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Redefining Senior Dining
The Newsletter of Golden Cuisine Direct Senior Foods
FALL 2010
A Message from
Your CareGiver
Golden Cuisine Direct™ is a
healthy blood pressure,
food delivery program that
cholesterol level, and hydration.
brings complete specially
Golden Cuisine Direct™ is
Meal time is about more
designed FRESH frozen
delicious and satisfying and brings
than just food on the table.
breakfasts, lunches and dinner s
to the homes of seniors and their

the joy of a good meal to even the
It is a ritual, a comfortable
family caregivers, for balanced
most discriminating taste buds.
habit – even a chance to
senior-approved diets.
Isn’t any frozen food
Golden Cuisine
At Senior Bridge Family we
selection from the
Direct™ is designed
understand that enjoying a
supermarket freezer
for the needs and
great meal is the basis for
the same as Golden
particular tastes of
both physical and emotional
Cuisine Direct™?
older adults.
Important in our
This is why we’ve partnered
meal design process is the
Just read the labels. For most
with Golden Cuisine Direct
recognition that taste buds
seniors even the highest quality
to offer their extensive menu
frozen foods have life threatening
of ready-to-eat, frozen
decline with age and older adults
levels of sodium and calories
entrées and shelf-stable
may take medication that
directly from fat. These and other
meals specifically for you
actually effect taste further. In
standard ingredients in frozen
and your loved ones.
the absence of a carefully
designed meal program, it

meals are directly related to
It’s a full line of specially-
becomes difficult to avoid the
reoccurring hospital visits, falls
crafted, chef designed meals
resultant pitfalls of eating the
due to lowered blood pressure,
that deliver the nutrition,
“wrong” food. Comfort food is
stroke from high blood pressure,
ease of preparation and
often craved but counter-
diabetes from sugars and weight
affordable price that you
loss and weight gain from non
need, all while nourishing
productive to maintaining a
thesense of independence
and peace-of-mind you

Your Senior Bridge Family
Senior Nutrition.Cont. from cover.
nutrient-rich eating. Besides Golden Cuisine Direct™ tastes better,
Low Cholesterol
and we offer nutritional support for seniors that no off the shelf
Meals Now
company offers.
What is the nutritional benefit to the older adult of a
Golden Cuisine Meal?

Golden Cuisine Direct™ is the only meal company that offers meals
specifically for older adults, that provide complete nutritional labeling
on the package, as required by the FDA and USDA for food sold to
consumers. This means that sodium, cholesterol, and other contents
that could be contrary to good OLDER-ADULT health are evident on

7 Low Cholesterol
the package. Golden Cuisine recipes and bundles are always designed
with Senior health as a priority. This not just bragging….you’ll find it
right on the package!!

Sweet & Sour
Simply put, our meals have no hidden agenda and we keep no secrets.
We only have one “secret”….with Golden Cuisine meals, “The

Secret Ingredient is Respect.”
What are the main benefits of Golden Cuisine Direct™
Mesquite Chicken;
for the Caregiver?
Whether you are a family caregiver or a professional caregiver, meal
Salisbury Steak with
time can be a hard time. Golden Cuisine Direct™ makes preparation
a pleasure. Thanks to state-of-the-art food manufacturing techniques
and packaging, your meals are microwavable or conventional oven-
ready. The instructions and nutritional information on the package

Turkey & Dressing;
are clear and in big print. We also fully understand the challenges
faced with managing a food program for someone else. We provide
free tutorials on how to re-plate food to make it attractive and

Macaroni & Beef;
conducive to shared meal-time. We offer nutritional guidance and
coaching through online webinars and materials for all of our

Lemon Pepper Fish;
For seniors living independently who cook for themselves, we offer
simple microwave tutorials, and discounted access to an oven alert

Chicken @ Noodles;
service for those who want to oven-heat our meals, but are concerned
with using conventional ovens in the home.

Steak & Gravy
In short we increase the likelihood that seniors will be able to:
Age in place
All 7 Meals for
Stay nutritionally healthy
Share stories and recipes with friends and caregivers
Enjoy a delicious meal
FREE Shipping!
When Food Matters Most
If you have diabetes you
know that your diet is a

A. I totally eliminated all processed sugar. If I need
big factor in your present
a sweetener I use Sweet and Low or Equal. I am
and future health. But
also looking at Stevia.
can the right foods
actually control diabetes?

