January 1996
Volume 1.3
by Sue Stanley
by Lee-Anne Greer
This session we have 2 main events to focus Well, the sale of teamsuits this past fall was week in February! The first is February
suits, and we received several compliments 13th Fit for Heart swim. Let's support our
about them at the North York swim meet in definitely be given to Keith MacKay of 'The event. Look for more details elsewhere in Fitness Technique' for all of his hard work and good natured persistence in persuadingTYR to part with the suits (and in having February 16th is the Burlington swim meet.
This meet has traditionally been very popular with our Club - it's close, it's well organized, Kathy Richardson
it's a nice pool facility, and it caters to novice Since the Milton pool is notoriously rough on It’s that special time of year again! February the more fun it is. Consider giving a meet a is “Heart Month”. Once again we
inquired about purchasing 'training suits.' try - you really don't have to be a great swimmer to have fun. There will always be “Swim for Heart”
swimsuit, and are therefore more practical yourself. Eli will gladly help estimates times for day-to-day use (and not for swim meets).
for anyone who doesn't already know their They are usually solid colours such as navy time, and she can also suggest which events or black, and are quite inexpensive: between participate. For this special event, split each heat only lasts a matter of seconds the rest of the time is social, you'll get to know some people outside your usual lane. Last investigating the options for these. Watch Guests are also encouraged. If you’re not year we took 20 people, let's try to exceed for them to bring samples to the pool.
that number this year! Come out for a Social information, or in buying a training suit let Participants must swim for a continuous half Due to the flurry of activity in February - hour (using any stroke or combination you lifeguard training/testing, Fit for Heart Swim, choose - we’ll be watching for your half hour & Burlington Swim Meet - we will not be holding a Fun Night this session. However Thank You
the Wings and Beer at Millside Restaurant timed swim will start at 8:30 p.m. There will will continue on the first Tuesday of every be lap counters so you don’t have to keep The prizes are beautiful and well worth the LIFEGUARD
effort (have a look at the poster at the pool).
Don’t miss this opportunity to help such a SESSIONS
worthy cause. It’s easy! It’s fun!
Next wings
Marsha Zuest collected the most pledgeslast year, let’s give her a run for her money! & beer night
Thank you in advance for making this year’s Millside Restaurant.
Eli!) and I had fun. At the awards ceremony A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OUR
North York
it was with great pride that we stoodtogether and cheered as it was announced LIFEGUARDS!!!&%
that Jason placed first in his age group, Lee- Pentathlon
I know all of you join me in thanking our Anne placed second and Anna placed third.
In addition one of our relay teams took first our Club by donating their time to guard for by Sue Stanley
place (and it was a tight race!). We were all pleased with our performances. It was worth guard hours from our volunteer guards. If we I started to question my decision to enter the were to pay for lifeguards from the Town, the North York Pentathlon when they told me we had to meet in the Leisure Centre parking lot at 6 AM the day of the event. It was still dark Jason Van de 20-24
and quite cold as we gathered in pre-race A normal session runs approximately twelve anticipation to arrange our car pool rides.
weeks. Therefore, the cost to the Club for lifeguards would be $120.00 x 12 weeks or availability of trunk space, you would think Wassermann
Peter Carson
amount of luggage (not to mention food, right Lee-Anne
increased by over $20.00 for every member if we did not have our guards to cover for us.
We arrived in perfect time, just before the This year we lost some of our longstanding guards, making it necessary for each guard warmup period. At first not many swimmers Lisa West
were in the pool, but after a few minutes it Anna Morris
scheduled for Bronze Cross certification in became evident to all of us that the warmup February, and that should alleviate some of Martin Stanley 35-39
the pressure on our existing guards.
completed. You can't do drills when there Sue Stanley
are about 20 people in each lane trying to Larry Scott
swim! It wasn't long before all the Milton members as possible to share in the work of gang had straggled back to our deck space, Ed Doherty
providing a Masters swim club in Milton!! If each of us giving up our warmup. It would be Kathie Key
you are interested in volunteering to be a less frustrating without it. At least the water guard for MMAC, and if you are interested in certifying for Bronze Cross, please contactKaren Haist at 878-9239 or any member of Christian
P.S. Rumour has it that Baywatch is looking Crushing my premise that this would not be a well attended event because of thenecessity to compete in all strokes.
really quickly. They started with the fastest Road Bike: MIYATA 721
heats first. This gave those of us that were slower the opportunity to learn race etiquette before our turn. The judges were no where near as strict as I had imagined. They let infractions - like toes over the end of the Good Condition 4 Years Old
procedure was quite orchestrated and verywell run.
