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FSU Gymnasts, Gymkana, Tallahassee Tumbling Tots, and Friends Newsletter June 1st, 2008
(Forty - First Edition) [email protected]
Once teammates, always teammates” by Charlie Christian.
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Claire Essig (& Dick) Traynor
Mike Mann & Fran Millians 57-67 RE. “Swim into your Grave, Argosy Magazine” story
“Jack - This is not worth running in the next newsletter because it doesn't make that much difference. The families of our "Little Dismal" recovery gave us Norelco electric shavers and not watches.
Could they have given us both? Maybe one family gave watches and the other shavers, if so, I don't remember the watch. I recall it
well because although I seldom used an electric but I was still using mine 20 years later when I was managing a Sambo's restaurant
and needed a touch up while at work. I kept in my desk drawer in my office. Related matter, is Jessika Widerman ( Jessika
Widerman<[email protected]> ) {2008 FSU Girls Gymnastics Team.jmm}, on your mailing list for the newsletter and other
communications? Could you send me your current mailing list as my last one is over a year old, I believe. Mike {I got a watch, Mike
got a razor.jmm}
Jimmy & Peggy Tanaka 51-56 For the records
“Jack, Thank you for your tireless and outstanding efforts you have been
putting into the FSU Newsletter (40th Edition is a mile stone). In reviewing
the Members of FSU National Gymnastics Championship Team 1951-1955, I have an addendum that I'd like to share. Just prior to
the 1953 NAAU Gymnastics Championship I dislocated and chipped a bone in the middle finger of the right hand on the Parallel
Bars (Hand stand, back layout somersault catch to handstand). Thanks to Don Holder, within minutes, put it back in place.
Since I was no longer physically able (finger in cast) to compete on the six Olympic events, Doctor Price suggested that I learn to
swing the Indian Clubs if I wanted to go to the Nationals. With the assistance of Gene Rabbit and others I learned the art/techniques
of Indian Club swinging, with only two fingers in the right hand, just enough to convince Dr. Price that I should go with the Team to
Chicago where my folks were living at the time. If my memory serves me correctly, I placed 4th. I remember I was happy to know
that I contributed points to the National Championship Gymnastics Team. Close to 1/3 of the Team points came from the Indian
event. (The FSU Team won the nationals because of the Indian Club event. The event was eliminated the following year.jmm}
Peggy and I will be departing for Vienna, Tel Aviv, Aswan, Luxor, Amman, Jordon, Cairo, Egypt, cruising down the Nile River,
etc. May 24th returning June 20th, therefore, will not be attending the FSU Gymnastics reunion.
I am still quite involved with my Judo Team at the College and teaching sailing on San Francisco Bay on weekends. It's a dirty
job but someone has to do it. Warmest regards to the gang at the FSU Gymnastics reunion during the Memorial Day weekend.
Wishing you continued success. Jimmy "The two fingers Indian Club swinger"
Ron & Loree Galimore TTT Visit to Ft. Lauderdale
“Jack, it was great seeing you this past weekend. Having a chance to visit with you brought back so many wonderful memories of the time I spent in Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee. I really appreciate you taking the time to come out to dinner with us and driving us to the
airport. Attached find an out of focus of picture of us at the restaurant. I’m going to toss that camera and buying another one that takes
better pictures. Oh well, it looks like I will have to come back and take another picture soon. Give my best to Chad and Nancy. Talk
to you soon. Ron” {A fuzzy focused picture is my “best side”.jmm}
Almira (Mrs. Jack) Sharp 51-53/60-62 Moving day coming
“In mid-July I am going to move to a retirement community closer to where daughter Diane is living. Will let you know if I have a change of email address. I have a couple of girlfriends there from my Girls High {Philly.jmm} days. We were in each other's weddings. I will miss this little town of Newtown, but am looking forward to new surroundings in Lower Gwynedd, and will be close to a Quaker meeting there. Love, peace and joy, Almira”.{Benny Wallace loved that country when he visited the area last trip.jmm}
Joe & DottieTaylor 53-60/67-68 Joe’ Taylor’s “Surprise” Birthday party
“At 12:04 AM 4/26/2008, Dottie Taylor wrote: This is an invitation to all of Joe's gymnast family. Please help us celebrate Joe's 80th Birthday”. {See what the troops said below.jmm}
Mike Mann & Fran Millians 57-67 Joe Taylor’s “Surprise” Birthday party
“Jack - Bill, Carol, Fran and I were the only ones that attended from our group. It was a fantastic party in a special place. The Dixie plantation is a very special place and very beautiful and has a fantastic history. There was
a fantastic spread of barbecue pork and trimmings which everyone enjoyed. There were a lot of people there but most of them were
former coworkers with Joe and except for Bill and Carol we didn't know anyone else there but really had a good time. Since Bill and
Carol had worked at HRS at one time it is possible that they knew one or two of the people that may have been there when they were.
