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Network monitoring software Software for monitoring a network without adding an excessive overhead to An area of work looking at potential commercial applications for bananas (specially green bananas) Extraction of fibre as an additive for nutrition supplements. A test developed to detect the amount of pesticide present in vegetables. The kit Standalone security software incorporating steganography and cryptography. Series of anti-ageing and skin strengthening products A package of software to allow HD video conferencing over the internet Production of sterile maggots Method of producing sterile maggots for maggot therapy of wounds. of Licilia cuprina for therapeutic treatment of wounds A rapid molecular diagnostic test for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis A 8 axis cutter for making precision parts A machine for grinding palm waste to allow enzymatic production of bioethanol enzymatic action on ligno-cellulose for bioethanol A Pelvic Binder. Supports the pelvic region after an injury, to prevent internal bleeding. A device for use in hospital operating theatres. Holds equipment in place. Alternatives from the US are available, however this has cost and practical advantages. A new plant extract identified as having mosquito repellent properties. Has been integrated into a gel formulation for easy application. A wood-like composite material. Initial market entry has been selected as an alternative material for furniture manufacture. Currently 70% risk husk, 30% polymer binder. Selective breeding of different varieties of chili to enable selection by "hotness" A rapid test kit for simultaneous detection of the presence of Staphylococcus aureus and it antibiotic resistance genes. A rapid and sensitive molecular diagnostic kit for the detection of 5 serotypes of Method For The Detection Of A rapid test kit for simultaneous detection of the presence of Streptococcus Streptococcus Pneumoniae pneumoniae and it antibiotic resistance genes. And Associated Antibiotic Resistance Genes (Pbp1a, Pbp2b And Ermb) A rapid and sensitive molecular diagnostic kit for the detection of CMV. A rapid PCR test developed to diagnose Melioidosis. Infection of Burkholderia Species in a Biological Sample A molecular diagnostic kit for the detection of Salmonella Paratyphi A. A kit based on a semi-nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for the detection and identification of ten clinically relevant Candida species. A platform technology has been developed that uses PCR as a diagnostic A process for extracting a bioactive extract which exhibits bioactivity of increasing spermatozoa production and spermatozoa quality in terms of morphology and motility, as well as increasing testosterone synthesis and release from cells of males. A new centre established to promote the standardisation of herbal products. Facilities to work to international standards to produce "monographs" of active compounds to allow international sales A lignin based derivative that aids mud drilling (preventing rust, aiding gelling and Lignin modification to produce a resorbant material suitable for removing heavy Motorcycle throttle and brake A design for a motorcycle lock - which operates preventing the throttle and brake lock Stress profiling and treatment Diagnosis and treatment programmed for workplace stress Cost effective patient notes and drugs trolley for hospitals. A strategically important area to grow a national competency. MOSTI have funded SIRIM to build expertise in this area - SIRIM are now ready to produce some products based on the use of carbon fibres A method for reducing H2S from palm oil waste A system for collecting biogas from palm oil waster Corrosion inhibitor manufactured from local waste material A test kit to detect poisoning due to organophosphate and carbmate based A test kit to detect insecticide resistance in medically important insects such as An emulsion paint impregnate with insecticide that will last for over 2 years on An enzyme immunoassay-based test for rapid detection of Clostridium difficile A human skin substitute used in the treatment of chronic non-healing ulcers such as diabetic foot ulcers, bedsores, severe burns etc. A production of wax ester from palm oil based for toner application. Wax esters of the present invention are produced by reacting a fatty acid and a fatty alcohol at mild temperature with a linkage of coupling agent. The present invention relates to a wax ester used preferably in development of electrostatically charged image formed by electrophotography or electrostatic recording in a copier, a laser printer and the tone containing the wax. A method of hermetically encapsulating MEMS by a gold Si Layer. The present invention relates in general to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices but more particularly to packaged MEMS devices with polysilicon encapsulation A one step process for converting