Giving Women a Shot At FertilityReported by Dina Bair on WGN TV new. This article is transcribed from WGN TV Medical Watch evening cover story, July 16 2003, which featured acupuncturist Andrea Friedman Ishikawa and 3 of her patients, Linda Rodriguez, Suzanne Daley and Dina Richter. An old secret – giving women a shot at fertility when
Linda Rodriguez was miserable on Clomid until she had they thought they couldn’t get pregnant: How a tiny acupuncture with Andrea and began having fun with the needle changed the luck of several women who had fertility process. “You feel healthy, you feel centered. The Boosting fertility the Chinese way: It may be
Fertility experts are studying the effects of timed considered alternative medicine, but the choice gives acupuncture before and after invitro, but for half a dozen women an option to get pregnant when doctors told them years at Northwestern, acupuncture therapist Andrea they couldn’t. Acupuncture is giving infertile couples a Friedman Ishikawa has been informally treating women.
According to Ishikawa, “The results were published in One, Two three babies! And they’re still coming…
the ‘Journal of Fertility and Sterility’”. The study involved These babies were born to women who thought they 160 women going through invitro fertilization. “43.5% of the women became pregnant that had acupuncture and 26.3% of the women became pregnant that did not have Linda Rodriguez came to Northwestern Memorial acupuncture. It seems to help the uterus, build up the Physicians Group Center for Integrative Medicine and received acupuncture from Andrea Friedman Ishikawa, Lic. Ac. In the interview Linda holds her 9-month old son Dina Richter had two unsuccessful IVF attempts before Diego as she recalls the moment she first realized she trying acupuncture with Andrea. Shown here seven was pregnant, “ I was, like, Oh my gosh!” But in the past, months pregnant, Dina Claims, “I definitely would when traditional treatments for boosting fertility didn’t recommend it. I think it was an important part of the work, “There was excitement, euphoria. We’re ovulating! success.”Then, take a test a few weeks later – disappointment. And I said, I don’t think I can do this.” Therapists suspect that overall good health; relaxation and natural triggers help stimulate pregnancy through Others just don’t want to. “At that point, I said it’s just acupuncture. “It releases endorphins and sends out the not for me,” says Suzanne Daley with husband Dan, body’s natural hormones, “says Ishikawa.
as they cradle their newborn identical twins, Miles and Owen. After being on birth control pills for several years, For the Daleys it worked twice as well as they expected. when Suzanne stopped taking them and attempted to We had no idea that it was possible!” Says Suzanne. get pregnant, she was unable to get back her menstrual “We didn’t have twins in our family and we obviously cycles, even on medication. Acupuncture brought one on didn’t take fertility drugs. We just didn’t consider that to right away.
be a possibility until it was on the screen there, two little heartbeats blinking away. It was incredible.” These women needed something else to point them in the right direction.
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