Mike” {Can yau’all imagine a boy from the streets of Philadelphia retiring in good “ole” southern Georgia.I can.jmm}
Bill & Carol Beavers 57-61/69-70 Joe Taylor’s “Surprise” Birthday party
“Carol & I attended Joe Taylor's birthday party on May 10 at a plantation hunting club lodge near Monticello, FL. This place was impressive. Thousands of acres with a two hundred acre plus lake, beautiful oak trees (some as
old as Joe) and terrific food all arranged by Joe's kids and wife Dottie. Joe got me my first respectable good paying job upon finishing
my undergraduate degree and Dottie was my first secretary. Had I not worked there I would never have met Carol. The world is
small. Fran and Mike were there to help represent the gymnastics contingent. Good time had by all, my only complaint was that there
was too much good beer! Bill.PS, This is short as I got to get some beauty rest before leaving for a race tomorrow at 6 AM.
Don & Connie Holder 51-57 80 in 08
“What a unique gathering, to have former members of our FSU Championship Gymnastic team to celebrate our 80th birthdays. Kudos go to Susie and Dick Gutting for heading this planned event. Missing members also in their 80th year are Joe Taylor and Rafael Lecuona. In the past, I have conversed with top Gymnasts from other educational institutions as to whether they reunite with former teammates; the answer was always a NO. So we do have and always had a very strong bond with our past teammates and wives. Let's hope we can endure for years to come. Don Holder” {Also attending the dinner was one of Don’s top gymnast. The loveable giant 6’3’, Ed Navarro.jmm}{This is definitely the “Old timers” of our group.jmm} Gymnasts Attending Dinner
Jack Miles & Nancy Dye 50-58 80 in 08
{Thanks to Dick and Susie Gutting the “80 in 08” dinner and gathering was really great. It was a dress-up dinner at an exclusive restaurant outfitted in carved oak, stained glass, regal red accessories, and dimly lit lights in a quiet atmosphere. The male waiters took our orders and the food was
terrific. We had a long table and when the head waiter, with lighted birthday cake in hand, leaned over and asked me, “Whose
eightieth birthday is it?” I turned to the group and asked, “Will all those whose 80th birthday it is please stand up.” They all stood up –
even a guy from another table. That blew the waiters we settled on placing the cake in front of the biggest
windbag.Dick.who blew out the candles in one breath. My son, Chad, really enjoyed Jim Jackson’s wit and stories.
