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The accompanying article, "The Mystery of Migraine" is a diatribe (yes long - with wearing away of pre-conceptions a necessity) on the behavior and cure of (my) common migraine. This short article will simply outline the basics and the medications which have been 100% effective in controlling migraine and with a short explanation of why that is so. That the treatment is still wandering in the wilderness has been noted in the prior article and in its references. The spring 1991 newsletter #76 "Current Migraine Treatment" of the National Headache Foundation is a still prime example of its regarded complexity. The medications for treatment require a doctor's prescription. So, if you, the reader, have the affliction and wish to follow the procedure described below, a doctor's cooperation is essential. If your symptoms are as bad as mine were, you will find that doctor. Otherwise, as with many, you will have found treatment that squeaks by. My typical onset started with a feeling/annoyance/distraction in the left temple. Yours could have another frontal cranial location, including those with an aura. Perhaps, with some there is actual pain. That start is due to a vascular relaxation of that specific carotid artery. Ergotamine is specific for setting it aright. In my case, and I suspect in most others, for it to work also requires aspirin. Now come the problem areas. If that vascular disturbance is not aborted quickly – as short as a few minutes - it triggers the vagus nervous system. The result is an upset stomach, the source of a painful pounding headache which is the real migraine. Its erratic response to triggering has been a basic reason why good medications, ergotamine, AlkaSeltzer etc. fail and fall into disfavor. Phenytoin/PHT/Dilantin is not just specific for epilepsy. It also stabilizes the vagus nerve which is the "Achilles heel" of migraine. It is, as the Dreyfus Foundation research has shown, effective in stabilizing the neural system in many other areas. What seems little understood is that dilantin must already be in the system in order to stabilize its errant component "when migraine strikes". So let's make proper use of our medications by first understanding how and why they work. I took a 100mg dilantin capsule every other day. Your dose may be different. Dreyfus said to take the amount that makes you feel right, relaxed, at ease. That will not affect the frequency of the vascular
disturbance. But that doesn't matter now. Just take the prescribed ergotamine pill and one or two aspirin
as required at vascular disturbance onset. Timing now isn't critical – and neither should be dosage. All of
my prior side effects, complications, including medication failure and the suffering disappeared – as we
hope will yours. But:
Your Doctor will point out that he and the profession is up to date on the latest and best cures. Fine, but are you completely satisfied with results? He, quite probably will also be quick to inform that migraine is complex. But how and why? Read the accompanying article if your preparation is to be key to your cure. Migraine may not only vary widely in intensity but it has a host of auxiliary symptoms. We would not expect a difference in the classical behavior excepting possibly where there is close contact to the optic nerve. As to those auxiliaries – each might also need its special treatment. But realize – you are treading unknown territory and an open mind is essential to results. We have set up the Vagus Society in the belief and hope that accumulation of examples of cure can confirm the behavior outlined and put cure, not only on a scientific basis, but in the hands of the afflicted. You can contributing to a good cause simply by sending symptoms and the results of treatment as outlined herein to L B wizard – [email protected] . They should begin to unravel the mystery of migraine. All such information will be held confidential and code names for privacy may be used. LBW will provide a running summary of comment and results which should prove useful in establishing behavior.



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