopamine c. Calcium chloride d. Nitroglycerine 23. Which one of the following is not one of the H’s in narrow complex tachycardia. Pg 82 a. Hypovolemia b. Hydrogenated c. Hypoglycemia d. Hypothermia 24. The next course of treatment for a patient that is suffering from stable narrow complex tachycardia and has received a total of 30mg of Adenosine is _____. Pg 84 a. Cardiovert @ 100 joules b. Cardiovert @ 200 joules c. Cardizem 0.25 mg/kg d. Rapid transport 25. An initial dose of Adenosine is indicated for the stable patient with known atrial fibrillation or 26. For hypotension or bradycardia induced by an administration of Cardizem, the treatment of a. Atropine b. Pace c. Calcium Chloride d. Dopamine 27. In order to give Nitroglycerine to the patient experiencing chest pain in a suspected AMI, the blood pressure must be equal to or above _____ mmHg. Pg 95 28. If a patient is experiencing chest pain with ST elevation in the inferior leads and V4R is positive you may administer Nitroglycerine SL. Pg 96 29. In the altered mental status protocol, the dose of Narcan for the patient with a depressed mental status and respirations is _____. Pg 112 30. If a patient is conscious and in control of their airway with a blood glucose lower than 60mg/Dl they may drink all of the following except _____. Pg 113 a. D50 b. Orange juice c. Soda d. None of the above 31. When documenting the time of onset for a stroke patient, you should also document the ____. Pg a. Name of the last person to have contact with them b. Phone number of the last person that had contact with them c. The social security number of the last person to have contact with them d. Both A and B 32. After intubating a patient that is unconscious and unresponsive you find that they may be suffering from an opiate overdose. The correct dose of Narcan would be_____. Pg 118 33. In a mild allergic reaction the maximum dose of Benadryl in a pediatric patient is _____. Pg 129 34. The EpiPen Jr. is used for the patient between _____and _____ kg. Pg 130 35. To avoid a dystonic reaction to Haldol, you must also administer _____. Pg 134 a. Benadryl b. Valium c. Narcan d. All of the above 36. Never restrain a patient in the _____ position. Pg 137 a. Supine b. Left lateral c. Prone d. Recovery 37. After applying a restraint device, you must _____. Pg 137 a. Give Valium b. Monitor distal circulation c. Drive code 3 to the hospital d. None of the above 38. The dose of Labetolol in a hypertensive patient who meets criteria is _____. Pg 100 a. .25mg/kg slow over 5 minutes b. 25mg slow over 2 minutes c. 20mg IV slow over 2 minutes d. 20 mg IV or IM over 5 minutes 39. PBCFR EMTs and Paramedics can remove dart firing stun gun probes. Pg 138 40. Reporting suspected child abuse and suspected venerable adult abuse is required by law. Pg 140 41. In the eclamptic patient, the first drug of choice to stop the seizure is _____. Pg 107 a. Magnesium Sulfate b. Labetolol c. Calcium Chloride d. Valium 42. In the complications of labor and delivery protocol, the only two times you place a gloved hand in the vagina is during _____ and _____. Pg 104 a. Prolapsed cord, breech birth b. Limb presentation, shoulder dystocia c. Breech birth, limb presentation d. Shoulder dystocia 43. Before transport of a barotrauma patient that is showing signs of a stroke after a dive, you a. Transport to the nearest hospital b. Call ahead and check availability of a dive chamber c. Place the patient on a nasal cannula d. None of the above 44. Sickle cell anemia patients experiencing extreme joint pain should receive _____. Pg 151 a. NS 20cc/kg IV b. Morphine c. Magnesium Sulfate d. Both A and B 45. Valium may take as long as ___ minutes to work when given IV. Pg 169 46. Which of the following is not a conclusive sign of death? Pg 11 a. Injuries incompatible with life b. Rigor mortis c. Fixed and dilated pupils d. Lividity 47. Pregnant women in their third trimester should be placed _____ during treatment or transport. Pg a. Prone b. On their left side c. Supine d. On their right side 48. All pregnant women greater than 20 weeks gestation and are Trauma Alerts transported by air a. St. Mary’s b. Delray Medical Center c. Boca Community Hospital d. Everglades Memorial Hospital 49. Which of the following sequences is the correct order regarding the initial steps in newborn a. Dry/warm, position the patient to open the airway, clear the airway, stimulate b. Clear the airway, position the airway, dry/warm, stimulate c. Suction, stimulate, ventilate, dry/warm d. None of the above 50. Which of the following is not a presumptive sign of death? Pg 11 a. Unresponsiveness b. Apenic c. Cold to touch d. Pulseless


Multiple choice answers are found at the end. 1. Type I synapses are found on the ________, while type II synapses are found on the _________. A) spines or dendritic shafts of the neuron; neuron cell body B) neuron cell body; spines and dendritic shafts of the neuron C) axons and axon terminals; neuron cell body D) neuron cell body; axons and axon terminals A) complex units of membrane-spanning

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