Afterwards, we all went to the Gutting’s charming house to socialize with drinks and snacks. (Sadly, Chick and Jennie got lost and
didn’t attend). There we were presented with gift “T” shirts sent from Bruce Davis and a framed montage picture which Dick had
laboriously put together of the fifties team. That night we took a group picture with the guys in the same positions today as in the
picture. Mike Mann has an assortment of pictures of the event on the web-site.jmm}
Chick & Jennie Cicio 54-59 80 in 08
“Hi Jack.The 80 in 08 was fine. Sorry I could not make a "TRUE" 80; however, thanks for having me enjoy time with you all. Dick chose a fine place for us."La Paloma" is one of the oldest and better restaurants in town. Sorry Jennie and I got lost and could not make it to Dick's house. Having family for this Memorial weekend therefore I'll be a "No Show" maybe next one. Memorial day is difficult to plan.even if it is planned ahead. As you know "Stuff" happens. Ciao & God Bless.Chick & Jennie Hi to all the reunion folks and "ENJOY Dick & Susie Gutting 50-55 Dick’s “Surprise” Party
{Dick Gutting didn’t go to the reunion at Barbara’s because he didn’t have a ride to the event. I was to be his ride, but I had to lie to him and tell him my daughter was flying me up to Tallahassee and I therefore was not going by car. Susie, his wife, had secretly contacted me
earlier and told me that their sons and family were coming from all over the U.S.A. to give him a huge surprise party for his eightieth
birthday and to make up a story of why Dick and I couldn’t ride up together.
Today, Dick told me he was 100% surprised when he was involved in some paperwork and heard the dog barking in the house and
then behind his back, came familiar voices saying, “Hello Dad” in unison. He spun around and was stunned to see both their sons
standing there smiling and ready to give him a big hug - with Susie and all the family laughing and giggling in the background. Dick
said it was without a doubt the greatest birthday – even event - he had ever had.
Being an avid rare watch collector he was even more shocked when his son, David, presented him with a watch in value that would
make most people gasp. He said he could add up his whole collection not even come near the treasure they had given him.
Kudos’ to Susie and their loved ones who put Dick, that day, on top of the world.jmm}
Bob Christians 58-60 /61-62 Alligator Point Reunion
“Hi Jack, Just a "hello" to the FSU Gymnastic Team wishing. I could be there with you now at this year's reunion. My best to all, Bob Christians” (So the “Christians” and the “Christian” didn’t make the trip.jmm} Charlie Christian 55-57 Alligator Point Reunion
“Hi guys, my reply to Barbara, Hello Barbara, Due to my health I am unable to travel very far and will be unable to attend however I have followed the wonderful reunions for the past several years through the Gymnastics website. The pictures are priceless. I will be there
with you in spirit. My best, Charlie Christian
I am the good looking guy on top!!! No one else that I know of was ever gutsy enough to stack all the chairs. Charlie”
Don & Patsy Rapp 53-55/58-60
“Jack, Patsy and I attended the 08 reunion and loved it. Barbara is such a wonderful hostess. Everyone present contributed to the enjoyment of the weekend. Compatibility was obviously the root of the group.The weather was perfect with a steady breeze. The conversation was brisk and shared with ease. At
dinner was Ed Jonas.which was a fabulous bonus. .His models of the statue pleased and showed expertise!
And there was much more conversation, where I continue to learn of past exploits. At my time in 53-54-55, I did not know you
guys were so . . . . . . . . . (You fill in the term). And I am more overwhelmed that ever at the honors that were lost which a
statue will go a long way to bring back. For me, as a non-gymnast I feel privileged to be included. By the way, juggling lessons are
freely given to anyone who wishes. Don”
Bill & Carol Beavers 57-61/69-70 Alligator Point Reunion
“For Carol and I had a terrific time. Was great to see everyone again and have some good food and drink, as well as some quality kayak time! I told Tessa I bet she hadn't seen so many old people in one spot since the time she got caught in a traffic jam in
St. Pete! Bill. Wishing you continued success”. {While talking to Carole at the reunion I noticed she was staring at my face.
Thinking her admiring my blue eyes, I asked, “Why are you staring at me?” She answered, “Oh nothing, I was just connecting the
dots on the liver spots on your face.”.jmm}
Sandy Miles Hennessy Jack’s Daughter Alligator Point Reunion
“Hi Dad, I am very disappointed to tell you that I will only be able to make it down to Barbara's Saturday. Things here have been off the charts, crazy. Julia {My granddaughter.jmm} is graduating High School this week. There are so many
assemblies, Steel drum concerts, graduation things, etc. and Max has end of season baseball games, practices, school assemblies,etc.
