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Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI)Also referred to as “Exercise Thallium Scan” or “Persantine Thallium Scan” 1. No methylxanthine medications for 36-48 hours prior to testing. Some of these medications are Theophylline,
Aminophylline, Theodur, Theo 24, Slo-bid and Uniphyl. 2. Very Important: No caffeine or decaffeinated products for 24 hours prior to your test. Your test will be rescheduled
if you have had caffeine within 24 hours of your appointment. Many products contain caffeine such as coffee, decaf coffee, tea, decaf tea, sodas, chocolate, diet drinks, chocolate breath mints, Excedrin, Midol, NoDoz, Vanquish and Vivarin. If you are not sure if a product contains caffeine please avoid it.
3. Do not eat or drink six hours before your scheduled scan.
4. Do not take medications on the day of the procedure unless instructed to. Please bring any inhalers that you use
5. No smoking or chewing tobacco on the day of your test.
6. Wear comfortable clothing, particularly walking shoes, if you are scheduled for a stress thallium scan. Wearing a
button up or loose fitting shirt is preferred for patient comfort.
7. Please do not wear perfume, cologne or lotion of any kind.
8. If you are scheduled for a stress examination, please hold the following medications 48 hours priorto the
scheduled test: Tenormin, Atenolol, Lopressor, Metoprolol, Kerlone, Betapace, Sectral, Inderal, Propranolol and Toprol. Please hold all beta blockers.
9. 24 hours notice is required if you choose to cancel this scheduled procedure to Avoid charges to your account for
10. You may bring something lite such as crackers or a sandwich to eat after the pharmacologic/stress part of the
examination is complete, or if you prefer you will have time to go out and eat something.
11. During the examination the patient only will be brought back to our nuclear facility waiting area. Family members
are welcome to wait in our main lobby waiting area.
1. After placement of an IV catheter in your arm vein, you will receive an injection of the radioactive tracer.
2. The radiotracer is allowed to circulate for a period of time (depending on technique) prior to the start of imaging.
You will be asked to drink some water during this period. 3. A series of images will be taken for 5-20 minutes. These are resting baseline images.
4. A stress test will be performed utilizing either the treadmill or a special medication. The medication we use is
Adenosine to stress your heart if you are unable to exercise. Adenosine causes the body to respond as if it were exercising.
5. A second series of images will be taken as soon as the schedule permits (usually open hour after the stress test).
These are the stress images. This is when you will be able to eat.
6. The entire procedure will last between 3-4 hours (from registration time).
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