palm oil into a polyoil feedstock for the plastics A fast and easy to use test that can measure a child’s current reading performance and identify learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and eye problems such as blur vision, convergence, and inability to focus. A machine that could be used for laryngeal and endotracheal surgery housed in a portable box. A training tool for hands-on ear examination and ear surgery. A fully programmable Automatic Thermocyclic Dipping Machine (ATDM) for use A chemical solution to remove mercury from fish and fish products down to safe A method for producing Baculovirus biopesticide using insect larvae A biosensor for the detection of formaldehyde levels in fish based on enzyme A novel lipase enzyme isolated from Geobacillus bacteria that has unique properties including high thermal stability and resistance to organic solvents. A rapid detection kit for Candida species. This invention describes the isolation of a novel bacterium and a process for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production from anaerobically treated palm oil mill effluent and other organic wastes to produce biodegradable plastics. An improved process for production of L-homophenylalanine using in situ reaction and simultaneous retention of biocatalysts with integrated membrane bioreactor with online pH and temperature control. Hence both reaction and separation can occur in one step requiring lower capital costs and lower operating costs. A rapid enzyme immunoassay-based test for the detection of the Burkhoderia pseudomallei - the causative agent of melioidosis. A herbal-based pharmaceutical capsule for lowering gout uric acid. A specific and sensitive diagnostic method for rapid detection of lymphatic filariasis. The method employs a combination of a specific antigen, monoclonal antibody conjugated to a detection reagent and the technique of immunochromatography. An antigen-based diagnostic test that detects antibodies of the causative agent A process developed for bioenzymatic deinking of paper using multiple enzymes Method for making carbon nanotubes using catalyised CVD (Chemical vapour deposition). A material/processing step to allow Electroless Plating of materials that would normally not have the surface quality to allow this. A method for producing biodegradable resin using PHA-producing Natural ingredient extraction technology, many products, developed 'ActiveLiving' brand, selling products. A salt replacement from tropical marine and terrestrial plants which enhances the flavour and taste of food. High in antioxidant properties, relatively low in sodium, rich in dietary fibre and other important minerals, it has demonstrated health benefits in animal studies. A novel additive from edible plant extract that reduces oil absorption in food, prevent fat deterioration and confer health benefits to the consumer. A natural quality additive, it has been demonstrated to reduce up to 85% oil absorption in food. HealexTM is a tissue healing enhancer beneficial for chronic deteriorative diseases. The plant leaf extract accelerates healing, especially in compromised patients such as diabetics and those that have undergone surgery. Cost effective and effective flood detection and alert system. An apparatus for analyzing power quality disturbances comprising a current probe adapted to receive current measurement from power line, a voltage probe adapted to receive voltage measurement from power line, a digital signal processor adapted to process the received current measurement and the received voltage measurement to provide power quality analysis. The production of a bacterium that kills mosquito larvae. Malaysian isolate of mosquitocidal Bacillus sphaericus A method to prepare a standardised extract of Labisia with beneficial health effects including cardio protective properties. The invention relates to a bioreactor for cultivating algae. The bioreactor is designed to sustain stationary phase of the cultivated algae for a prolonged duration in contrast to conventional bioreactors. Bioactive compounds from the medicinal plant Eurycoma logifolia for treatment Intumescent fire protective steel coating made of recycled material (eggcells). A system that combines existing technologies, customised for Malaysian requirements. Can weigh trucks as they pass over sensors leading to a weighing A system to detect pork DNA in food using the Real-time PCR technology. This invention relates to a method for producing diacylglycerols DAG. Suitable palm-based starting materials will be used to produce products such as healthy cocoa butter-like DAG to be used in the production of healthy chocolate for the growing diet-conscious consumers as well as margarine/shortening. A proposed design of polymer lithium ion battery with advantages over existing designs The use of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) process for extracting oil of kenaf A supplement of natural antioxidant