And my real estate business is finally picking back up. It is pretty nuts around here.
At Julia's (6 hour) awards assembly this morning, she received a $500 scholarship from her Steel Drum Band. It was the only one
to be given out. It won't go real far, but it was an honor anyway.
If you get a chance, you can go to 'You tube' and look up 'Lion Steel' and you should see 3 songs that were performed by her band
at the National Steel Drum Competition last month. They were the underdogs and they won first place. They are really good. I like
the third song best Danse Bacchanale from Samson et Delilah . The other two titles are Seasons of Love and The Challenge is Minor
. Julia is directly in front of the director. 3rd in from the left, on the front row. She plays tenor pan. I think if you click on the song
name it may go straight to the song. She and 4 other players play gigs around town and are going to continue to do that as a side job
after they graduate. We have to get her a Tenor pan first, but I am glad she will be continuing with it. It has been a lot of fun for all of
us. There was an article about the Virginia Beach Competition in the paper the other day. I think you can just click this link to take
you to the article. Leon steel band brings home the festival gold . If that does not work, you can just google the Tallahassee Democrat
and type in that title. I love you. I hope you all have a really wonderful time. Sandy
Oscar “Bob” Brock 58-61 Alligator Point Reunion
“Hi Jack, Wish I could be there. Maybe next year. Best, Oscar Brock” Dick & Barbara Ireland 51-54 Alligator Point Reunion Dick & Barbara were unable to attend the Reunion due to such a long trip from New York and Art Ritus.via Don Holder {When the reader sees names not in bold print that means they have not sent me a “Pro FSU resume” yet.jmm} Gail Sontgerath & Bill Whitney 62-67 Alligator Point Reunion
“Hi Jack: The Whitney and Gault family had a terrific time at the re-union at Alligator Point. Ralph (April’s husband) wants to vacation there again soon. He said it was a terrific place, especially to fish, and he loved Barbara’s house and the area. If
Barbara sees a somewhat familiar face on her beach with 5-10 fishing poles in tow it might be Ralph so tell her not to be alarmed as he
might bring her some fresh fish. I say might as most of the time he just loves to throw the bait out (joking, Barbara) it was nice to see
new and familiar faces. Ed Jonas and Boots Culbertson haven’t changed a bit-reminded me of a long time ago like it was yesterday.
Thank you so much for letting my family also attend. They loved meeting my best friends. The circle goes around and around - it
seems like not that long ago we were all with babies and tumbling tots running around. Time has been good to us all.
My love to everyone who attended and those other dear friends that could not make it this year. Gail”
Barbara Sheehan Withers 54-62 Alligator
"Thanks to all who came to this year's reunion at Alligator Point. Luckily we had the most wonderful weather and the most charming group of gymnasts & friends/families for our long weekend at the beach. Thanks to the incredible chefs/cooks who
prepared so many great meals, we are going to have a "2008 FSU Gymnastics Reunion Cookbook" which will contain some of the
recipes from Mike (salsa & guacamole), Boots (spinach balls), Bev (Uncle Don's Sugarbush chicken), Patsy (Incredible Shrimp), Rita
(garlic smashed potatoes with chives and scallions), and your hostess (key lime pie, grouper, amberjack, etc.) just to name a few."
Also, Jack, consider putting something in about letting us know their preferences for next year: "We are tentatively planning to
have the reunion again over the Memorial Day Weekend next year (May 2009) but would appreciate any input you may have as to a
better time and place." Love & hugs, and thanks for your expert work at the Yaeger house, you were, as usual, indispensable.
