This term the PSG have the following fundraisers planned. In week 4 beginning August 19th families will receive sponsorship forms and learning sheets for a mathathon. The maths to be learned will be based at your child’s learning level. Children will have 2 weeks to gather sponsors and learn their maths facts before being tested at school. They will then have 3 weeks to collect their sponsors’ money and return it to school. On Monday August 19th we are having a lunchtime sausage sizzle for the students. An order form will be sent home for families to pre-order their sausages. At the end of the term children will be doing their art work for calendar sales. These calendars are wonderful Christmas presents for extended family members and family living overseas. Further information will be sent out to families before each of these events. Junior School – Inquiry We are all excited and looking forward to our ‘Trash to Fash’ Wearable Arts Show in Term 4! We have decided to base our inquiry on a NZ theme: Rooms 3 and 4 will be basing their creations around ‘Land’, Rooms 1 and 2 on ‘Sky’ and Rooms 15, 16 and 17 on ‘Sea’. We will be busy practising lots of art skills in the lead up to making our wearable artworks. Look out for communication from your child’s teacher as we will be asking for reusable items to be brought in from home. Senior School - Inquiry Terms 3 & 4 sees us developing our Technology knowledge and skills in the production of a Wearable Arts Our theme is ‘Colours of New Zealand’ which provides a wide range of contexts for the students to base their art work on. We will be following the technological process which includes planning the costume, making informed decisions about materials, construction using new and old skills and reflection on the result leading to changes and improvements where possible. Communication skills will be needed to deliver the message and meaning behind their art work. Aspects of our Inquiry will be seen in our Reading programmes where students will gain knowledge and background about construction in general and Wearable Arts in particular. As well, students will be learning a range of relevant construction skills through art and craft activities and measurement skills through maths activities. As you can see, this Inquiry involves putting together skills and knowledge in many curriculum areas. We look forward to seeing you at our show early in Term 4 to support your children and see the results of their hard work. In the last week of this term we are celebrating the rich and colourful cultures of our Pasifika children. On Tuesday September 24th our children will be placed in fanau groups for an activity morning of Pasifika arts and music. We will be asking parents to join us to help with these activities. We will have a special school assembly towards the end of the week to celebrate the week’s activities. We hope a Tongan dance group being trained by one of our parents will be performing at the assembly. More information will be sent to families closer to The next Board meeting is on Monday August 12th at 7pm in the admin block. Parents are welcome to attend The last day for book club orders will be Friday 23 August. Please place your order and money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class number on it. Celebration of Manuka Children’s Writing This week we showcase the writing of the Room 8 students. They have been learning how to use descriptive words to make their writing more interesting for the reader. WALT: use descriptive language to create an image in the readers mind. My Dog and I Last night the sunset shimmered and shone in my eyes. Puffing and huffing, right in front of me, was a cute little hairy dog. My dog! I go in to a new world. My dog and I play a great game of Dog Touch. The grass feels squishy between my toes. I race and race, then I fade. My dog goes off into the starlit night. Tyla Zachan, Room 8 Thunderstorm As I speed along the footpath on my grassy green scooter it starts hammering down with spitting rain. I see bright crashing lightening screech down with intense power as I race for home. As I clamber on the warm, snuggly, toasty couch I feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Suddenly, I hear thunder. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It sounds like a meteorite exploding as it hits earth. Quentin Fanene, Room 8 Supporting Manuka Primary School is easy with Vodafone and Intelligent Rewards  Vodafone home line customers can support Manuka Primary School easily by nominating them to earn  Our school will earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent on your Vodafone home line account each month.  It costs you nothing and we can use the points to get fantastic rewards such as computers, sports gear, musical instruments, school trips and more!  To nominate our school to earn Intelligent Rewards™ points, visito to the Community Access page and complete a few details. It’s that easy! Vodafone is committed to bringing its customers leading innovations and incredible value across all services. So to ensure you get a great deal for yourself and Manuka Primary School receives the Intelligent Rewards™ points they need, nominate Manuka Primary School today. Want to join Vodafone and support Manuka Primary School ? Simply call us on 0508 011 737. Children in Action Our Children in Action programme will commence in Week 5 of this term. Enrolment forms and activities on offer will go out to all the schools by the end of next week. If your child would like to participate please ensure their enrolment is completed in full and returned to the school office by Wednesday 21 August. Planting Group We are looking for people to help with planting around the school. If you are able to help we would love to hear from you. Please contact Marilyn or Joanne in the school office on 444 8775. Important Dates to Remember Linda Munkowits Principal Community Notices 2014 Enrolments at Wairau Intermediate School Wairau Intermediate School will be holding open days during school hours on Wednesday 14 August and Thursday 15 August and open evening on Thursday 15 August from 7 – 8.30 pm. Current Year 6 children and parents/caregivers are invited to visit the school during these times. Information packs including enrolment forms will be available at the open days and evening but can also be obtained by phoning Wairau Intermediate School Office on 410-7805. Enrolments will be accepted any time during school hours from Monday 26 August and until 7pm on the evening of Thursday 29 August. Kumon Boost your child’s reading and comprehension skills or strengthen their ability to solve maths problems with ease. Free trial 15 – 30 August 2013. For more information see the school office for a brochure. 'Have fun learning Guitar or Piano at Manuka Primary Enrol now – contact the Music Education Centre on 444-5654. Allan’s School of Swimming & Lifesaving Teach your kids to swim. We cater for private 1-1 lessons, family groups, adult classes and special needs students. Fully qualified life saving instructors. For more information contact Wayne on 09 483 5416. BUSY MUMS - Every mother I know is very busy, whether she is a full time mum or she’s running a business. I can help you create a decluttered home which will actually save you time, and you’ll love the sense of peace and well-being that organisation brings. And I make it fun! My special offer is $98 for two hours decluttering and organising. Go to my website for full details of what I can do, or contact me on 410 4166 / 027 224 8937 / em


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4-01 Expanding the Utility and Understanding of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: Including Micelle Formation and Interactions with Gold Nano-particles DANIEL W. ARMSTRONG, Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011, [email protected] Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) cannot be adequately characterized on the basis of polarity or any single parameter scale.

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