compound recommended for attenuation of oxidative stress induced due to strenuous exercise. The invention relates a naturally occurring source of metabolites produced by a probiotic bacterial spp and a method of using the probiotic as a dietary supplement. The novel composition has been shown to have therapeutic and beneficial effects for reproductive ailments, cardiovascular and bone related conditions, cognitive function, urinary incontinence, body fat increase and post menopausal syndromes, and contains extract from palm leaf. A rapid kit for the detection of heavy metals in environmental samples. Xenoassay® Kits for detecting environmental toxicants The invention is an-in-vessel high rate composting apparatus for processing of oil palm biomass, organic and municipal wastes to produce compost product. Improved ultrasound scanner Low cost ultrasound scanner for the developing world. for medical applications time and cost saving method to build affordable housing in the developing world Membrane for cleaning up natural gas at well head. Making higher value products from bio-waste. Can measure multiphase flows (i.e. water/air in oil). Biological process to treat industrial waste. Time/cost saving equipment for inspection of power line components. A solar collector comprising a corrugated surface as the heat absorbing material. The solar collector is used in a solar dryer which enables it to run continuously and efficiently. The solar dryer is applicable for agricultural produce such as herb, tea etc. and provides a viable alternative to traditional and current drying techniques. Non-chemical process for cleaning up natural oils. GranuMaS - bone filler material from MY limestone (Halal) A centre of expertise in this area. All components of fuels cells and working prototypes can be manufactured Educational software for teaching the Malay language to young children. Software for monitoring the subscriptions of libraries to different journals. Can subscription management) or identify duplication in journal subscriptions, and be used those journals that are Jet-P Improvement on commercially available checkers and optimised for English- Software for use in a hospital to assess the efficiency of medical treatment by hospital performance (quality, performance and cost. efficiency) A simple device for monitoring the growth of cracks (target market being concrete). Prototypes produced with software (although software will need to be re-written in industry standard code) The invention relates to a vaccine developed for providing protection to penaeid shrimp or prawn against infection caused by White Spot Syndrome Baculovirus Complex. The vaccine is administered to the penaeid shrimp via oral ingestion, as food additives. The invention relates to an aquatic animal feed product comprising metabolite derived from probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria. A yeast preparation to produce caratenoid astaxanthin, a natural red pigment which is a high value commercial product. A biosensor for the detection of formaldehyde levels in fish based on enzyme technology. Consists of two components: a biosensor and a reader. Demonstrated data comms device to connect remote buildings without the need Antenna suitable for tracking satellite signals on a moving vehicle. Electrical earthing system made from steel (not copper) hence is less likely to be stolen. Protects building features not suited to the use of Franklin rods. 3D camera assembled from commercially available components that can capture images in pitch dark. An aesthetic and ergonomic antenna less prone to environmental damage. A new method of producing halal micro carrier for growing vero cells for A process of synthesizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on powdered activated carbon in economical way as activated carbon is considered cheap. These CNTs can be used for treating waters. A new method of producing biological surfactant from palm oil sludge as a raw material which has wide applications, it is a natural product, biodegradable, lower A new method to measure cancerous cell that uses electrical signal that eliminate the necessity of manual counting. The method does not require expert biologists to conduct measurements. There are several applications such as personalized devices for cancer treatments and lab on chip for selection of cancer cells. A novel method on reducing uneven surface on metal after machining works. The method is using heat on the surface of the metal before the machining started. This method helps to pro-long tool life and produce better quality surface finish. A pectin-rich extract of Morinda citrifolia for treating diabetes. Morinda Citifolia as glucose lowering agent MARDI Immuno-Gold Biosensor Strip A rapid biosensor or for the detection of bacterial growth which was developed using micromechanical oscillators coated in common nutritive layers. The change in resonance frequency as a function of