Barbara O.K., thanks for reminding me, I forgot "Barbara's onion pie" - let's add that. Barbara”

Don & Patsy Rapp 53-55/58-60 Blindfolded

{At the reunion we talked of how I use to practice swinging rings and cut-catches while blindfolded with a towel.jmm}.”Just a personal thanks for telling me about the blind let-go ring move. That was a lot more dangerous than when I was in the Army and had a lot of time when I
worked in a hospital. I practiced over a cot, blind folded myself and try to juggle three balls. It took almost a year of on and off
practice to get it, and then it is not doable all the time. Still sometime I get up to 40 toss before a lost of concentration or miss toss.
But it is remarkable that the human nervous system can adjust to difficult moves without sight.
With my present interest in neurology I know why we human can do this. The Somatosensory nerves, all those billions of afferent
and efferent nerves, partially take over the function of the eyes. We do have capabilities that most of us do not take time to explore. I
realize, more and more each day, that you, as a gymnasts and me as a juggler, came to the same realization by different paths. The
important thing is that we know beyond a doubt that the human package is built to do more than we see in the general public. I have
come to the conclusion that we shall never get out of this present day mess unless 300,000,000 Americans take better care of their
personal biology, and use it to do marvelous things, like think and not drowned in the drink.
Thanks for being a great part of my weekend. Patsy sends her thanks.
That Barbara was remarkable 50 years ago and still is. Her beach setting is a good part of a reunion where the aura of a long-ago
extracurricular activity can still bring back a bunch of old, but still very much kickers and sharers, who are happy to still be involved
in the expression of gaseous vapors. Don Rapp
Mike Mann & Fran Millians 57-67 Alligator Point Reunion
“Jack - Enjoyed the reunion as usual, however, I really missed many of the south Florida bunch. You may recall that last year I urged you folks to have your "80 in 08" celebration in conjunction with the reunion. That way some of us that made 70 this year,
like me, would also have been able to participate in the party. In addition, Joe Taylor may not have had to have his separate party at
the Dixie plantation in north Florida near Monticello. The main reason was that I was sure that such a party would impact the reunion
attendance. When it occurred just a week before the reunion it probably even had a more devastating effect on the attendance than I
had expected.
Don't you old farts know that you don't recover as fast as you use to and can't do major back-to-back weekend parties? Especially
when you have to drive eight or ten hours to get to one of them. OBTW, Reunion photos are available on our web site ( ) this also has "Before and After" photos of all you
old farts that made 80 this year. Mike”
Jay & Eleanor Schwarzman 51-55 Alligator Point Reunion
“Jack, I thought the reunion was very well organized and well managed as usual. Of course, Barbara did her excellent job as hostess and was her usual gracious self. She is a gem! The attendance was a little disappointing but perhaps it will be better next
year. Jay” {It was great to have Jay with us during his bereavement. We love you man.jmm}
Jon & Boots Culbertson 64-66 Alligator Point Reunion
“Jack: Just need to say – sorry I missed it. I had to judge Championships of USA and go to NGJA meetings in Houston. Sure enjoyed it last year. Did you miss my buckwheat pancakes? Jon” {Boots, his wife made the reunion and was a total joy.jmm}
Mike Mann & Fran Millians 57-67 Alligator Point Reunion & Joe Taylor’s Birthday Party
“I have posted my photos from the reunion at ( ) these can also be reached from the "Photo & Video Gallery" page which is located ( ). Note that I have only posted my own personal
photos; I will post additional ones as folks get them to me so you might check back every few days. Several people had cameras and I
have asked them all to send me copies for the web site.
Please note that this year’s reunion photo pages also include a page with "Before" and "After" photos of the nine team members
that celebrated their eightieth birthday this year. Many at a party in south Florida and Joe Taylor with some friends and former co-
workers at his party at the Dixie plantation N. E. of Monticello. Not sure what if anything Raphael did since he has not responded to
an e-mail I sent but we have included him too. Pat Signorelli also attended the south Florida party even though he was a year too late.
