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 Quit Smoking in
 Making Healthy
At ProAct, we believe that a healthy quit, consider the financial impli-  Use of Generic
employees. If you are a smoker, pack, a pack a day smoker could changing your routine, to avoid the regardless of age, quitting smoking is spend over $3,600 annually on habitual phase of smoking. If you the single greatest thing you can do cigarettes. What would you do smoke with your coffee in the  Recent/Upcoming
with an extra $3,600 and years morning, try drinking tea, if you Generic Approv-
“Using ProAct’s linked to such disease states as Service helped elevated cholesterol, as well as Many people think of smoking as mends that effective drug therapy be a as asthma. Chronic tobacco use has nothing more than a drug p monthly cost by also been linked to multiple cancers addiction. The truth is, there are combination of counseling with drug three major factors involved with therapy is critical to help you battle Still want to smoke? If the health havior, psychological depend- ated with smoking. Contact you local ing are not enough to make you ence. Each of these needs must information on an agency near you. When planning meals or eating out, like the way food tastes, and package meant just for you! consider low fat options to replace therefore we come to associate Finding time to exercise is difficult your traditional foods. If time is of food with pleasure. Too much of the essence and you often eat on a good thing is not a good thing. in our daily routine. Put marathon the run, consider substituting your Be aware of the portion sizes training aside and make a solid effort side of fries for a tossed salad, or you select, and try to avoid going to simply walk more each day. ing the nutritional content of or even by parking further from the It is important to not just be careful products in the store, be aware door at work, or when out running about what you eat, but also how of the serving size. The calorie errands. Taking the stairs is an much you eat. Eating is something count and saturated fat may excellent way to increase your total that most of us enjoy because we seem low at first, but that’s daily steps to burn more calories and before you realize there are 4 trim those unwanted pounds. ProAct, Inc. is a NYS based pharmacy benefit
management company that has successfully built
a client base by creating a competitive, service
oriented niche in the PBM industry. By placing
the needs of our clients and members first, we
ProAct, Inc
have successfully identified unique solutions to
help reduce overall member and plan costs.
Whether you’re an individual member concerned
about your monthly costs, or if you’re looking to
realign the prescription benefit for your employ-
ees, contact us today so we can help reduce your
Join the evolution, contact us today at:
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Drug costs are rising at an alarming rate. we wanted to point out a few facts when These costs are shared by your insurer comparing brand drugs to generics: (employer) and you, in terms of copay.  Levofloxacin (Levaquin)                While there are a number of factors that drive drug costs up, one of the major  factors is the rapidly increasing cost of Alfuzosin (Uroxatral)                 An interesting fact that many people are average annually. This means the exact not aware of is that when many drugs  same medication you are taking this year, Atorvasta n (Lipitor)                  While brand drugs are constantly increas- Upcoming Generics:
time, and authorize a generic company to ing in price, generic drugs become less package it for them. So don’t judge a Irbesartan (Avapro)                    book by its cover, because in some cases, As pharmacists, we hear everyday from that literally is the EXACT same drug, it patients who state “I can’t take generics, just came to you in a bottle with a differ-  Escitalopram (Lexapro)               they don’t work for me”, or “Generics ent name on it. aren’t safe”, or even “I tried a generic 20 Even if your current medication does not years ago, and it didn’t work as well as have a generic available, ask your doctor  Clopidogrel (Plavix)                      the brand”. While it seems there are if there is a generic drug that could work dozens of excuses not to use a generic, for you.

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