the increasing mass on a cantilever array forms the basis of the detection scheme. An indicator for the presence of mercury in herbal medicine products as bromelain gave the highest percentage of inhibition in the presence of mercury compared to other protease enzymes in previous experiments A software for writing in normal font, Arabic and Jawi font in existing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and other compatible applications. Comprised of 1. Asar Fonts 2. Arabic QWERTY Keyboard 3. Translation Keyboard A flexible and adaptable intellectual property (IP) software management solution allowing organizations to effectively review, monitor and manage their IP assets software management solution allowing organizations to effectively review, monitor and manage their IP assets A diagnostic tool kit to measure service excellence and quality of performance of (patent/Trademark/Copyright) an organization The methods of precision agriculture based on information technology. So that, farmers make optimal decisions depending on site-specific information, such as Dietary fibre powder (DFP) from pink guava by-products that have less than 5% moisture content with 57-76% total dietary fibre and with suitable hydration A natural colourant from Orchid flower for use in cosmetic products that is capable to change colour upon application to human skin An environmentally friendly bait to eliminate termites by using empty fruit bunch. A new method of high yield & low cost production of citric acid from oil palm empty fruit bunches by using solid state fermentation or bioconversion Easily maintained Industrial heavy duty air purifier. A process to improve controlled-release drug delivery system. This process involves modulating the chemical state of the prepared system by irradiation. A device to simplify and standardized the labeling of library books. A device for a safer, more reliable and more accurate method to measure the hardenability of steel through a process called Jominy end-quench test. A culture method for true microgravity environment during spaceflight. The methods are optimized and have successfully obtained viable cells post Microgravity Culture Method For Normal Human Osteoblast (NHOst) Cells A filter system and A method for removing sludge in rearing water tank A portable platform for cleaning corpses that can be easily transported to Tajuk Lama -Comfortable Place For Bathing The Death A system using natural plants for treating Industrial wastewater NDR1 (Drag Reducing Agent A method of using natural polymer comprising chitosan to produce drag reducing The technology uses a selected microbe and submerged fermentation production under aerobic condition to improve POME quality. Conversion of palm trunk woody materials (ie. strands & scrims) into new composite material for making timber-based products A novel compound extracted from a strain of Basidiomycetes fungal species that exhibit strong antimicrobial activity against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that can be further developed as a drug candidate for the treatment of A process to produce glass fiber reinforced (GFR) composite materials for Physical MIMOS Reduced cost and improved Low cost Ionophores as part of membrane cocktails for chemical sensors showing increased immobilisation, resulting in increases membrane lifetime. molecules to be used as part of membrane cocktails for chemical sensors Torrified Acacia Wood as bio- Invention is to improve structural integrity of articles made from palm wood using effective 3-dimensional joint that can be either in form of palm wood boards or A production of commercial sweetener (sorbitol) from biomass (saw dust). Inventive approach to timber drying which is 1) Chemical-free 2) Cost-efficient use of energy 3)More environmental friendly (eliminate preservative chemical or Tissue culture (often called micropropagation) is a special type of asexual propagation where a very small piece of tissue (shoot apex, leaf section or even an individual cell) is excised (cut-out) and placed in sterile (aseptic) culture in a test tube, petridish or tissue culture container containing a special culture medium. This practice gives rise to variations in the quality and sex of the fruit as well as the productivity and sex of the plant. Software for teaching, education & training services to pre-school dyslexic children by using an interactive multimedia learning courseware, arranging and conducting of seminars and training workshops; organisation of education competitions, education information, educational examination, organisaion of exhibitions for education purposes. Class 41. An apparatus for dispensing fertilizer accurately and safely to the plant root zone. A manual hand tool granular fertilizer dispenser comprised of a taper base container, precise metering device, a reducer, a pliant delivery hose couple with a long pipe and manual handle for drive mechanism operation. The design of