See attached, Ed Jones presented models of several of his ideas for a commemorative figure on FSU's Legacy Walk preceding our
reunion banquet at the rebuilt and reopened Angelo's restaurant at the Ochlockonee Bay bridge.
The final would be life sized or perhaps slightly larger. The "planche" is also a separate figure but being black was not showing up
well just sitting on the dark table. I moved it to the lighter colored base so that it would show up better. The fellow above him is
doing his handstand on two parallel bar projections that stick out from the supports.
Ed is to supply us with "Official" photos of his models later and I will post and/or forward them as I get them. Mike”
Claire Essig (Mrs. Dick) Traynor 59-62 Alligator Point Reunion
To all of those who missed this year's Reunion at
Barbara's beach house you all missed a great time. The
weather was WONDERUL and the breezes DELIGHTFUL! It would have been nice to have had the "80's Birthday Guys" celebrate
with all of us. We would have loved to share your birthdays with you had we known. The timing was just not good and so close to the
Reunion date! Congratulations to each of you. Jack, I enjoyed seeing you as always. You really make the reunions all worthwhile and
really keep us all together. Hated to leave Barbara's. Thanks for your concern. You will be one of the first to know when I find
someone in my social life. They say it is always when you least expect it! I am not one to hang out in bars, etc. Sandy is a doll.and so
full of energy.enjoyed visiting with her. She is just like her Dad. Take care.and thanks for all you do Claire”
Maybe next year we can have the Reunion somewhere closer to the "old folks" so they can all be with us and share our old
memories. These Reunions get better and better each year! Love you all and thanks, Barbara for a great weekend. Claire”
Beverley Cude & Bill Beaton 55-59 Alligator Point Reunion
Jack, you asked for thoughts about this year's reunion. That's
easy. Mine go directly to Barbara who has welcomed FSU
gymnasts, their spouses, relatives and friends for four years in a row. Her lovely smile, gorgeous eyes and warm heart touch each of
us as she goes out of her way to see that everyone has a wonderful time in a magnificent setting. Barbara is a dear friend who always
places the comfort and wishes of others before those of her own. Thank you, Barbara, for who you are and all that you do.
In addition, I wish a huge "Happy Birthday!" to each of you who are 80 in '08 and that you spend a very special day with your
respective families. From a small piece of Canada, "Take care, eh?" Bev
Jack Miles 50-58 Alligator Point Reunion Attendees
Barbara Sheehan Withers Beverly Cude Beaton Boots Nesselrod Culbertson Bruce & Rita Davis Claire Essig Traynor Don & Patsy Rapp Ed & Christine Jonas Ed Fernald & Wife Gail Sontgerath & Bill Whitney (plus Daughter, Son-in -law & two beautiful grandchildren) Jack Miles Jay Schwarzman Jim & Arleen Fadigan & their “Wonder Dog” Joe & Dottie Taylor Mike Mann Sandy Miles Hennessy Tessa Smith, FSU Foundation {The “Reunion” was altogether different then the “80 in 08”. The event was”informal” and a less structured decade younger crowd. Families and Canadians on the beach, sunning, swimming, and fishing, Beavers kayaking on the bay, Ed Fernald and others are talking on the porch enjoying the sun with the wind blowing off the gulf. Inside Fadigan was holding court and Don Rapp was juggling, Bruce Davis with his unbelievable talent of remembering names and events was holding his own. Barbara had two boyfriends visiting who were giving each other the “bad eye” in a rutting maneuver. Fadigan and I told jokes one night for 3-4 hours. Rita Davis is the best foil for jokes I have ever met. She had tears in her eyes with laughter. And Claire was lamenting that Dick Gutting and Joe Gusic were not there. Women were climbing all over themselves trying to see who could help out the most in the kitchen. Tasty buffet food every meal except the banquet at the new Angelo’s by the bridge. My daughter joined us there and Ed. Jonas gave an inspiring presentation with miniature statues of the possible bronze statues we plan to have on Landis Green. It was difficult to return back to the “real” world there was so much joy at the event.jmm} Bill & Carol Beavers 57-61/69-70 Address Changes with help from Bill Beavers
Joe & Dottie Taylor ([email protected]) Jay Schwarzman (Jay [email protected])
“Jack, Picked up the Alumni Directory from Tessa Smith of FSU Saturday. In your "lost Gymnasts" portion of your mailing list I was
able to find the following:
Bobby Calvert: Mrs. Roberta L Dusek, 963 Fountain Run, Naples, FL 34119
Gene Rabbit, 300 Main St. Little Falls, NJ., 07424 (973 256-5813)
No one else on the list appeared in the Directory. I believe to appear; one must have earned a degree and contributed or at least filled
out a questionnaire. Bill {Beavers}”
(A gold mine) These are “lost” gymnasts Bill found. All from the 60’s crowd. Their addresses and emails will be entered into our
updated mailing list which will be sent to you next week.
