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I use crack (or other stimulants). What can I do to protect myself from infection?

If you smoke crack:
• Use a mouthpiece to prevent burns from the crack pipe. o You can make a mouthpiece from a rubber spark plug cover/boot (available at local auto supply store), or rubber bands. Place either item on the mouth end of the pipe to act as a barrier between your lips and the hot metal or glass. Also, glass pipes are usually cooler than metal. o If you don’t have a mouthpiece, let the pipe cool down before you take your next hit. o Using a longer pipe will cause less burns, as the temperature will be lower. • Avoid using a cracked pipe, as cuts are a way for bacteria & viruses to get into your body. • Don’t share your mouthpiece/pipe or use anyone else’s. If you do, clean it with bleach or alcohol first. • If you don’t have a mouthpiece, use petroleum jelly or lip balm to protect your lips when smoking. • Craft a screen for your crack pipe from a small piece of household copper scrubbing pad. Mold it to fit your pipe, and change it often to prevent it from becoming brittle and burning your mouth. • Use condoms. Ask us about getting some today. • If you can’t use condoms, use plenty of water-based lube to reduce your risk. • Apply a drop of lube inside the tip of the condom to make it feel more natural. • Use condoms and dental dams / plastic wrap for oral sex: o If you have burns on your lips, cuts on your lips, or the roof of your mouth is irritated from smoking crack, avoid giving oral sex without a condom – flavored condoms are a nice option. o If you do give oral sex without a condom, it is best for your partner not to come in your mouth. This will help • Use new syringes – one shot for each sterile syringe – as well as new cookers, cotton filters and water. If you can’t get new syringes, either from your local syringe/needle exchange or pharmacy, clean your syringes well with room-temperature water or bleach, flushing them at least three times. • Prepare your shot on a clean surface, an unread section of newspaper or magazine will work. • Try to cook the crack at least 15 seconds to prevent infection. • To protect your veins, use pure ascorbic acid to dissolve crack for injection, rather than vinegar or lemon juice. Using lemon juice can cause serious eye problems. o Ask your local needle/syringe exchange if they have this for you. o You can also try crushing the crack between two spoons to turn it into a powder. • If you do inject, ask for our Safer Injection Flyer, or see the safer injection guide complete with pictures from CRA @
• Avoid mixing it with poppers and/or Viagra, since mixing these drugs can cause overdose and heart attacks. • Plan ahead, and have plenty of condoms and water-based lube on hand if you are going to have sex. • If you are injecting, rotate your injection site, as crystal causes your veins to shrink. • Drink plenty of water for healthy veins and to avoid dehydration. • Do not muscle or skin-pop cocaine or crystal, due to the risk of abscesses. • See our Safer Injection Flyer for more information. • Avoid sharing straws or tubes to snort cocaine or other drugs, as this can spread Hepatitis B or C. • If you do share straws or tubes, clean them with bleach or alcohol first.


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