Other than Westfield, which brands do you work with?
and that can obviously direct a season. For me, all of it and it encompasses a craftsmanship that I feel is going I work with fashion brands like Mulberry and Peter comes down to instinct: what it is I’m feeling. I have to become more prominent. It’s about really ornate Pilotto, and online concepts such as Moda Operandi. to kind of go with what I’m done with or want to see fabrication, opulence and craftsmanship. We’ve got lace, I also have a handful of clients that are confidential – as more of. As a buyer you have to do that, you have embellishments, sequins, texture. And the last trend we a consultant it’s important to stay behind the scenes. to guess what people are going to want to buy in six are calling “heat wave”. It’s really Australian-inspired. I’m fortunate enough to work with diverse companies months. And also it’s about looking at what trends It’s slightly like resort, like a designer swimsuit with an are current – when I think they’re coming to an end, open crisp shirt and pair of great shorts. It’s very sexy, when they are going to escalate, when they are going with a bit of skin showing, but not in a way that it’s Can you tell us a bit about the Westfield project?
to build, and generally just a feeling of where I think been shown before. It’s still super sophisticated. I’m curating the big spring/summer campaign and the movement for fashion is going to go. Sometimes it’s working with an amazing bunch of people like stylist about the opposite of what has been: it’s been skinny When was the last time you got excited about something new?
Peter Simon Phillips. I’m also doing an exhibition in jeans so it’ll have to be flares. It can be as obvious as I’m always excited about new stuff. I think I love centre, and contributing to this issue of Shine. The first that. But it’s about the right time to tune into that and what I do because it’s always new in a sense; there’s thing I did was look at the spring/summer collections, make the investment. It’s all guesswork to be honest. always a feeling of: What’s going to come? What what the Aussie brands were doing and really assess feels right? I love the fact that colour has been huge what we felt were the key trends to promote and from everywhere, but I feel it’s really going to translate Do you ever get it wrong or have buyer’s remorse?
into sales in Australia, better than in most places. I Yeah totally – it’s impossible to make the right think we can really embrace colour here. I think that You’re based in London now, but what do you notice most about
decision all the time. You can never really know – it’s boldness is going to be really exciting. Also I’m going Australian fashion when you come back here?
really a prediction. Sometimes I’ll sense something to love seeing girls in longer skirts, I’m excited about Being an Australian, I get it here and I come back is happening and I might be too soon. Or I’ll have the movement away from short and tight, which is often – usually twice a year. Fashion here is different, a feeling about something and I might invest in it and I think it’s different in a positive way. There’s a and it doesn’t work. Sometimes I can completely little more of an easiness and less of an effort around underestimate when something will keep going. For What’s next on your fashion radar?
things that I really like, but I think the Aussies adapt example, Sass & Bide skinny jeans in 2006. When I think it’s going to be more ornate, there’s going to be trends quite quickly – it’s a much quicker turnaround I was [buying for London store] Browns and I was a return to craftsmanship. Even though things are going than in Europe. There’ll be a spring/summer fashion selling truckloads of them, I never really got that they to stay more streamlined, there’s going to be an element show in Paris [in September] and it’ll be going into would keep building and building, I always thought, of this ornate fabrication and craftsmanship that’s going summer in Australia, so it can be translated in a month. “Oh my god, how many have I ordered now? It can’t to come into fashion. I think it will be done in a slightly That doesn’t work overseas because the seasons don’t possibly keep going.” I was totally wrong and I kept more modern way and I’m looking forward to seeing translate, so in a way Australia can be quite ahead. underbuying every single time – it was never enough.
how some of the really big brands will show that.
Australia will adapt a trend and you will see it across all different levels of the market, quite fast. I think in the So what trends are you predicting will be big this summer?
Finally, on a personal level what’s your style philosophy?
UK they will tap into trends a bit but they will all do it The first is colour. We’re calling it “colour bomb” and It’s just about easiness for me – I generally don’t like to it’s really about that bold explosion of colour. Our fuss about clothes. Maybe I did when much younger, second trend is based around print. We are calling but to be honest it’s not really in my nature. I don’t like Speaking of trends, what’s your process for tapping into them
it “graphica”. Aussie designers are really great with to have too many clothes. I hate having a big wardrobe and knowing where the market is heading?
digital print and strong print. Both the colour trend – I’m not that cliché fashion person at all. It’s about ease Sometimes it’s about fabric choices people are making. and the print trend are very modern and quite clean. and comfort and being myself. Generally, I’m better in I can see certain brands and the fabrics they are buying, There’s a white story. We’re calling it “white craft” simpler things anyway, I don’t look good all ruffled up.
Buyer, trend forecaster, rEtAIL guru: Yasmin Sewell is as well known for her personal style as she is for her work with fashion brands worldwide. And this season, she brings her magic touch to Westfield. She speaks to Michelle Bateman about the summer trends that matter most. 24 __ SPRING/SUMMER 2011
SPRING/SUMMER 2011 __ 25

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