Torch Robinson ca. 1962
Roger Whitaker ca. 1962
John Kimbrough ca 1964
Bonnie P. Gibbs (Paige, ca.1963
Robert Gramling ca, 1965
Dr. Roger Adams ca.1967
Ralph DeFrehn ca.1969
Sharon Knedle ca. 1970
Gail G. Prezclawski (Giordano,1971
Jane F. Baesman (Fortenberry, 1969)
Linda M. Whatley (Milby,1971)
Dolly D. Deihl (Dingman, 1969)
Steve L. Kauffman
Tamela Mimmick ca.1970
Vince Treacy ca. 1969
Steve Treacy ca, 1969
{Normally I don’t put Medical and health challenges in the Newsletter none-the-less.BELOW ARE BACK AND FORTH
The good news is that these guys are getting along and are an inspiration to us all.jmm}

Christian 55-57 Medicine and enlightenment
“ Jack, I know you spent numerous hours with the latest newsletter and Team statistics. Mike has done the same with the website. We
all thank you wonderful guys for your dedication by keeping us so well informed.
Minor correction. No big deal but fortunately I didn't need chemo, thank goodness, only implanted radiation seeds.
Interestingly I declined five weeks of concurrent external radiation in addition to the seeds. It was my decision to wait until the
seeds had their year to work. My Urologist agreed and said, "If you still need external radiation we can always do it then". Of course
the Radiologist didn't agree. Wonder why? I think y'all can answer that. As it turned out I made the right choice since external
radiation was NOT necessary.
A lesson for everyone.Do your home work, ask questions and always be a part of the diagnosis and choice of treatment or
many times patients may be misdiagnosed or over treated. My best, Charlie {Some recent emails from Charlie show that he has made
amazing advances and recovery through his radiation seed treatment and his prognoses is very good--- even great.jmm}
.Fantabulous, Charlie you are the man.Jack}
Don & Connie Holder 51-57 Because so many have asked about his progress
“Jack has indicated that there is some interest concerning my back problems, don't know why. Some thirty years ago I was plagued with sciatica. I opted for a laminectomy, which I thought was botched, although no Doctors will admit to such a problem. Many stitches surfaced which Connie removed along with many the Dr. removed. Quite a large opening was left since closing the wound was not an option, this took months to completely heal. This caused an imbalance in the spinal column, resulting in scoliosis, which has progressively becoming worse with age. Pain is constant, even narcotics do not seem to help. Dr, O'Brian wants to implant rods to straighten the curvature, decompress some vertebrae and fuse others. But first he has me on therapy, which results in minimal success. In the mean time I have had two epidurals, the third in two weeks, all of which to my surprise has decreased some of the pain. I'm hoping that this procedure will continue so I will not be subject to such an invasive operation. Ah, the Golden Years.”