Q. How do you get natural sugar?
To find out, Golden
Cuisine interviewed its

A. I eat fresh fruits, but not very often. I take a
New York representative, a diabetic himself, on
multivitamin, calcium and acia berry to get
how he controls his condition with the proper
Q. Are there differences in sugars?
Q. How did you first suspect that you were

A. Yes, because there are three types of sugars:
“regular” sugar, sugar fiber and sugar alcohol, the

A. I was experiencing frequent urination and
amount of carbs in food needs to be adjusted by
thirst. I checked on WebMD and the first
netting out the sugar fiber and the sugar alcohol,
twelve entries
because they have no
referred to diabetes.
impact on blood sugar.
I went to the doctor
That is the meaning of
immediately and got
net carbs.
the positive test
Roasted Chicken
Salisbury Steak & Gravy
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Chili with Beef & Beans
Chicken Chow Mein

Beef Stew
Q. What were your
Chicken Teriyaki
Macaroni & Beef
Q. How did you lose
stats when you were
Sween & Sour Chicken
Cream Chip Beef
the weight?
first diagnosed?
Fiesta Chicken with Rice Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
Turkey Alfredo

Monterey Jack Omelet
A. Actually that was
A. My blood sugar
Turkey Tetrazzini
by going on a very low
was 365, normal
*Carbohydrate content must be close to 30g/meal after factoring fiber carb diet. I think I am
being around 100.
into total carbohydrate content. Avg g cho/meal=30.875.
a carb addict so I
My weight was 300 pounds when I was diagnosed.
keep it 15-20 grams per day, although most people
lose with 23 grams a day.

Q. It’s two years later. Where do you stand today?
Q. What else did you do to sustain the good
A. My blood sugar is 95-100. I weigh 232 pounds, a
numbers and the weight loses?
loss of nearly 70 pounds, and still losing.
A. I never go hungry. I eat three meals and four
Q. I know you take medication, but what is the
snacks a day. I also drink a lot of water.
most important nutritional steps you took in getting
these results?

Why Won't Mama Eat?
Aging and the Senses
Experts agree that appetite can begin to
production of gastric juices that provoke appetite
malfunction as people age, though the exact
reasons are not known. Many factors affect your
yen for food. People who take various medications
may have loss of appetite as a side effect. Ongoing

Other Wise Ways
health problems like upper-respiratory disease and
diabetes can steal your appetite for food in some

Toast your way to a better appetite. A glass of
red wine with dinner may improve your appetite
by aiding digestion. The tannins in the wine help

An age-related decline in your ability to taste and
the digestive tract to secrete digestive enzymes,
smell may also contribute to lowered appetite, says
according to Dr. Kruzel. In addition to helping
Susan Schiffman, Ph.D., professor of medical
jump-start the digestive process, it helps you to
psychology at Duke University Medical School in
absorb more nutrients, which could be very
Durham, North Carolina, because those senses
important if you're eating less.
trigger the first responses of the gastrointestinal
system in preparation for digestion.

Try a vinegar cocktail. This alternative health
remedy may not sound like the most appetizing

They set up the whole appetite response, so if you
cocktail, but a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in
don't have taste and smell, you're not mo tivated.
a glass of water taken before a meal may help
There's a whole complexity of changes going on,
acidify your digestive system, which also aids in
says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., professor of nutrition
digestion. This is particularly important for older
at Pennsylvania State University in University
people, Dr. Kruzel says, because their stomach
acidity naturally declines.
For some people, it's a lack of ability to feed
Eat when you're hungry. This requires a little
themselves, a lack of social interaction, poverty.
detective work on your part, says Karen Chapman-
For others, there are genuine changes in the
Novakofski, R.D., Ph.D., professor of nutrition
mechanisms for making them hungry.
with the College of Agriculture and College of
Medicine at the University of Illinois in Urbana.

If your appetite has waned, there are actual
You need to pay attention to when you are even
strategies you can adopt to recapture your
the smallest bit hungry any time of the day,? And
yearning for food.
then you really need to capitalize on that. Have
your main meal whenever you have a good

Here are some strategies that doctors recommend
appetite even if it's 10:30 in the morning, she says.
for recovering good digestion, appetite, and health.
Nibble like a bird all day. Some people may not be
Try This First
interested enough in food to eat the way we
traditionally do three large meals a day. Eating

Go ahead, be bitter. Some naturopathic doctors
five or six smaller meals throughout the day may
suggest eating bitter herbs to stimulate the
be more manageable and will give your body the
are often very health conscious, says Dr. Rolls.
energy you need, says Dr. Chapman-Novakofski.
They?ll stuff their refrigerators and pack their
pantries with low-fat foods.

