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The Blaylock Wellness Report
September 2006
cancer, improve blood flow and prevent heart Attention
Blaylock Readers:
Many anticoagulant medications have significant side effects, and the degree of blood thinning is difficult to control. Some of these medicines can Q: I took six meds to combat sleep and
peripheral neuropathy, and so far I have
discontinued all but two. I take 600 mg of
ALA and four capsules of Dr. Bob Martin’s
“Nerve Fix.” I want to find a way to get off of
the sleeping and pain pills. Any suggestions?

Q: I just subscribed to your wellness letter
Nothing I try works.
— Theodore A., Sparks, Nev.
because I have been diagnosed with blood clots
in my lungs and have been put on coumadin.

A: A low thyroid can result in a peripheral
Is there is a more natural and safe alternative?
neuropathy (nerve damage), but you can improve — Angela S., San Jose, Calif.
thyroid function. There are better supplements A: Actually, Angela, there are a number of
made by the company Pure Encapsulation. They natural supplements that prevent abnormal blood are called iodine and tyrosine. You can get the clotting and improve blood flow. I find it ironic that product at The dose is two the medical professionals use blood thinning as a reason not to take some natural supplements and As for your peripheral neuropathy, it would then fail to recommend them when blood thinning depend on the cause — and there are many. Most common are diabetes and other metabolic conditions. Others include heavy metal toxicity, hypercoagulable disorders to improve magnesium autoimmune disease, diabetes, uremia, hereditary causes, and chemical exposure. In general, high- Magnesium makes blood flow through small dose B vitamins (especially riboflavin 500 mg, arteries more easily, and it prevents abnormal pyridoxal-5-phosphate 50 mg, thiamine 100 mg, clotting. The usual dose is 500 mg of magnesium folate 800 ug and B-12 as methylcobalamin 5,000 ug, citrate or citrate/malate twice a day on an empty stomach. You can get a time-released form from N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) 500 mg a day (on an The dose is the same.
empty stomach), R-lipoic acid 25 mg (with your About 350 mg of ginkgo biloba a day equals heaviest meal of the day), acetyl-L-carnitine 500 an aspirin in terms of blood-thinning ability, and mg three times a day, DHA 500 mg a day and aged garlic extract does the same. About 250 mg of phosphotidylcholine (mixed phospholipids) 1,000 curcumin dissolved in extra-virgin olive oil three mg twice a day can be used in addition to a basic times a day also thins the blood slightly. Omega- 3 oils (fish oils) thin the blood as well, while Q: Since you have pointed out the dangers of
improving blood flow. A combination of magnesium aspartame and Splenda, what about Stevia as a
and ginkgo may be adequate — that can be sweetener?
determined by blood studies your doctor can run. — Maria H., Amherst, N.H.
These supplements are so important because they A: Stevia, made from the honey leaf plant, is
have a great number of other health benefits. They protect the brain, act as antioxidants, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, stabilize platelets, prevent The plant grows only in a few places in the September 2006
The Blaylock Wellness Report
world. Most come from China, with lesser supplies and am alarmed that these two substances may
from Israel, Thailand and Central America. The be related to each other. Are they?
sweetness primarily is derived from a chemical — Joan A., Anaheim, Calif.
called stevoside, which in pure form is 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. The leaf (used in most A: Since writing the book Excitotoxins: The
brands) is about 10 to 15 times sweeter. Taste That Kills, I get that question a lot, primarily because the names sound similar. demonstrated that a 5 percent solution of the leaf In fact, glutamate, the excitotoxin, is formed caused infertility in male and female mice. Follow- in the body from glutamine by a special enzyme. up studies failed to confirm this. Stevia also lowers Taking high doses of glutamine increases the blood sugar and blood pressure, so it should be used production of glutamate in the brain and eye and with caution by people with reactive hypoglycemia, has been shown to increase neurological damage as diabetics on insulin and hypertensives on blood Steviol, a possible metabolite, has been shown to be mutagenic — that is, it increases risk of cancer. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s), But it has not been shown that this chemical is but also any person who is at high risk for a neurological condition or has an existing From my own personal experience and that of neurological disorder or disease of the retina. many others, the product Just Like Sugar is an Glutamine became popular as a supplement since it can heal the GI tract and build muscle. Yet, While one diabetic physician claimed his blood the dangers to the brain and retina in susceptible sugar went out of control while taking this product, people supersede any benefit you may receive from it was later disclosed that he was consuming large amounts of aspartame. At present, a university is testing the product on diabetics to settle the If used at all, it should only be used for short question. For non-diabetics, it makes an excellent periods or by people engaged in regular muscle- building exercise programs. Muscle building Q: While reading your newsletter about eye
exercises divert the glutamine to the muscles rather care, I was especially struck by your warning
than the brain. Nevertheless, in my opinion, people about the dangers of glutamate in the retina. I
with retinal or neurological diseases or injuries have been taking a powder form of L glutamine



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