the device is simple and also low cost to be manufactured Physical MIMOS A high sensitivity, high water A high sensitivity, high water absorption humidity micro sensor with applications in precision agriculture, forestry, hydrology, and civil engineering. MIMOS supports such sensors with sophisticated wireless sensors networks capable to read and analyze sensor data for continuous monitoring. Production of bioethanol by using oil palm industrial effluent. The process is cost- effective since it is using waste materials from oil palm mills. Suit for motorcycle rider where the safety vest equipped with 3rd safety break LED light, left and right signal and LED tailgate that is deemed to be more visible to road users. Invention has employed a wireless system in order to communicate with motorcycle. Low cost, with increased accuracy and stability NPK chemical micro sensors suitable for wireless sensor networks finding applications in precision agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental monitoring. improved performance and reliability for agriculture, aquaculture & environmental monitoring Physical MIMOS A plasticizer-free sensing Low cost with increased reliability and lifetime, plasticizer-free, ion selective membranes for chemical sensors. These sensors find applications in environmental monitoring and precision agriculture. increased sensor lifetime and reliability Physical MIMOS A low cost, durable, planar Low cost, durable, maintenance-free planar reference electrodes with increased reference electrode based on stability and lifetime for chemical sensors. These sensors find applications in hydrophilic organic chloride environmental monitoring and precision agriculture. An agriculture by-product fibre hybrid composite from coconut for use in the construction of insulator articles, members, structures and the like for the in the Construction of Armour purpose of noise, heat, and vibration applications. Articles, Members, Structures & Like A process of turning waste feathers from poultry industry into a high value product for use in the cosmetics and consumer goods industries, particularly A novel plant extract obtained from Macaranga spp that exhibit antimicrobial properties. The crude extract has shown antimicrobial activity against MRSA and therefore is a potential biocidal agent for eradication of MRSA. A novel plant extract obtained from Fagaceae spp that exhibit antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and has shown strong antimicrobial This integrated machine system is capable of preparing the planting hole, placing of seedling in the prepared hole, covering of the seedling in the prepared hole, and compacting of the soil around the planted seedling in plantation field This project is producing cellulolytic enzyme from palm oil mills effluent which will be used for Production of bioethanol by using oil palm industrial effluent. resources by liquid state bioconversion of palm oil mill effluent The oil derived from the shoot of cashew that showed potent antibacterial activity against several numbers of bacteria particularly Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), commonly the most pathogenic bacteria that can cause severe infection in hospitals worldwide. An improved papaya varieties using conventional breeding and biotechnology, to improve current Eksotika papayas through introduction of ringspot virus resistance and delayed fruit ripening genes. Conventional breeding will screen all accessions for varieties with delayed fruit ripening and ringspot virus tolerance. Molecular markers associated with these traits would be identified. Crosses and hybrids will be subsequently made to transfer these characters to Eksotika and molecular markers will be used to identify promoting hybrids in early generation selection A novel enzyme, PKzymeTM, from Palm Kernel Cake for enhancing the Production As Supplement in performance of palm kernel cake based broiler diets. Poultry and Fish Feed An innovative method of learning through cashier transactions for kids by mobile game-based learning which related to additions, subtractions, divisions, and


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„ Pseudo Renal Failure„ Acute Renal Failure„ NSAIDs, CyA/Tacrolimus, ACEI/ARB, Diuretics„ ATN – Aminoglycosides, Amphotericin B, „ ↑ BUN due to protein catabolism „ ↑ SCr due to competitive inhibition of creatinine „ 15-35% rise SCr fully expressed after 3 days„ More sig in pts with pre-existing renal dysfunction „ Completely reversible when drug is discont


EVALUATION KIT MANUAL FOLLOWS DATA SHEET Switch-Mode Lithium-Ion Battery-Charger General Description ____________________________Features The MAX745 provides all functions necessary for♦ Charges 1 to 4 Lithium-Ion Battery Cells charging lithium-ion battery packs. It provides a regu-♦ ±0.75% Voltage-Regulation Accuracy lated charging current of up to 4A withou

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