Look for Danger *
Must Look for Danger and wear Gloves , Goggles| Take Action to Remove Danger or Remove Pt from Danger | Take Control of Situation| Gets Bystanders to Assist
Elicit a Response
Talk & Touch | Use (COWS) Can you hear me, Open your Eyes, What’s your name, Squeeze my Hands to Determine Conscious State and apply either AVPU or GCS | Gains Consent to look after casualty or Implied Consent if unconscious Call Ambulance | 112 from a mobile phone | Gets bystander to call and asks for bystander to return with further info and stay on line| Be ready to answer the call takers questions Positions Appropriately (No response)-Supine position or Side position |Checks for Movement, Colour, and Whether the Casualty is Breathing Normally, If talking Checks Airway -? Signs of Life
Head Tilt, Chin Lift | Clears airway with Fingers or Suction | Back Blows x 5 |Chest Thrusts x 5 Check Breathing - Gives 2 Breaths if Not
Appropriate Head Tilt | Seals mouth and nose correctly | Normal breath, Small Breath, Cheek Puff |Turns head to look down chest for rise and fall Compressions x 30
Places pt on hard surface | Correct hand placement | Correct depth | Correct Rate| Checks placement if ribs are Broken Defibrillation
Checks Safety | Prepares Chest, Applies Pads Correctly, Fol ows Prompts, Checks No one is Touching Pt Prior to Administering Shock | CPR Between Shocks | Oxygen if SEEP | If Embedded Object - Ring Bandage | Direct Pressure | Elevation | Pad & Bandage | If Continued Bleeding - Removes Bandage – Applies New Pad | Constrictive Bandage if uncontrol ed bleeding | Preserves Amputated Part Correctly| Replaces /Preserves Tooth| Uses Non-Stick Dressing | Dressing Taped 3 sides for sucking chest wounds Explains that ambulance is coming and that they wil be looked after until they arrive | Pets are OK if applicable, Family notified if applicable| Sensitive to Cultural and Head-Neck-Chest-Abdomen-Pelvis-Limbs-Back-Spine | Looks or asks for Painful Sites, Irregularity, Lacerations, Swel ing, Deformity, Un-Natural Movement, Crepitus, Tenderness (PILSDUCT), Abrasions, Contusions, Bleeding| SCALD For Burns| Medical Alert Bracelets Pulse Rate/Rhythm, Respiratory Rate/Rhythm, Respiratory Effort, Respiratory sounds | Skin- Colour, Temp, Appearance | Conscious State| Pupils | Blood Pressure If Trained Postures Patient as required |Sitting| Legs Elevated | Anatomical Splinting | RICE | Sling Applied | Cooling or Warming |Spinal Alignment, Cervical Col ar if Trained| Padding, Use of Vinegar, Seawater, Hot Water | Cool Water| Warm Water, Fanning , Flushing, Give sips of water/milk/ Consult Poisons Info 13 11 26 | Pressure Immobilisation Technique| Assist with Medications: Epipen for Anaphylaxis |Ventolin 4x4x4 for Asthma| “Heart” Medications for Cardiac Chest Pain| FAST for Stroke Allergies, Medications, Past Medical History, Last Meal, Events Leading up to Injury/Illness Provoking Factors | Quality | Region/Radiation |Severity out of /10 What was pain score out of 10 initially -What it is now – Cardiac Chest Pain v Respiratory Pain Differential Diagnosis |Time of Onset Name - Age –History of What Happened - What you found - Treatment - Observations - AMPLE - PQRST - Pension/Health/Ambulance Card Number First Aid Report, Incident/Accident Report, Workcover Report| Self Appraisal/Seek Feedback to Evaluate Performance| Peer Support| Counselling



G U I D E L I N E S F O R P R A C T I C E Management of Steroid Sensitive INTRODUCTION Nephrotic Syndrome: Nephrotic syndrome is an important chronic disease Revised Guidelines in children. About 80% children with idiopathicnephrotic syndrome show remission of proteinuriafollowing treatment with corticosteroids, and are INDIAN PEDIATRIC NEPHROLOGY GROUP, classified as ‘steroid sen

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Washout Periods for Brimonidine for latanoprost ( n ؍ 17) was 4.4 ؎ 3.2 weeks ( P ؍ .24). 0.2% and Latanoprost 0.005% In all but one patient, brimonidine returned to baseline by 5 weeks and latanoprost returned by 8 weeks. William C. Stewart, MD, Keri T. Holmes, and CONCLUSION: After discontinuing latanoprost or bri- Mark A. Johnson monidine, a wide variation exist

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