Add some fiber to your diet. Constipation will cause
loss of appetite because you feel full, Adding a piece

Take a vitamin. If you fear that your poor appetite is
of fruit to each meal is a good way to increase fiber
not allowing you to consume all the nutrients you
in your diet naturally.
need, take a multivitamin every day, says Sherry
Briskey, naturopathic physician and staff physician

If you add bran or other fibrous cereals, do it
at Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center in Tempe,
gradually and make sure that you drink enough water
with it, she advises. Additional bran fiber takes some
getting used to?and you might have to deal with gas

Thirst for hydration. Sometimes, people older than
at first. If you?re getting your fiber with fruits and
60 forget to keep hydrated, because they usually
vegetables, you don?t need to drink more fluids.
aren?t as active as they used to be and they don?t
sweat as much. Be sure that you drink six to eight

Ease off the caffeine. Dr. Chapman-Novakofski finds
glasses of fluids a day, Dr. Kruzel says. He
that retirees who are not very active can spend a lot
recommends drinking a lot early in the day so if you
of the day drinking coffee or tea. But, unfortunately,
have bladder-control problems you won?t have to get
the caffeine in those beverages works as an appetite
up and go to the bathroom throughout the night. Good
suppressant. She recommends switching to
choices are filtered water and fresh fruit and
decaffeinated coffee or tea at mid-morning. Also,
vegetable juices. When replenishing fluids, you want
watch the volume you?re drinking (two to three cups
to stay away from drinks that are diuretic or promote
is a moderate amount), because this could make you
urination, such as coffee, beer, alcohol, and caffeine-
feel full and eat less.
containing sodas.
This article appeared in

Keep 30 percent of your diet from fat. Older people
Check Mom's Meds
Some medications commonly used by older people have appetite loss as a side effect. Talk
with your doctor about an alternative medication if your appetite seems to diminish from your

Some examples are:
Prescription hypertension drugs such as spironolactone (Aldactone) and hydrochlorothiazide

Prescription gold-salt compounds used for rheumatoid arthritis, such as auranofin (Ridaura)
and gold-sodium thiomalate

Prescription psychiatric drugs such as lithium (Lithonate) or fluoxetine (Prozac)
Estrogens (Premarin)
Some prescription heart medications such as nifedipine (Procardia), captopril (Capoten),
losartan (Cozaar), propranolol (Inderal), and topical nitroglycerin patches

Culinary Life Review
Fun With Food and Memories
In reminiscence my experiences do not
It can be hard to get started or to initiate a life review,
Fade, they grow more vivid.
or life bio, with an older adult unused to sharing
—Marcel Proust
details of their past with others. Or if you are on your
own, you may feel uninspired. To get started, explore

You may already have engaged in a formal life review
their “life in food.”
with an older loved one, or done one for yourself. Or
you may simply have chatted with an older loved

Think how often a recipe, a table setting, a way you
about their life experiences and memories. If you
arranged flowers, or a great restaurant or barbeque
have never done either with the intent of gaining
sits gently on your mind. What did you eat on your
insight and wisdom for yourself, and creating a safe
first date, what did you cook at your daughter’s
space for them to review their past, you are both in
communion, what sold best at the bake sale, what is
for a treat.
the family’s favorite recipe? These and hundreds of
questions come up naturally when you engage in

Life review sorts out the story of your life in a most
culinary life review. Ask that of yourself and your
meaningful way. The purpose may be just sweet
older loved one.
reminiscence, leaving a legacy of understanding for
your family, or the reconciliation and coming to terms

If you are handy with a video camera, you can tape
with incidents and people in your life
Mom or Dad actually making a recipe and cooking.
Or get a tape recorder and make an audio tape of

Life Review and Life Bio are not exactly the same.
the conversation, and include all recipes.
Life Bio is used to denote stories and facts about
your life, a journal or chronicle of the past. Life
Review is more psychological. Icons in the field of
gerontology like Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Robert

Nutritional Information
Butler considered life review a natural process for
Created for seniors by our board-certified
human growth, while developmental psychologist Eric
nutritionist, all Golden Cuisine meals meet
Erickson saw it as a life stage that comes only with
the following senior requirementswhen
used in your menu cycle:
For caregivers and us elders, it can be a process of
3 oz of protein
sharing, a way to spend vigilant hours at a bed side,
Significant contributions to 1/3 RDA
or a way to make family dialogues productive and
of vitamins and minerals
dear. But one thing that most often happens when
2 half-cup servings of vegetables
you engage in life review with someone you care about
Less than 30% of calories from fat
is that you both have a deeper understanding of each
1 serving of starch
other, and you have FUN!
More than 1/3 of RDA protein
Average sodium is 600 mg