Mike Mann & Fran Millians 57-67 Medicine and enlightenment
“Jack - I would like to add my lesson's for everyone to Charlie’s' to help emphasize the importance of doing your own personal research and insist on being very involved with the treatment options. If the doctor can not accept that then fire the SOB and find one that will. I have been with an on-line support group for bladder cancer for almost ten years and my observations of the
people involved in that time is that the people who do that tend to live regardless of the treatment option chosen. The ones that take
the attitude that "your the doctor and expert tell me what I should do tend" to die.
I was told my bladder had to be removed and I would have to use an external bag for the rest of my life. I did my research found
numerous other options I had not been informed about, selected one and I still have all my normal plumbing almost ten years later. I
am still with that urologist because he accepts and welcomes my active participation. I will have another "Poke and Peek" by him
about a week before the reunion.
On the other hand when Fran and I wanted to drive to the west two years ago my pulmonologist treating me for COPD told me that
"I might as well go home, crawl into bed, and die as to try venture to 5,000 foot altitudes or above. Again I did my own on-line
research, found doctors and respiratory technicians/therapist that thought I should be able to do it. I also had a second opinion from a
pulmonologist at the U of F's Shands facility that also thought I should be able to do it and made suggestions as to how it might be
accomplished. The results is that Fran and I drove west and visited her sister that lives at 5,000 foot Alturas and also Lassen Volcanic
National Park at 8,500 foot altitudes, Yellowstone and 7,500 foot altitudes and the great museums at Cody, Wy at 5,000. The original
pulmonologist has been fired and I am with a recent graduate that said if I wanted to do it again then he would put me in an altitude
chamber so he could tell me what Oxygen support I would need for different altitudes.
Another Poke & Peek this morning. He said it looked good and he did not even bother to take samples for biopsy again.
A little less that 12 months away from makes it ten good years with NED! Mike
If you’re interested, the story is at ( ) and there are photos on
our web photo gallery site which is at ( ) Mike”
Christian 55-57 Medicine and enlightenment
“Excerpt: If anyone reads this looking for advice and/or help with one of the toughest decisions of your life I would offer just one thing. Always remember, the doctors only do what they do to make a very lucrative living. It is YOUR LIFE make sure you do your research
and actively participate in all your treatment decisions.

Close friends, GREAT NEWS!!! Today I had a follow up to the two bladder biopsies taken last week which appeared to be recurring
CA. Visually it looked exactly like CA but fortunately the biopsy report came back "von Brunn's nest", which is a benign tumor and
nothing to be excited about. Therefore I am now FREE of both Bladder as well as Prostate CA. I am scheduled to have quarterly check
ups for the next three years. If I am still clear at that time I may be off the daily Flomax and Finestride medication and hopefully home
Jack Miles & Barbara Whithers
2009 Reunion
{I will be sending you a questionnaire soon on your ideas about next year’s 2009 reunion You can answer these first two questions now by email. If these both are NO then the questionnaire will not be sent to you. 1. No, I cannot attend next year’s reunion, regardless of the date, due to health conditions of myself or my spouse. 2. No, I cannot attend next years reunion, regardless of the date, due to excessive travel costs, distance, or time involved. NOTE: There is an interesting separate email from Benny & Carolyn Wallace on their latest adventures in Oregon. Thank you, enjoy and have a fun day. Jack}


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Hello to all subscribers, new subscribers and Koi keepers in general, The Biggest Online Auction of Koi in Africa Edition Today’s Happy Koi News 1. Saki Hikari is cheap. At a meeting with an old friend in the Koi industry he pointed out something that we've overlooked. Saki Hikari is not expensive when the Big Picture is taken into account. We're always keen to learn more about our

Alcohol addiction By: D. Bulikova The topic of this essay is alcohol addiction, which in my opinion is a rather suitable topic for my peers and I, because we are in the process of growing up, and we need to have a little research on this topic to understand the risks of consuming alcohol in the future. Ethanol is a type of alcohol found in drinks such as beer and wine. Although we consume

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