Mitsubishi Corporation Annual Report 2011< Two Groups Directly Under the President > Global Environment Business Development Group The fulcrum of the Global Environment Business Development manufacturing large-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which are vital Group is the infrastructure business, namely power generation for the uptake of eco-friendly vehicles and electricity storage. and comprehensive water services. This business has a direct In order to help realize a sustainable society, I believe that connection with the quality of people’s lives. Along with this core above all it is extremely important to develop frameworks, sys- business, we are working on renewable energy and emissions tems and technologies necessary to enable more people to live reduction businesses, which help prevent global warming and with fewer resources. These frameworks, systems and tech- ensure energy security. Another business we are involved in is nologies must be developed with a long-term perspective, taking the environment into account.
With this recognition, the Global Environment Business Development Group will endeavor to create a sustainable soci- ety through businesses in high-growth industries that have significant benefits for society. At the same time, we aim to create a long-term, stable earnings platform and achieve Nobuaki KojimaExecutive Vice President, Group CEOGlobal Environment Business Development Group Organizational Structure
New Energy & Power Generation Division
Global Environment Business
Development Group

Global Environment Business Development Group CEO Office New Energy & Power Generation Div.
Environmental & Water Business Div.
ACCIONA Termosolar is a concentrated solar power (CSP) DIAMOND GENERATING ASIA, LIMITED (DGA) is a power business in Spain that is operated as a joint venture with business company established in Hong Kong in 2009 with Spanish company ACCIONA, one of the world’s leading 100% investment by MC. Owning power generation assets integrated renewable energy enterprises.
of approximately 1,100 MW, DGA develops, constructs, ACCIONA Termosolar owns 4 CSP plants in southern operates and maintains power generation projects. In Spain. Together, the 4 plants produce 200,000 kilowatts Thailand, DGA has invested in a large-scale photovoltaic solar plant, which is under construction (pictured).
Environmental & Water Business Division
Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ) began mass producing large- TRILITY Pty Ltd, a water business company that is 59% capacity lithium-ion batteries in the year ended March 2010. owned by MC, conducts operations and maintenance LEJ is a joint venture with GS Yuasa International and management in 14 projects across Australia, including water Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC). It is currently con- supply, sewerage and water reuse, seawater desalination, structing a new plant (pictured) in Ritto City, Shiga Prefec- and industrial wastewater processing and recycling.
ture, to meet demand stemming from the uptake of electric (The Victor Harbor sewerage and water reuse plant) vehicles and electricity storage, among other applications.
Mitsubishi Corporation Annual Report 2011 The Business Service Group, through the provision of inte- Specifically, under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2012, we grated services centered on the twin fields of IT and logistics, are working mainly on creating consolidated IT governance and helps MC and MC Group companies increase corporate value, developing a consolidated management core system, as part of implement business process reforms and develop businesses, group management foundations. Furthermore, we seamlessly thus supporting a sophisticated consolidated management provide IT services integrating consulting, systems integration framework for the MC Group. This should also lead to the cre- (SI) and outsourcing on a global basis, and work also to estab- ation of new business opportunities.
lish management frameworks for trade, logistics and insurance.
Ichiro AndoExecutive Vice President,Group CEO, Business Service Group Organizational Structure
IT Service Business Division
Key Business Investees
Business Service Group
In order to both help solve issues faced by MC Group companies and customers, and also raise their corporate value, we will enhance consulting IT Frontier Corporation
and system integration (SI) services through One of the MC Group’s core IT companies, IT Frontier helps improve the sophistication of business investees such as SIGMAXYZ Inc. and management on a consolidated basis. The com- IT Frontier Corporation. In addition, we are devel- pany provides customer-centric comprehensive support, extending from support for formulating IT oping outsourcing businesses in order to offer strategies and plans, system design and develop- ment, and IT infrastructure construction, to IT infrastructure operation.
MC Group IT Management Division
This division builds consolidated management systems and creates consolidated IT governance systems that support MC Group management. In this way, it endeavors to take a group-based approach to enhancing IT infrastructure, formu-lating IT plans and strengthening information systems.
SIGMAXYZ is a business consulting services firm
that helps clients boost their corporate value. It
provides consulting services that help solve
corporate issues, including business model forma-
Logistics Management Department
tion, business process design, and support for IT system implementation.
To support development of businesses by MC and its Group companies on a consolidated and global basis, this department enhances trade- and logistics-related management systems, ensures compliance and promotes company-wide insurance risk countermeasures.


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