Think Out of the Plate
First we eat with our eyes. That is why millions are
side dish of your own or happy colored bread and
spent on making food look beautiful in ads and on
jelly to complete the designer look.
For example, Golden Cuisine Macaroni and Cheese,
You too can make the food in the adult designed three
from our Comfort Meal Series, already has some
compartment microwave/conventional oven plate in
colorful red peppers in the sides, so springs of parsley
which Golden Cuisine meals are packaged look great.
or basil makes for added “jewelry.
Al you have to do is Think Out of the Plate!
Our herbed chicken has lots of greens, so the red
Here are ideas for making your meals look wonderful,
pepper or carrot slivers could be the perfect garnish.
appetizing and anticipated.
If you do not want to add any food at all elect a plate
Replate for Color
color that contrasts with the food and every thing
looks wonderful

Golden Cuisine is meant be eaten directly out of the
plate in which it arrives. But, if you want to have some

The Composed Dish
fun in less than a minute, the easiest way to get started
is to show your decorating talent with a slice of red

Restaurants charge more for dishes that are not
pepper, a sprig of parsley and or some blueberries or
divided into three components, but are “composed”
strawberries. Or for fancier service remove each
with components stacked on top or near each other.
serving of main dish, vegetables and starch and place
on a regular plate, and then add one of the above

This takes more care and a little knows how. Here
colorful garnishes.
are the three rules:
Golden Cuisine is already a balanced meal, so the
1. Start with a layer of mashed or easy to spread
color is for show. Just make sure that if it might be
sides. For example, Golden Cuisine has a
eaten what you choose will agree with the diner.
generous adult appropriate portion of low
sodium mashed potatoes, corn or other soft

As you get familiar with Golden Cuisine meals ,you
starch in many of the meals. Place these on
will notice the food colors, macaroni mostly yellow,
the plate first.
chilli fiesta dinners mostly reds. You can have the
appropriate colored garnish handy, or choose a fruit

Replate Like a Food Network Star
Replating Can Turn
Replating.Cont. from previous page.
2. Top the fist layer off with the main dish, chicken or beef, eggs
over grits, vegetable patty.
3. Add the final side, in the case of Golden Cuisine usually colorful
vegetables that have been flash frozen to keep in the flavor.
These can be placed on the plate or you might get creative and

“build” them into the dish between the fist layer and the main

Add a spring of parsley, sage or basil and you have a gourmet
Think Out of the Plate
To make food visually appealing, you need not replate at all. You can
furnish the table with a single bud vase or colorful napkin.

Remember the glasses. One thing that my Mom loved was a cup that
we got at a fair where her picture was taken with my daughter and
imprinted on the cup. We keep the cup to this day, as a memory, but for
Mom it was a fun way to drink a hot beverage and made the whole
meal “taste” better.

Creativity is king, especially when people are in the hospital or rehab,
and there is no way to make the food more appetizing. Pop corn boxes,
animal cracker boxes, a favorite knick knack or napkin ring can all
anchor the diner to the day they will come back home.

Tableware that Creates Independence
The three compartment containers that Golden Cuisine uses may be
perfect for the diner that has a slight tremor or cognitive difficulty in
distinguishing foods. The slightly raised sides of the compartments may
help in keeping food in the dish. And there are wonderful products that
keep dignity and calm during meal time.

For example, large sloping knives sometimes called Alzheimer’s knives
Golden Cuisine Meals are
prevent danger but allow for self feeding . Forks that are attached to
Delivered to Your Door, Fresh
their own bracelet and worn around the wrist allow those with tremors
Frozen and Ready to Heat & Eat
to use cutlery effectively. Compartmentalized place mats allow the
cognitively challenges to remember where cutlery is placed, with printed

Each Golden Cuisine Meal is
outlines on the mat. One of the most significant table wear for the loved
Individually Packaged with its
own Nutrition Label and
one that might spill food is a raised rim in which you can set Mom or
Heathing Instructions, All in
Dad’s own plate.
Large, Easy to Read Print
At Golden Cuisine we believe that all people are entitled to “dine”, not
just eat. Of course taste comes first. But first we taste with our eyes.


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