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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
is conducting a research project on osteoporosis. If you are
eligible to participate you would receive at no cost to you a
Bone Health Assessment
which includes a bone density test.
You will receive compensation for the one-time, 2 hour visit.
Weekday, evening, and weekend appointment times are available. Eligible subjects must meet the following criteria:
• Be free of any condition on exclusion criteria (listed on reverse). • No severe uncontrolled chronic diseases. • Be willing to attend the scheduled exam for bone densitometry and muscle strength measurements and to have a small amount of blood drawn. If you would like to learn more about your bone and related health
and be a participant in this study, please contact our research staff at
Kansas City Osteoporosis Study (KCOS)
2301 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri 64108 Exclusion Criteria:
Female subjects who are, or could be pregnant;
Female subjects who have had bilateral ovary removal;
Serious residuals from cerebral vascular disease (stroke victim);
Diabetes mellitus, except for easily controlled, non-insulin
dependent diabetes mellitus;

Chronic renal disease manifest by serum creatinine >1.9 mg/dl;
Chronic liver disease or alcoholism;
Significant chronic lung disease;
Corticosteroid therapy at pharmacologic levels for more than 6 months duration;
Treatment with anticonvulsant therapy for more than 6 months duration;
10) Evidence of other metabolic or inherited bone disease such as hyper- or
hypoparathyroidism, Paget's disease, osteomalacia, osteogenisis
imperfecta or others;

11) Rheumatoid arthritis or collagen disease;
12) Recent major gastrointestinal disease (within the past year) such as
peptic ulcer, malabsorption, chronic ulcerative colitis, regional enteritis,
or any significant chronic diarrhea state;

13) Significant disease of any endocrine organ that would affect BMD;
14) Hyperthyroidism;
15) Any neurologic or musculoskeletal condition that would be a non-genetic
cause of low BMD;
16) Any disease, treatment (e.g., bisphosphonates, evista and teraparatide), or
condition that would be an apparent non-genetic cause for BMD variation.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time at the 3rd Floor of Truman
Medical Center, in the Vascular Clinic waiting room (C3-B39).
KCOS Interviewer will come to Vascular Clinic waiting room at the time of your
appointment, call your name and escort you to the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
to begin enrollment process. Please call Interviewer’s cell number if you are running
late or having difficulty finding your way: 816-645-2048. Parking at no cost to you is
available on the north end, (main hospital entrance), in the Truman Medical Center
visitor parking lots.

After you enter the hospital take the elevators to the third floor and proceed
south to Vascular Clinic waiting room.


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