In between events we had just enough time to get recovered and prepare for our nextrace. The wait was surprisingly short, FOR NEW GUARDS AND
participants. It was great to watch our team FOR SUNDAY FEB. 16 AT 8 P.M.
suits attracted lots of attention as did the After our individual events, we competed inrelay events. The relays were fun, everyone Tel: (905) 884-8726
took part. We learned some interesting racestrategies like improvised starting blocks forback strokers in the shallow end - make use By Karen Haist
At the end of the day, I was pleased to havereached my goal - not to be disqualified! Icompleted all my starts and turns (thanks HOT SPLASHES!!
with Coach
by Sue Stanley
What does Catch Down mean and do for
Goals for this session?
experienced this swimmer's affliction, here Competitive
are the gory details. Ears are prone to this What does it mean to feel the water?
prone because this makes it even harder to medium for the infection to cling to.
The first symptom is an unbelievably itchy When Should I practice turns?
ear. At this point if you can recognize the What is the purpose of the drills?
ear drop such as liposporin immediately and likely save yourself from stage two.
Why should I do the Warm
Next your ear will become extremely painful Up and Cool Down?
but the pain manifests itself in your outer ear rather than inside where the actual infection is thriving. If it hurts to pull on your ear lobe, glasses, then you likely have swimmer's ear.
What is the purpose of Switch?
prescription ear drops, and some people will Cool Down
have to take a full course of antibiotics to rid How to do “height of elbow” and relax According to Coach Eli, in Bulgaria they do not use medicated drops or antibiotics.
If the workout is too hard
They treat swimmer's ear by ear candling.
for me what should I do?
have time to wait for this pesky infection to disappear, so they immediately candle it out.
In my experience it works, but you have to be Why do we do kicking with our arms
On Technique night what
prepared to use several candles to get all behind our backs and heads up?
should I be paying
the infection out (and you won't believe what Different position of the arms during the attention to?
All the little details
Apparently there is no real risk to having swimmer's ear, only discomfort. You don't Did you know??
In an effort to try to prevent swimmer's ear Masters meet for wings & beer,
nachos & pop, etc.
religiously apply drops before and/or after swimming, but blow drying your ears after swimming and showering should suffice. If How long should I hold a Catch Up?
MMAC thanks
Lifeguard Team!
Stretching, compressing,accelerating and relation phases ofthe stroke HOT SPLASHES!!
Repetitions: 15-20 each exercise
Missing in
Training For
be lifted in 15 repetitions(reps) but not in 20.
minutes using the upper andlower body (all cylinders) Standing
by Keith MacKay
OPP training and is stationed in Napanee.
Congratulations Randy!
Weight training is supplementary
training modality used to prevent
injuries, improve performance or
rehabilitation following injury. In
swimming most injuries are of an overuse
Remember “Aunt Flipper”, she was the local nature; where the repetitive nature of the traitor marrying a Georgetown runner. She order to prevent injury it is necessary to could not stand the disgrace so they moved perform the swim strokes correctly, gradually coach and now have coaching twice a week.
provide rest and development of different Radium Pool - still outdoors - swimming in perform all strokes in an effort to preventoveruse injuries (editor Take Note Triathletes), improve the feel for the water condition the primary, accessory (helping) I use the Cylinder training System to designweight training programs where body Christmas
segments are considered cylinders. Muscleswithin these cylinders and muscles crossingthe cylinder joints are the targets of training.
Body Segments as Cylinders
by Martin Stanley
A good times was had by all, (the pool had to kick us out). Everybody left well fed on mostly healthy snack food. Thank you to all Standing
earrings. As well as giving Eli and Emil a night at the movies and dinner at the Keg.
primarily the shoulder (rotator cuff), knees ofbreast stokers and secondarily to the lower Remember the drive (bribe) to bring in new back. By gradually increasing the training and a swim cap. Both were provide by Keith largest cylinders and proportionately down to the smallest. The following phase 1 program Floor Exercises
is designed to be completed at home using dumbbells, a bench, tubing and wrist/ankle are interested. Did you know that several of Lifeguard Refresher
doing the 1997 IRONMAN in Penticton BC.
for March
Weight Program For Swimmers


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